Rain dream meaning/complete interpretation

What is the meaning of dreaming about rain?

Dreaming of rain means life. The water that helps our plants to grow and quenches the thirst of our fauna animals. As well represented in many books, stories and legends, rainwater is a divine gift that blesses everything and everyone. Rain dream meaning

Another famous interpretation is related to the cleanliness that rainwater brings, externally and internally, after all who has never started to meditate listening to the sound of rain falling?

Below you find many other meanings of dreaming about rain, including your dream.


Dreaming of heavy rain represents a cleansing, a spiritual washing. When we dream of heavy rain, it is because our spirit needs to clean itself, to become lighter and softer, without the weights and bonds that people throw at us daily.

If you know a retreat, spiritual center, temple or church where you feel at peace, try to spend more time there and slowly you will feel your soul revitalize, heal and cleanse itself of all this negative charge.


Dreaming of a lot of rain is a symbol of professional elevation, gains, profits. Try to remember the rainfall from that dream. The greater the amount of water descending from the sky, the higher you will get. This does not mean that you will have to squander money and fortune, as everything that comes easy can also go with ease.


Dreaming of light rain shows the delicacy touching your heart, your soul, your days. From now on you will be more sensitive, sentimental and perhaps even more fragile. This period will be very useful for you to strengthen bonds of love with the people you love and recognize in yourself another side that you probably had not yet realized existed in you. Rain dream meaning


Dreaming of a rain shower is a delight, isn’t it? And its meaning is also very good. Dreaming of a rain shower is a sign that you need to venture out more, enjoy life more and maybe even change your environment.

Have fun, expose yourself and visit places you haven’t had the chance to go to, but you’ve always wanted to visit. Life is calling you out there and it holds good treasures for you. The tip of the time is to get away from the routine.


When dreaming of heavy rain, be sure that positive changes regarding your financial life are about to happen. Perhaps this change is already expected or not. But the most important thing here is to keep in mind that this package of changes will take you to a new level of life.


Dreaming of rain and wind is not a bad sign, on the contrary. This dream shows that you have a precious friend always by your side, and he is the one you should pay attention to and listen to advice, especially those related to your career and work.

Even if your friend is not from the same area as you, do not despise his help, true wisdom resides in the most varied of heads and this is precisely what enriches all men. Learn to listen and not just listen.


Hold. Dreaming of storm rain means that now is not the time to make new deals or plans for your business. This dream speaks even more loudly to those who own their own business.

As every storm one hour has its end, so it will be with this period of suspension. Be careful and wait for the green light that the universe will send you, maybe it will come in the form of another dream?


Dreaming of rain and flood shows entering a phase of isolation and emotional helplessness. We don’t know yet if this is just a feeling of our own or a way of trying to escape from something, like problems and people from the outside world. Do a self-assessment and then you will find the answer. Rain dream meaning

It’s possible that, at this point in the championship, you’re feeling lonely, surrounded by your thoughts and overwhelmed by your feelings. You have to connect with yourself in order to bridge this distance between you and the world.


Dreaming of rainwater is a blessing from heaven. You will likely be invited to a wedding, whether that of a family member or close friend, and of course you will play an important role in that union. It could be one of the godfathers or godmother.


Dreaming of hailstorms is a strong indication that you’ll have to wait a little longer for your plans to come true, as there will be a brief delay in the events you’ve been waiting for.

As we well know, not everything happens when we want and this should not be seen as a problem, quite the contrary, there will always be the right time for things to happen and it is determined by God and not by men.


We see some of your unfulfilled wishes. Dreaming of mud and rain indicates that you have many dreams to come true and are not satisfied with what you can already achieve. If, on the one hand, your incessant search is the energy that moves you, on the other, it is physical and mental wear.

Perhaps the best thing to do for the time being is to rest, recover your energy, plan new strategies until the mud of confusion and emotional turmoil can subside. After that, make sure the water will become clear and clear and you will be able to see everything easily.


Good omen. Umbrella dreaming clearly shows how much your health is currently in an excellent state. If you have recently had surgery or have just completed medical treatment, be aware that your body has recovered.

Whatever the last health problem you’ve faced, there’s nothing to worry about, on the contrary, now you’ll enjoy healthy days and the pleasures you had to give up. Rain dream meaning

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