Ex boyfriend dream meaning/complete interpretation

What is the meaning of dreaming about an ex-boyfriend?

Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend means you may be missing the person. There may still be some matter to be resolved. Ex boyfriend dream meaning

Are you worried because you had a dream about an ex-boyfriend? If not, it should. Normally, what it means to dream about an ex-boyfriend is precisely that you still haven’t forgotten him. You might not like him anymore, but you sure have some unresolved issue, like a grudge or hurt.

Dreaming with an ex was the object of a study by American psychologist Rosalind Cartwright, from Rush University Medical Center, who studied the dreams of recently separated people, the level of concern with the ex is proportional to the percentage of dream plots in which it appears ( Ribeiro, 2019).

This type of dream reveals a lot about your deepest feelings about the breakup and your ex. We must warn you that this is not a sign that you are coming back or that he still loves you. Ex-boyfriend dreams reveal more about her heart than anything else. You may even try to ignore what you feel, but through dreams the truth reveals itself. It’s good to pay attention to these messages your subconscious is sending you.

But calm down, you don’t need to feel ashamed if you dreamed about it, because everyone has been through this in their lives. The advice that we can give you is beyond understanding your dreams, giving time, so that you can overcome the hurts and heal the wounds. Forget him. Everything will be fine, believe me!

We made a list to help you understand what it means to dream about an ex-boyfriend. In it, we also give you some relationship advice and tips. Come on!


Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend kissing someone else shows that you are already aware that the relationship is over. You accepted the termination and this is already a very important step. The dream portrays what is happening or is likely to happen in real life: her ex-boyfriend moved on. Do the same, if you already did, congratulations! If not, run for it! Ex boyfriend dream meaning

However, if you were the one who broke up and in the dream you were angry when you saw him kissing someone else, perhaps this reveals that you still have feelings for him. What do you think? How did it feel to see him kissing someone else?


The meaning of this ex-boyfriend dream is similar to what we just read. In his dream, he has a new girlfriend and is already full of intimacies. He not only kisses her, he parades her around, all happy and proud. In the dream he has already surpassed you and forgot.

The most important thing to understand what all this represents is to consider what you felt when you saw the scene. What did you feel? Was it anger, sadness, relief? Be honest with yourself and discover the meaning of dreaming about an ex-boyfriend, based only on your feelings.


Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend’s kiss is more common than you think. It can represent longing or just a good memory that you treasure. This ex-boyfriend dream probably means that you are still attached to the good times you had together.

Do you think about your ex a lot? He’s been a good friend and companion for a long time and now things aren’t looking so good? Do you feel lonely? Stay calm, all this fear is natural, but know that life is beautiful and can offer you many new opportunities. All this pain will also pass and you will find new friends and new loves! Be brave and seek your happiness!


If in your dream your ex asked to come back, it may be that deep down you really want it to happen. Does this dream reveal a hidden desire? Would you like him to come talk to you and show you some regret?

If in the dream it was you who asked to come back, chances are you really want him back. Depending on the end of the relationship and how things are between you, maybe it’s not worth talking and trying to get back together? But if the breakup was bad or it hurts you, you better make an effort to forget about it.

However, if you don’t want to go back at all, this dream represents that you’ve already forgiven him and healed his wounds! And as a bonus it’s still ready for a new romance! It indicates that you are ready for a new relationship and that you want affection. Be open-hearted for news!


This dream is the result of worry, jealousy or insecurity. You’ve probably been thinking about her a lot and you think she poses some danger to your relationship. Jealousy is normal, but be careful not to become excessive. Don’t let these feelings get in the way of your relationship and make you fight with your boyfriend.

You need to relax and not compare yourself to her. Be confident and remember: among all the women in the world, your boyfriend chose you! Ex boyfriend dream meaning


Dreaming of getting back together with an ex-boyfriend means you need to evaluate and find out why you guys broke up. If you are happy in the dream, you may still like it. But don’t forget, the most important thing this dream reveals is that you need to learn from the old mistakes, only then will you be able to be fulfilled in love.


Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend and an ugly fight indicates that some hurt was left after the breakup. You need to reflect and forget about your grudges, as it only makes you sick. By overcoming all of this, you will not only learn to love yourself more, you will leave the past behind and be more prepared for a new passion. Let go of everything that hurts you.


The meaning of dreaming about an ex-boyfriend and not meeting him is something mysterious. The dream indicates that you must remember who you are, what your qualities are, and also what made your ex fall in love with you.

The dream shows that you don’t need it to be happy and that you should value your life. Remember what you were like before you met him: beautiful, light and loose. It is a sign for you to invest in self love. Love yourself and make sure everything will be alright. Ex boyfriend dream meaning

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