As in any work that gives definitions to different terms, in this DreamsJUDGE you can find the best interpretation or meaning of all the images that come before you in the dream world. DreamsJUDGE  bases all its analyzes on the psycho analytic study of the human being, since complex investigations have shown that dreaming is a mental activity that is carried out unconsciously, where despite the body being at rest, the psyche is not. so it is possible to recreate fictional and fantasy images from which we extract any dream meaning no matter how transcendental it is for the person’s life. Dreams judge.com is All about dreams.


In this area of ​​study, the interpretation of dreams embodies ideas in which everyday actions are reflected, but on an unconscious level.

In addition to the psychoanalytic application, to know the meaning of dreams , in this blog of dreams we will delve a little into the metaphysical study of these, since many want to know that there is beyond the material plane, in which we live and dreams are a wonderful portal for it. Many times the interpretation of dreams is visualized in a spiritual way, since some individuals feel their consciousness rising to an astral plane.

There are many people who have doubts about the time of night where these imaginations of the unconscious occur, whether it is in light sleep or in deep sleep, later we will see these points in detail in the sleep stages.

DreamsJUDGE will enhance your research and will serve as an essential support to discover what it means to dream of such a particular event or what it means to dream of that person who is no longer there and who may be trying to send you a message. Welcome to the definitive portal where you will find the best interpretation of dreams on the web.

What do dreams mean?

What do dreams mean has been a question that has invaded the minds of men since ancient times, that mixture that can be perceived as if it were the real world, but to which fantasy and mystical cuts are added is really fantastic. The different stories and mythologies are full of characters who interpreted the premonitory dreams of the kings and even more so if they used to be recurring dreams.

The search for the meaning of dreams in the different cultures that we have been able to observe to find answers, have led us to understand many aspects of the dream space in which we all develop when we sleep. One of the most fundamental criteria of the interpretation of dreams or the task of discovering what it means to dream about certain issues, is that the result of the studies we do can guide us to make elementary decisions in our real life, where the dream is dismembered by specialists to find the truth.

Thanks to this, different sciences and researchers, far from mystical learning, have also dedicated themselves to this study, and thus be able to get an adequate answer to the meaning of everyone’s dream.

Despite each given symbology, there are three important factors to take into account to know what dreams mean :

  1. The person and their personality : Each individual is different in every possible way, therefore, each one will have their own dream meaning. Although of course both imaginative and interpretive similarities will be presented in full investigation.
  2. The context of the dream : Every detail of the scenario or actions that unfold during the plot of the nocturnal illusions, is important to adequately decipher the meaning of dreams. For example, dreaming of animals has one explanation and dreaming of one person has a totally different one.
  3. The vita moment l : Here we refer to the circumstances which are traversed at the moment have the imaginative fantasy, because the subconscious takes into account different aspects of everyday life to get their different messages. A key example that we will study later will be premonitory dreams, in which the warning is part of the determining message for the interpretation of dreams of this type. It should also be borne in mind that weird dreams take on some importance at this point.

Even when there are these three determining factors that help to give it a real meaning, there are other elements granted by philosophy and psychology that can be merged to achieve an interpretation of dreams according to what the subconscious really wants to manifest and thus be able to know what they mean. Dreams.

On the other hand, it is necessary to know what it means to dream exactly about different situations and not give an answer lightly, simply because we believe that it is not the right thing to give a wrong and quick dream meaning to the person, which leads him to make decisions. wrong with your family or loved ones.

Let’s see a simple case to exemplify: In the cases that dream of a lot of money to play the lottery occurs , it does not mean that you should run away the next day to spend a fortune on lottery tickets, because you assumed that it was premonitory dreams or weird dreams that you don’t normally have.

Why do we dream?

This is another question without a concrete answer, and it was actually to be expected, due to all the mysticism that surrounds the investigation of the meaning of dreams. Of course there are many scholars in the field who have presented different theories trying to give a correct answer, however, none of these hypotheses can be taken as correct and absolute to answer, why do we dream?

The father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and elemental inspiration for DreamsJUDGE , assures in his literary works that dreaming is a function that the mind fulfills in order to fulfill the most guarded desires of each human being. It does not tacitly refer to the performance of this, but can be seen coupled with a symbolic or representative performance. When the cravings for that desire are many, even recurring dreams about the same topic are usually manifested.

From other points of view, another theory arrives trying to argue why we dream, it is said that this action happens by involuntary neuronal impulses, which activate the area of ​​sensations, emotions and memories, through which the mind seeks to provide a solution. to the problems that arose during the day. Possibly the sleep hormone plays an important role in our body that activates these impulses.

What are dreams?

DreamsJUDGE defines them as the result that is obtained after a process of brain or mental activity, which occurs while sleeping. During this series of actions, sensorimotor images are perceived, which, despite being surrounded by certain fictitious elements, these illustrations feel as if they were waking reality, many know it as a dream dream.

These uncertain peculiarities can vary constantly as you read this blog (DreamsJUDGE) , going from the impossibility of time, that is, having a dream dream located in a moment of the past or future, or related to space, for example, dreaming of a determined site, known or not, until having the ability to perceive really strong emotional sensations, such as fear, anger, sadness, joy, among others. Many times these feelings manifest themselves over and over again, due to the phenomenon of having recurring dreams.

Due to these impacts on feelings, dreamers tend to wake up suddenly, with the consequence that nothing or much of the dream is remembered, also causing problems sleeping.

The expert team of DreamsJUDGE is always there for you help and guidance.

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