Seeing water in dream is good or bad/being thrown on/dirty etc.

Meanings of Dreaming of Water

Manifestations of dreaming of water can include life, death, change, rebirth and renewal, etc. When interpreting the oneiric manifestations about water, one must take into account how it presents itself (river, pool, sea, etc.), as each one has different meanings . Seeing water in dream is good or bad

Notice the way the water moves you emotionally, as each person experiences it differently. In general, water dreams symbolize the emotions in your life, the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind and your intuition.

Water dreams are common and you may have many questions about what they really mean. Dreaming about water can symbolize our own inner feelings and how we respond emotionally to life. The lesson you can learn from this dream is that purification will essentially flow through your life.

However, it can also pose difficulties with regard to controlling emotions. In that case, the dream can be bad. Is seeing water in a dream good or bad? Water in dreams can have a positive and negative interpretation depending on the details of the dream.

As one of the four elements of life, water is an important symbol and, like any other symbol, it can denote situations, feelings, problems, and good and bad situations. The water if it is clear represents peace and satisfaction. If it’s cloudy, difficulties are likely. There is no doubt that it is linked to peace, happiness, healing and cleansing our own thoughts.

What do dream about water really mean?

If you had a dream in which the main element was water, you can sleep peacefully because the interpretation given to this type of dream is a good thing. Dreaming about water faithfully reflects your inner self, your state of mind, and your own interest in getting to know yourself.

A complex exercise in your own personal development that takes place in the dream world. It is very important to understand what is really going on in your life to interpret the symbolism of water in your dreams. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

You will learn a lot about your emotional needs, conflicts, unresolved feelings, and disappointments. By doing this you will experience rebirth and renewal, healing and cleansing, you will reach your goals. You’ll also avoid obstacles and learn to keep your emotions in check for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

dream of clean water

Dreams of clean water are associated with a new life, some new direction that will completely affect your environment. Talk about a makeover that will have a positive impact. If you’ve started dreaming of clean water, there’s a good chance that, in a very short time, the opportunity will present itself to turn your life around.

When a small amount of clean water is seen in your dreams, it represents fertility and that a new baby may be on the way. But if we speak of a single drop, it is because within you, hidden feelings and emotions are beginning to come to light little by little. If you remember swimming in clean water, it is because at this moment you consider yourself a good person and are full of peace.

Drinking clean water bodes well that something bad is going to happen in the near future. If you are currently suffering from a certain illness, it is very likely that you will relapse or worsen, it is important to maintain positive energy and fight with all your strength to be able to cope with this situation. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

dream of water being thrown on me

Seeing in your dreams that water is thrown at you is a sign that you need to look more deeply into your relationships with the people around you. In some cases it may mean that you have to apply yourself, focus and work harder in some area. Furthermore, it symbolizes a promise of success. You will soon gain popularity due to the achievements you will achieve in your career or in your personal life.

dreaming of turquoise water

Dreaming of turquoise water can mean that you will meet a person and experience unexplored feelings with them. You will love these feelings. If a young woman dreams of turquoise water, in which she plays with her boyfriend, it is a symbol of the fulfillment of her dreams and happiness. A dream in which you stepped into turquoise waters predicts unexpected offers at work Seeing water in dream is good or bad

dream of dirty water

Dreaming about dirty water implies that you must pay special attention to what you are going to say and do in the future. If you are swimming in dirty water, it indicates that you will feel stuck in the middle of a delicate situation. Think twice before doing something and avoid getting into more complex situations. If you have problems at work, don’t worry, you’ll soon find something that will inspire you.

Dreaming of cloudy, dirty water will increase your feeling of turbulence. Is this your case? It is advisable that you relax, analyze your decisions carefully and deal with your bad thoughts so that you don’t get stuck in your daily life. You must work to achieve some inner peace!

Do you dream of a river of dirty water that runs abruptly? So, you need to control your anxiety, because it’s not treating you well, and that’s how it appears in your dreams. Dreaming of a sea of ​​dirty water is also a sign of anxiety and suggests that you should get rid of it.

Dreaming of crystal clear water

The color and transparency of water can have great meaning in a dream. For example, dreaming of clear water and that we can see ourselves through it can symbolize that you have great clarity about a situation in your life. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

You are a person who is aware of all the good and bad that goes on around you. Also, be mature and clear about where your goals are going. The presence of crystal clear water in your dreams is represented by a mindset totally guided by energy and spirituality.

This means that the interpretation of this dream is important in order to know the emotional state you are currently in. Well, your pure emotions are the ones that are reflected. A dreamlike manifestation of crystal clear water is a dream that represents tolerant people.

Individuals who accept and adapt to any environment in which they find themselves. If you dream of this, you must be aware that there is another interpretation related to the previous one. Well, it can be associated with a representation of the present, in which you have no reason to alter the course of your life. It’s going to be regular, it’s going to be quiet and that’s something you accept and allow you to live in peace.

Dreaming of water leakage

Dreams of leaking water where your possessions are flooded represent emotions. The water in your home is a symbol of that creative energy that explodes in the world, perhaps as a mother or father, perhaps as a caregiver, perhaps as an artist or writer. It’s time to grab a pencil and paper and capture all these ideas.

Perhaps these emotions are related to your inner creativity. This dream is good in some ways, as it encourages you to stop running away from problems (like water) and face things head-on. You can see that problems are easy to deal with once you muster the courage to face them. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

dream of falling into the water

Dreaming of falling into the water indicates that life has recently floated and there is no need to worry. If you’ve dreamed of falling into the water, you can rely on your own strength to get out. Indicate that the things you are planning or doing for the near future will be successful. Even if there is a problem, you can solve it without worrying too much.

The dreams we find ourselves falling into often indicate uncertainty in our lives. When we’re crashing in real life, our main concern is “where are we going to land”. We also wonder if the fall will hurt us. Water in dreams is a constant symbol of emotions. Falling into deep water suggests a state of being emotionally “in limbo”.

dreaming about a lot of water

Dreaming about a lot of water can symbolize deep emotions. When walking in heavy rain that creates large puddles in the path or wherever you are, this may suggest cleaning. Renewal of your life and start a new stage.

Dreams of seeing too much water can be a premonition that you should spend some time alone. If you too find yourself floating on the surface of all this or on a fragile raft, it means that you fear things will break at any moment. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

Things get worse if you watch a tidal wave forming and approaching, threatening your life. If you dreamed of a lot of water, it also indicates a period of fertility. But it’s important to consider what the water looks like.

If it is crystal clear and is within a certain controlled environment such as a pond, a river or a swimming pool, or if it is large quantities such as a sea. It is always important to keep in mind how you feel within the dream. You may have a phobia of water and this is a concern while you sleep.

dreaming of sea water

Dreaming of seawater represents the way you deal with your unconscious emotions and the purity of our spirit. The seas are almost always associated with meditation, retreat and tranquility. However, they are also associated with powerful forces of Mother Nature that are impossible to control.

The sea coast is often associated with the limits of the dreamer’s mind. They are the boundaries or divisions between what we know and what we hide. Being swept along by a wave or drifting in the sea symbolizes feelings of loneliness and guilt. On a general level, if we see seawater in dreams, we will have serious emotional problems. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

This oneiric manifestation denotes negative and positive symbolism. Likewise, the sea refers to a very large force, someone or something we respect, marvel or appreciate. Likewise, dreams of seawater can be disturbing and powerful, representing a period of trouble that we must allay.

dream of running water

Dreaming of running water portends a period of stabilization. This dream indicates that you can feel more relaxed than usual and all thanks to a new positive mindset. Think of life like water – no one can stop you from running and the best way to keep up with others is to relax and allow life to take you where you need to be.

Seeing running water in dreams is a vision of the future. Interpretation will depend on the color of the water as well as consistency. Normally you dream of running clean water, as in the example of waterfalls. This means the presence of good news, with everything that is involved in the spiritual realm and certain positive aspects that are in our lives.

Dreaming of river water

As on the roads, dreaming of river water often represents wanting to be treated as a repressed sex symbol. They are the hidden lustful impulses. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

Perhaps you may be subconsciously perceiving this sensual part of you, as well as your sex life in general, as totally secondary to other aspects of your life, thus neglecting its importance to any human being.

Rivers in general are a symbol of your inner desire to explore exotic aspects and forbidden territories on a sexual level. For example, you may be unconsciously thinking about the possibility of engaging in sexual activities that are traditionally considered inappropriate. Alternatively, this dream can signify this repressed interest.

dream of rainwater

If you dreamed of rainwater, it portends both sides of the coin (good and bad). For this reason, this oneiric manifestation is a sign that you will soon receive good news and bad news, one after the other. This could cause mixed feelings of joy and sadness almost at the same time, leading to emotional turmoil.

If you are a movie buff, dreaming about rainwater can be related to a turning point in your life, as it usually rains during movies in an intentional and meaningful way.

Likewise, this type of dream symbolizes that your hope of quickly achieving your goals will not be realized due to interference from strangers or people who envy you.

dreaming of snakes in water

Dreaming of snakes in water is one of the most petrifying experiences one can have. Since most of us have no control underwater, everything seems to be in slow motion. In general, dreaming of a snake in water can symbolize your emotions and feelings that influence your life without your concern or knowledge. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

Snakes in the water can also signify your threats or fears and the potential for emotional healing. If in your dream of snakes in the water there was dirt or mud, or if you were suddenly dragged into the water, bad news will come.

Or you were out of the lake or pond, and the snake pushed you or someone else into the water, it means that your carefree acts will affect a person or person you recognize in the dream, so the relationship with that person will be broken root .

dream of fire and water

Dreaming of fire and water means that you will soon release some repressed feelings and you will also show your talent and creativity to other people. That creative side that you thought didn’t exist will be about to emerge at some point, on the contrary. If you are an artist and find yourself in a project like this, this dream foresees a new idea that will be your inspiration for your next work.

If you dream that water puts out a fire, it is a bad sign and means that you will lose your job and a lot of money in the near future. Fire represents energy, so this loss may be due to a decrease in your energy for work performance. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

dream of drinking water

Dreaming of drinking water symbolizes the thirst for greater knowledge and spiritual enlightenment in life. This dream denotes that you will be very successful at what you do in life, but you will not feel complete.

Something Won’t Feel Right Instead of accepting what you’ve been given, try to do more, learn more, live more. Do more of everything in life. Drinking bottled water in a dream can indicate a new beginning.

When you drink water that looks clean but tastes bad, big problems are attributed to it. Perhaps some discussions, unexpected events or some health problems. However, if you dream of drinking water from a spring, get ready for big news, whether related to your work or on a personal level.

Dreaming of fish out of water

Dreams of fish out of water are one of the most common symbols in the dream world. It has a positive and negative interpretation. However, most fish dreams are positive. But what does it mean if you feel uncomfortable dreaming about fish? Seeing water in dream is good or bad

For example, you see a fish out of water and it makes you feel uncomfortable and you suddenly feel the need to help the fish get back into the water to survive. Dreaming of fish out of water predicts unpleasant situations and problems that appear in your life.

This dream can predict disappointment, especially if you can see muddy or dirty water along with fish out of the water in your dream. However, if the water where the fish were was clear and clean, this symbolizes that you will emerge victorious from all these inconveniences.

dream of green water

To correctly interpret the green water dream, you must remember what you were doing and the emotions it caused. Here are some details that can help you understand the meaning. Drinking green water means you will get promoted at work.

Bathing in green waters means that love will bring you pleasure. Clear green water promises money. Dreaming of green water promises those who dream the joy of reaching the top of the race. If the green water was hot, you can expect job promotion very soon.

If you have bathed in a river with shimmering emerald green water, this image predicts joy, as such a dream also promises growth and promotion. If you see a boat in green water, it’s a very positive sign: your boss will pay attention to your achievements and will offer you a raise. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

dream of mud and water

Dreaming of mud and water means confusion or not feeling clear about something in your life. A puddle of mud and water can also mean that you feel like you are going through difficult times financially or emotionally, or maybe even both.

You may need to analyze some decisions before making them so you don’t fall into these complications. If you dream of mud and water, there is a possibility that a natural disaster will happen in your city. There will be uncontrollable weather, and the dream is to warn you to take all your valuables to a safe place.

On the other hand, the dream might mean that you suspect someone because of their behavior that is bothering you, but you can’t pinpoint what exactly isn’t right.

dreaming about fish in water

A dreamlike manifestation with fish in the water is a symbol of your desire to lead a life based solely on your own beliefs and values. This view reflects their resistance to other sets of viewpoints or lifestyles and their hesitancy to explore uncharted territory outside their comfort zone. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

Dreaming of a fish swimming in clear water is the symbol that you will gain wealth and power, or the expression of your good mood. It may also indicate that you will have unexpected revenue or promotions.

However, if a woman has this kind of dream, her actions may be restricted by her husband. But sooner or later, fate can take over, alter the course of your life, and take you to a place where you really belong, whether you like it or not.

dreaming of agitated water

Dreaming of rough water means that you feel trapped and powerless, so the problems overtake you. Maybe there is something inside you that needs to be released out. Some thought, some injustice you’ve witnessed, or some problem that’s causing you more annoyance than it should. It’s time to fix it in the bud.

It’s time to take a break and find a place that gives you inner peace to find your emotional balance. Or, even if it is, being able to make up for some dark feelings that have tarnished your life for a long time. Most likely, after a while, these types of churning water dreams will leave your subconscious.

dream of running water

If you dreamed of a stream running towards your home or garden, it means a wedding or the conception of a child. A stream of water with blood flowing represents infidelity. If someone sees a stream running off course or damaging people’s crops in a dream, that’s bad news. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

Blocking a stream’s path in a dream means separation or rupture. The currents in a dream also represent the veins and blood flowing through the human body. If you see a stream of water flowing, it means you will have a happy life, especially when your water is colorless and tastes sweet.

Seeing a stream, spring or watercourse means that you will become the leader of some project. If you see a stream of water flowing under your feet, that means hypocrisy. In any context, a calamity is removed and replaced by peace, security and tranquility.

dream of drinking water

Dreaming of drinking clean, purified water means you will be in stable health and successful in business. If you dream of drinking hot water, it is a bad omen, as it announces some illness. Dreaming of drinking salt water means you won’t have a bright future in love. While dreaming of a drink that tastes bad, it means that you will have great fights.

dreaming of bridge and water

If you see a bridge and water in a dream, it means that you will soon make an important decision or that a critical crossing will happen in your life. If the bridge is over water, it suggests that the transition will be emotional. If you fall off the bridge and dive into the water, the dream indicates that you are allowing your emotions to stop you from moving forward. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

dream of water source

Dreaming of a water source can mean cleansing or releasing emotions. It can symbolize letting go or forgiveness. If you’re under the jets of an aquatic element, it could mean you’re feeling overwhelmed by emotion or problems.

If you dream of crossing a water source, it may mean that you feel your emotions are out of control. You may feel that you have no control to change the current path of events in your life.

dream of hot water

A hot water dream vision represents exacerbation or aggravation of problems. Negative emotions that are promoted. It may also reflect an increased sense of uncertainty or fear. A sign that a problem has been overlooked or increased in severity. Relationships where tension or anger worsen these bonds.

dream of sweeping water

If you have dreamed of sweeping the water, a conflicting situation will arise in your life. When the broom you use to sweep is broken, it means that over a long period of time many people will want to help you, but the solution to these problems will be entirely up to you. If you splash water on someone while sweeping, it indicates that you will be abandoned without any warning, your partner doesn’t want big commitments to you.

dreaming of puddles of water

Dreaming of puddles means that you may feel that you (or your feelings) are unimportant. Although a puddle is a much smaller body of water than, say, a lake or ocean, it is still water and often has a connection to emotion. Therefore, you should analyze who is experiencing this minor discomfort and resolve it immediately.

dreaming of baby in the water

Dreams of seeing a baby in the water signify our desire to return. We are regressing from seeing ourselves as babies to a period when we had no responsibilities or concerns. This scenario is reminiscent of when we are fetuses and are in a kind of comfort zone. In other contexts, it is a sign of hope for improvement, but it can also mean a lucky break.

dream of a storm

If you see a storm in a dream, it means you will live in a turbulent situation. You start to feel confused, angry or angry. You or someone else might be very upset about something. It can also reflect a chaotic situation. The current state of a situation or relationship feels like it’s “in the air” or that anything can happen.

dream of muddy water

Dreaming of muddy water means that you are a person with a low degree of spirituality. This dream tells you that you must start to develop in this aspect (the spiritual), leaving aside your materialistic being, because you will always go against the current. You must start to change your perspective on everything around you.

dreaming of elephants in the water

Having a dream manifestation of elephants in the water is probably a bad sign. Because it can represent some problems and difficulties that can make you anxious and nervous. Fortunately, this period will not last long. Seeing an elephant swimming in water suggests wisdom and grace in different situations.

dreaming of snakes in water

Dreaming of snakes in water means envy. A person, outside or within your social circle, is likely conspiring against you to harm you. This person is toxic and only seeks to harm you to disturb your peace and destroy your tranquility. During this period of time, it is advisable to keep your distance in relationships with people you do not fully trust.

dream of yellow water

Seeing yellow water in dreams is an omen of intelligence, light and generosity ahead. Yellow is the color of movement and communication. As yellow is the color of the sun and sunlight, water in this color symbolizes energy and the fullness of life.

Dreaming of yellow water also brings positive results. Seeing yellow water predicts other people’s annoyance and envy, or other people’s envy of you, mainly due to your special abilities and properties. Seeing water in dream is good or bad

dream of gold in water

If you dreamed of gold in the water, it means being able to discover positive aspects in yourself. Another interpretation of dream research says that if you find gold in water, it means luck and a future benefit. If in the dream you lose gold coins, you will possibly lose a good friend in real life or suffer a material loss, which you will regret.

dream of walking on water

Dreaming of walking on water symbolizes your unique abilities and the control you have over your emotions. Nothing can bypass your conscious mind, and for the next few weeks you’ll be thinking about other people’s emotions.

It’s like you have a sixth sense and you can feel what people feel about you. If the water is also clean, this could indicate that the people around you will be transparent and easy to read.

Dreaming of vipers in water

If you’ve ever dreamed of snakes in the water, it might suggest that you’re having a not-so-pleasant time. There are many worries and your negative thoughts are taking control of all your decisions.

This dream also reflects loneliness and personal growth, it can mean that you will find loneliness fun because when you are alone you have time to analyze yourself, your words, thoughts, actions, past actions and future plans.

dream of boiling water

Seeing water boiling in dreams means that you are very angry about something. If water burns you, it suggests that you are suppressing your anger or emotions and that it is causing pain and suffering. Also, it is a sign of possible threats and negativity that affect you as a result of the bad actions of someone very close to you.

Dreaming of aquatic turtles

Dreaming of aquatic turtles can be an indication of their closed personality. You may have difficulty opening up to others and are very reserved. Perhaps you are resisting some major change that needs to take place in your life. This dream can be a message to be more open and start connecting more with the people around you.

dream of rising water

If you dreamed of a flood, it portends trouble. This dream is very common in people who have had very serious traumatic experiences. In this case, the dream is not interpreted, as these traumas generated its emergence. On the other hand, if you don’t apply to this case, it means that there is a problem in your life that you cannot find a solution for.

dreaming of cats in water

Dreaming of cats in water means that you feel and are capable and fearless. You will reach all your goals. However, water represents a weakness that will prevent them from reaching them immediately, perhaps it is a disease that makes you ill for a while.

Sometimes this dream indicates a period of slow progress in your life. This dream may be prompting you to be more patient and accept that things must happen at your own pace.

dreaming of a glass of water

Seeing a glass full of water in dreams is a good omen that the dreamer could make a fortune. The dream of spilling a glass of water is a bad omen, indicating that the dreamer may encounter an accident or unexpected calamity. The dream of someone filling you with a glass of water may portend that you need other people’s help.

Dreaming of lizards in water

Dreaming of a lizard in water means you’ll be able to discover new ways to approach people with new ideas. The lizard represents a warning, as it is related to betrayal, both of itself to other people, and of someone to us. Seeing the lizard submerged in water is a tendency to close in on itself, to withdraw from others.

Dreaming of pool water

Dreams of swimming pool water can have several meanings. Think about the shape and size of the pool and what it’s like to swim. For those who swim every day during exercise, it would have a different meaning than for those who are afraid of water.

So a pool can mean feeling confined or it can mean repressing fears and emotions. The water in our dreams usually represents our emotions and feelings.

dreaming of red water

Dreaming of red water is a symbol of anger or passion. It is a very strong color that brings out the inner feelings of dreamers, and being in the water represents both repressed feelings of this nature and careless sexual practice. In either case, this dream seeks you to control these conditions and decide for yourself to be a more reserved person with your sex life.

dreaming of horses in water

Dreaming of horses in water is linked to the expression: “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force him to drink.” This expression means that just because someone has what they need, they won’t always do their best.

We don’t always have control over a situation! Seeing a horse with water in a dream can symbolize that you feel energetically drained. You may feel that your emotions are wild and out of control.

Dreaming of drainage water

Seeing water drained in dreams means full control over your own emotions and ideas. You have the ability to turn your creativity on and off to serve the purpose you desire.

Pay attention to the context and how you interact with the drained water in the dream for meaningful interpretation. If you are removing stagnant water, it means you are in the process of reaching your emotional stability.

dream of dark water

If you dreamed of dark water, it means you are going through a complex time. Water is known to symbolize all kinds of different emotions and feelings.

Furthermore, it denotes the full range of emotional feelings you might have about something. So, dreaming of dark water means that you feel like you can’t really predict your emotions right now.

Dreaming of your partner in the water

Dreaming of your partner in the water could mean that in the next few days you will encounter some problems in your life. This will mostly affect your relationship, so you’ll find yourself arguing with your partner.

On the other hand, the dream may imply that you will encounter negativity in terms of communication in general. Swimming with someone you love indicates a possible process of separation or infidelity.

dream of frozen water

If you saw frozen water in your dreams, it could mean that you are literally experiencing cold emotions. Or that you are denying your true feelings. You may feel that something is holding you back from moving forward in life. It’s time to sit down and analyze what you really feel and how the lack of acceptance is affecting you.

To dream that there is no water

Dreaming that there is no water represents opportunities for fantasy or lack of creativity. Jealousy that nothing positive or beneficial is happening. Emotional voids, relationships or family life where no one cares about having fun.

It may also reflect a financial or economic downturn. Situations where prosperity, success or happiness are more difficult than you are used to. Feelings about some area of ​​your life that is slowing down.

dreaming of bloody water

Seeing bloody water in dreams can suggest a bad omen and possible disaster. And if you are also swimming in bloody water in the dream, it suggests that you are either at the center of these disasters or that you are the cause of all these problems. Great care and attention to the decisions you make in the next few days.

Dreaming of earthworms in water

If you dreamed of worms in water, reveal your current emotional state or life situation. Maybe you’re pretending it’s okay, but in reality you feel very depressed and negative. Sometimes this dream indicates hiding from others to protect yourself from being hurt. You need to run away or you don’t want to face problems.

dreaming of salt water

Dreaming of salt water symbolizes future anguish and disappointment. Someone you trust may criticize you with words and opinions a little harsh for your taste. Emotional issues in your relationship are on the way, but you will work things out through intuition.

dream about water slides

Dreaming of water slides can have two meanings. On the one hand, this represents a great lack of control on your part, you are not able to control a situation or you feel unable to control your life. The other sense is somewhat connected to the first, as it refers to the fact of letting yourself go so as not to take control of your life.

Dreaming of water filtration

Dreaming of water filtration symbolically represents the loss of power or the depletion of our emotions. If it is impossible to stop the leak in the dream, it may reveal that something in your life cannot be controlled.

If you were just watching the leak and doing nothing to stop the water from running, this dream would reveal your passive attitude toward problems. In another context, it’s uncertainty about whether to fix a situation or ignore everything and move on.

Dreaming of water channels

Dreams of calm, placid waterways indicate a positive aspect of love relationships. Since then, we must flow naturally in much of our life. If there is a blockage in the channel and the water is blocked, this is also represented in the sentimental. A crisis may be brewing.

dreaming of water in bed

Dreaming of water in bed represents the possibility of making a problem worse by neglecting it or not doing anything about it. In other contexts, it may reflect an embarrassing lack of self-control. Water in bed can be a sign that you are too comfortable to overlook or ignore a problem. You need to resolve this before it gets out of hand or asks for help.

dream about ice and water

If you dream of ice and water , this is a warning message to your psyche as a dreamer. It refers to your inflexibility in life and the danger that such an attitude can bring you. It also means that you are not aware of what is going on around you and have likely isolated yourself from others. This situation can cause anxiety or depression in the short term.

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