Rain in dream meaning/heavy/walking in/torrential/at night etc.

Meanings of Dreaming Rain

There are many ways in which water occurs in the dream world and dreaming of rain is one of them. This meteorological phenomenon can occur in a torrential way, whether it is a shower of stars, causing flooding or even being a meteor shower. Rain in dream meaning

Depending on the type of rain that appears in your dreams, plus the rest of the details of your dream experience, you may find an accurate interpretation. It is well known that after the storm comes calm.

This is why dreaming of rain is often associated with your being’s strong need to cleanse your inner self. Sometimes you immerse yourself in huge seas of worry and anguish and you don’t know how to let everything you feel flow.

Thanks to dreaming of rain, you can somehow release everything that frustrates and burdens you. Don’t forget to also pay attention to the personal situation you are currently living in, as this is also a key element in discovering the meaning of dreaming about rain.

Dreams about rain are completely different from any other kind of dreams about water, whether sea or dirty water, so we decided to dedicate an article to explain the different connotations that can arise from this interesting dream experience.

When water comes in the form of rain, it can cause different emotions, depending on the dreamer, as there are people to whom the rain conveys a feeling of sadness, while others feel comfortable with the rainy weather.

Not all rain dreams can be interpreted based on this element, so to get an accurate interpretation of this dream experience you need to know what secondary elements occur in your dream. Rain in dream meaning

It is these details of your dream that will allow you to discover whether your dream has a positive or negative meaning, as well as how it fits your personal situation. Although there may be many elements that are shown in your dream, here you will find the most common ones, which we are sure will be very helpful in discovering the meaning of dreaming about rain.

What do dream about rain really mean?

Those who usually have this type of dream are usually rather lonely people who also tend to have self-esteem problems, especially when this dream is frequent in them and always occurs with the same scenes. The meaning of dreaming about rain is associated with melancholy, pain and loneliness.

You are probably a person who is not completely comfortable with your loneliness, however, you should know that loneliness is the ideal circumstance to get to know yourself in depth and test your limits, making loneliness no longer a problem to be a virtue.

Depending on the context of your dream, dreaming of rain can reveal a moment of liberation for your life, as it can also indicate a current in certain feelings of sadness. Now, if you consider that you are an extrovert and that this general meaning does not go with you, I invite you to discover the different meanings of dreaming about rain.

dream of heavy rain

Dreaming of heavy rain is often interpreted as a sign of bad luck. This dream is almost always taken as the arrival of anguish, discomfort, bad news. Rain in dream meaning

It is also often interpreted as a warning of danger, financial problems, family accidents, or other disaster. Dreaming of heavy rain can also herald the arrival of health problems. Try to keep your insurance up to date.

dream of rainwater

Rain is a cleansing weather event, so dreaming of rainwater will lead you to a thriving and exciting season, and you should make the most of this opportunity the universe gives you.

Dreaming about rainwater and walking comfortably with it reveals that you are living an incredible season, filled with great happiness. This is a dream that lets you know that you will begin to live in a very short time many moments full of happiness.

dream of walking in the rain

Dreaming of walking in the rain is one of the most frequent dream experiences with rain. If you don’t mind getting wet in the rain while walking, then you are a self-satisfied person, you have enough strength to face any adverse situation, besides, your next days will be full of joy and happiness. Rain in dream meaning

Dreaming of torrential rain

Dreaming of torrential rain is a very common dream experience among dreamers. If by chance during this dream you are getting wet, you are likely to feel a deep fear of failing on that important project that you will present in a short time, fear that you will fail on that next assessment on which a large part of your qualifications depends, or fear that you will not be able to achieve this. goal you set yourself.

If you are protecting yourself from the rain, you should know that a number of problems are occurring around you that, while not affecting you directly, do indirectly.

dream of showers of stars

Seeing shooting stars always awaits us because we firmly believe they fulfill our desires. Now, dreaming of a shower of stars reveals that you are a person filled with light, so every wish you ask for during this dream experience, you must be sure that it will come true in your life.

If you don’t make any wishes during this dream, all the thoughts that come to your mind during the day will manifest themselves little by little: finding true love, getting the perfect job, buying your dream house, achieving your own balance, a complete sex life and many other positive things. Rain in dream meaning

dream of rain at night

As we have shown, rain is a cleansing element. Dreaming of rain at night and getting wet in it reveals that you can soon feel free and clear of all the problems that burden you in real life.

Seeing rain at night speaks of forgiveness, it also alludes to good luck and love. Likewise, if you plan on traveling in a few days, it’s best to postpone it.

dream of a lot of rain

Dreaming of a lot of rain indicates that inside you there is a deep sadness that cost you a lot to overcome. Dreaming of long periods of rain and seeing that the sky doesn’t flee indicates that you still can’t get out of the situation you are in.

On the other hand, if during sleep you feel comfortable with the rain, it means that it is not time to work on your sadness yet, let yourself feel so that, at the ideal moment, these emotions can transcend.

dream of heavy rain

Dreaming of heavy rain or heavy rain is a sign of future bad luck. These dream experiences lead you directly to moments full of anguish, where you can certainly feel very uncomfortable.

However, you have the ability to cope with the time you pay attention to your environment and find the tools you need to control your situation. Rain in dream meaning

On the other hand, dreaming of heavy rain can also be a negative premonitory dream, which warns you that you might have a serious accident soon, so be careful with every step you take.

dream of mild rain

Dreaming of mild rain indicates that there is something in your life that you don’t completely like. You know very well what you don’t like, and you also know that you can fix it without too much effort. All you have to do is stop for a moment to think and you will immediately find the solution.

This is not a negative dream, as just as it is very easy to open the umbrella in the dream so you don’t get wet, you can find the situation for your problem.

Dreaming of rain indoors

Dreaming of rain indoors is the way your subconscious reveals to you that there are certain hidden personality traits that you don’t want to make known.

You feel that showing your own characteristics would make you vulnerable because you would show yourself as you are or if someone knew some secret from your past.

dream of mud and rain

Dreaming of mud and rain or dreaming of acid rain is a dreamlike experience that reveals the presence of something inside you that is eating away at you. It could be a fight with a friend or your partner. Rain in dream meaning

If you’re wrong, you should put aside any pride and ask for forgiveness, because if you don’t, things in your life can take a very negative turn.

Dreaming of meteor showers

The reason dinosaurs became extinct was because of meteorites. So, dreaming of a meteor shower reveals your strong fear of failing or dying. You must face both realities to find rest every night.

dream of hailstorm

There are things in your environment that hit you hard and paralyze you. It’s something that freezes your blood and scares you a little. It’s natural, because situations aren’t easy for you right now. Everything will be successful, but with a lot of effort.

dream of rain with lightning

They are struggling in many areas. You need to be relaxed so that it doesn’t defeat you. The size of the problems seems to be larger than they really are. Don’t think ahead of time that you won’t be able to resolve them. Face them with more courage. They are very noisy, but in essence they are not that complex. Rain in dream meaning

Dreaming of dirty water rain

This dream is a bad omen, some issue related to finances or relationships, they are affected in these times. There is not much hope that these situations will be resolved any time soon. There are many things that go wrong, one after the other. This puts you in check because you don’t know where to go or where to start solving.

dream of colored rain

It’s a fantastic dream that connects you with your childhood self, where anything is possible. You are at peace and happy now. You should take advantage of this very peaceful moment to carry out creative activities, perhaps painting, writing poems, etc.

dream of a shower of blood

It is a very deep suffering that made him uneasy. It’s crying you’re about to face. A wound that someone very dear has caused him. You will have ways to solve this problem, but it will take a long time to reach it.

Dreaming of rain and lightning

Dreaming about rain and lightning reveals that things will start to turn negative in your work. You will have to face a lot of problems, so it’s important to pay attention to everything that happens around you. Rain in dream meaning

This is a foreboding dream, however, if you manage to stay safe from this storm, it means that you can escape these problems without much difficulty.

Dreaming that it rains on the muddy earth

These are safe fights between you and some loved ones, couple, friends, mother or father. Don’t continue to perform inappropriate acts that have dire consequences in your environment.

There is an unpleasant atmosphere around you, you should try to save yourself from this unpleasant moment, so that it does not bring you serious consequences.

Dreaming that rain floods a location

Problems are general and affect several people at the same time. Something related to your neighborhood meeting, your group at the university, or your coworkers. You must be very prepared to face this problem. It is possible that you have the ultimate responsibility for the problem you are affecting.

Dreaming of a rain curtain in front of you

Happiness is in front of you. You are a person with a positive mind and you see clearly what is in front of your eyes. You are not afraid of challenges. You are one of those ideal friends who can be asked for a recommendation because you have an excellent sense of things and your directions will be correct. Rain in dream meaning

dream of walking in the rain slowly

If you like the feeling of having water falling on you, it’s an excellent omen. Feeling something as natural as rain and not being afraid of it is because you are a person with a flexible mind, with quick and easy solutions.

Dream that it rains and you are in the sea

This dream is very positive. It is fluid above and below you. Nothing will stop you in your plans. Water in water is a sign that everything will be on an excellent course. You can design ambitious projects, they will all be great.

dream that the rain drags you

Be very careful with gossip, don’t get carried away by malicious comments. People talk and thereby drag others into unnecessary difficulties. So, strengthen yourself so that these comments don’t hurt you.

Dreaming that the rain stains your suit

Some comment is woven about you. You may have done something or have some inappropriate behavior and it brings gossip in your neighborhood. You are the topic of conversation for many people, but not for good, but for evil. Rain in dream meaning

Dreaming that you get wet in the rain and pee

This dream is very common. There are people who drank a lot of water before sleeping, dream of water, especially rain, and when they see the rain falling asleep, they pee. Turns out they actually did it in bed and get up wet and upset with the pain of not having control.

It’s just that this dream is very real and it manages to materialize immediately in pee waters. Don’t be scared, regardless of the fact that you have wet the bed, this dream is liberating. This means that something that is stuck in your life will flow. It is an excellent omen of real achievements. You will be very good at what you have decided.

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