Gun dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about gun really mean?

Dreaming about a weapon means that you need to be aware of the calumnies you might suffer in your life. Don’t waver at work so as not to be accused of something you didn’t do. Gun dream meaning

Dreams are symbolic ideas that represent the current moment in our lives. Each image designed by our mind has a representation of our intimate and emotional side. But do you know the real meaning of dreaming about a gun?

Dreaming about weapons can express something positive or negative in your life, depending on your current state of mind.

Gun dreams can symbolize escaping from your responsibilities, and resisting and rebelling against change. The weapon is linked to your aggressive side, an object that can hurt anyone close to you, be it a melee weapon or a firearm.

The meaning of dreaming about a weapon also  symbolizes our desire to achieve something that is far from our eyes. Since our arms are limited in range, and gun fire does not, then in dreams they represent the desire to achieve our goals, even if they are at an indeterminate distance.

If you’ve dreamed of some kind of weapon, whether it’s a firearm, a sword, a machine gun, a dagger, a pocketknife, or any other type, stay tuned to what you’re currently experiencing.

For each dream, a symbology. See the meanings of dreams with weapons and assess what it means to you.


This kind of dream may not bode well. The meaning of dreaming about a firearm may demonstrate some professional issue that you should pay attention to. A firearm, especially if it is in someone‘s hand, reminds us of aggressiveness and violence to get what we want. Gun dream meaning

The feelings linking dreams to the gun can be associated with anger, protection, imposition, and power over others. If in the dream you use the gun and fire a shot, it indicates your feelings of self-confidence and power. But be careful with these feelings, as if not used correctly, like the weapon, they can end up injuring someone.


If you dreamed of having a gun pointed at you, and if the gun was pointed at you, it could indicate that you are trying to overcome an obstacle, both in your professional and personal life. Analyze your current life and the barriers that keep you from thriving.

Evaluate a way to reach your goals, even if some obstacles come your way. Each obstacle crossed is a new learning experience.


Depending on the dream, the melee weapon represents positive moments in your life. If during the dream you only caught a glimpse of the bladed weapon, it could mean that someone from your past will contact you again.

But if you dream of using a melee weapon, it demonstrates that you are exposing yourself too much, and may be grounds for criticism and judgment. Be discreet, because the person who should know most about your life is yourself. Beware of exposures, be on the lookout for nasty people who can shake your spiritual peace.


The dream of a toy gun is linked to the professional and personal goals you want to achieve in your life. Make a list and evaluate a way to reach each goal, as they will be very important for your personal prosperity and evolution.


Dreaming of holding a firearm does not have such a positive meaning. The dream represents your escape from the challenges and conflicts you must resolve. It also indicates that you are willing to use all your weapons to defend yourself, without diplomatic and rational dialogue. Be careful with these weapons, even if they are symbolic, as they can hurt people as well as their attitudes. Gun dream meaning


Dreaming that you fired a gun can indicate that someone is teasing you and managing to get you out of your peace of mind, whether at work or in your personal life. Try to prevent unpleasant situations from being carried forward. Keep focused on yourself and your goals, they are more important than anything you want to achieve.


Dreaming of gunshots, we already know the meaning very well. But then what does it mean to dream of an unloaded firearm? The dream with an unloaded weapon represents a period of sexual dissatisfaction. Assess what you can improve to your satisfaction, and see ways to avoid getting into low mood.

For many things in life, the way is to stop and reflect. Look for strategies to solve problems, even if they seem unsolvable.


Dreaming of black firearm has a positive meaning for you. This dream indicates that the fight for your goals is having an effect and bringing you good results. Pay attention to the opportunities that life offers you, because great achievements will come from them.


Dreaming about a golden firearm indicates that you will have to win someone over at work to achieve your professional goals. Perhaps this person has not yet seen their professional competence. Always be prepared for new opportunities at work.


The dream of an antique firearm can bode well for you. This dream can indicate your balance between reason and emotion. By mastering your emotional side more and acting with more rationality, you will be able to achieve great results in your professional and personal life.


Dreaming of buying a gun is an omen that may not be good for you. Dreaming that you’re buying a firearm means that you’re stuck in the past, and you’re struggling to reach your goals because of thoughts and feelings that you haven’t been able to overcome.

The time has come to overcome these obstacles linked to your past, and forget what ails you about it. Start living what life has to offer you now and in the future. Gun dream meaning


Bombs and nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction. Weapons used in wars where innocents pay with their lives. If you dreamed of weapons of destruction, or that in your dream there was a detonation with one of these weapons, the dream is linked to something negative.

The meaning of dreaming about a weapon of destruction can indicate a period of many differences of opinion and arguments in your life. Stop and reflect on the best actions to take in these situations, since if there is no emotional control in this period, the situation can go forward with an unpleasant outcome for you.

Now that you know the meaning of dreaming about a weapon and its many omens, try to be more flexible to change, especially to the people around you.

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