How to win a Virgo man/complete description

How to win a Virgo man?

Virgo man is amazing! Born between August 23 and September 22 , ruled by the element Earth and the planet Mercury, they have that shy boy’s way of asking to be loved and pampered. However, it is not easy to attract and keep Virgos under the spell of love. They are perfectionists, they like things straight and well done. Any slip you take will be out of the deck. Stay tuned and learn how to conquer a Virgo man. How to win a Virgo man?

The Virgo man, when he loves, gives himself totally. At first slowly, he needs to feel the terrain and establish connections, especially mental ones. A Virgo is not the type of man who seeks satisfaction in just one night. He is selective and builds bonds. Values ​​intelligence, conversation and quality in the relationship.

The passionate Virgo man demands attention, he wants to feel important and needed. Virgos are a little insecure and need you to show your love constantly. Patience and understanding will be great allies to keep the heart of this incredibly caring man and partner.

When in a relationship, the Virgo native is faithful. He has no eyes for another achievement. You will be your only goddess if you learn how to make a Virgo man fall in love.

The Virgo man is jealous. He will not share his beloved with anyone. It can even be a bit suffocating, and you’ll need to be flexible to get around jealousy and misunderstandings. He sulks and balks. The Virgo man, when he loves, is completely dedicated.


  • Read a lot, show your intellectual skills in interesting conversations. Virgos are attracted to smart, quick-witted women.
  • Always be in a good mood. Though shy, he loves good jokes and that little Virgo man’s intellectual game.
  • Keep your appearance well-groomed and clean. The golden rule of how to make a Virgo man fall in love is always to be impeccable.
  • Show that you have an exquisite education. Virgos in love prefer discreet, sincere and classy women.
  • Make yourself a little difficult, even if you already have all four tires down for him. The Virgo man in love needs to realize that you are worth investing in. How to win a Virgo man?


  • No betrayal. The Virgo man is jealous and doesn’t forgive slips easily. Think carefully before awakening your instincts.
  • Don’t pressure him. When Virgos love, they are slow and need to feel secure.
  • Don’t be clingy in public. He is discreet, prefers to save displays of affection for private moments.
  • Don’t be rude, talk loud, shout or fight. The Virgo boy does not tolerate rudeness and lack of common sense.


  • Learn to listen. The passionate Virgo man likes to see his partner as a safe haven, someone he can count on to listen, understand, and offer intelligent and coherent advice.
  • Be ethical. Virgos seek good character, punctuality, dedication, fidelity, commitment. And rest assured that the man of a virgin in love will reciprocate with the same qualities.
  • Stimulate the Virgo‘s mind with enticing promises. Make the passionate Virgo man wish for a moment alone. And then meet expectations. He will be at your feet if you discover and perform some of his fetishes.
  • Prepare a bath for two, with hydromassage, foam, bath salts and candles. The Virgo man is creative, imaginative and clean. Once shyness is overcome, he will surrender to lust and lust. And you will win fantastic nights.


  • Arrive late. The longer the delay, the greater the wrath of the virgin man. Being punctual and responsible, he doesn’t accept delays and lame excuses. Be a punctual bride. The Virgo man in love is insecure and waiting at the altar will create a lot of stress and discontent. And that’s not what you want for your honeymoon, is it?
  • Attend a date disheveled, wrinkled, or dirty clothes. It will make the Virgo man go mad with shame. And that will backfire on you. Caution. How to win a Virgo man?
  • Criticize the Virgo Man. He’s going to go crazy! Remember he considers himself perfect. Nothing wrong with that, it’s part of his personality.
  • Go through his things. There is no Virgo who can support someone going through their personal belongings. And don’t think this refers to searches on your cell phone. The Virgo man hates to be poked around in his closets and drawers.

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