How to win a Libra man/complete description

How to win a Libra man?

The Libra Man is every woman’s dream. Born between September 23 and October 22 , ruled by the planet Venus and the element Air, Libra is that prince charming so dreamed of by women of all signs. Polite, flirtatious and attractive, all women want to learn how to win over a Libra. How to win a Libra man?

Libra is very sincere and abuses his charm. A Libra man who loves can read your innermost desires and knows how to handle words like no other. This makes the Libra man the most seductive of the zodiac.

A strong characteristic of the Libra man is indecision. He doesn’t like the responsibility of having to make choices. The native of this sign seeks balance above all else. When he is in love, he adapts to his lifestyle and respects it.

Sensitive, the Libra man is sweet and surrenders to passion. The energy of Venus promises a permanent romance in the air. Libra in love makes you feel great. He is affectionate, extremely romantic and caring, and can even be clingy at times.

Libras value elegance, good looks and body care. Beauty is a very attractive element in winning a Libra. However, don’t worry if you’re not a miss universe. Libras will look for harmony in you, that sensuality that is not just physical beauty, but a finesse that you can learn by following the tips on how to make a Libra man fall in love.

He tries to please everyone, he doesn’t want to upset anyone. The Libra man when he loves is no different. He gets attached easily, love is his food, he needs passion to live. When he’s in love, he’ll do everything he can not to antagonize her. However, don’t exploit this feature of it to get everything you want. He’s extremely sensitive, and if he realizes he’s been used, he’ll feel frustrated and look for true love in another direction, never looking back.


  • Take care of your appearance. Get a haircut that makes you look attractive. Perfume yourself. The Libra man when in love feels elated when the woman prepares for him.
  • Always be very polite and use your words correctly. The Libra man cannot stand impoliteness and vulgar language. Also pay attention to pronunciation, serious errors in speaking will leave you disappointed.
  • Show yourself romantic, full of love to give. The passionate Libra man gives 100%, and hopes to experience pure love like true soul mates. How to win a Libra man?
  • Participate in your social life. The Libra man has many friends and loves to socialize. We know he’s the perfect guy, but trying to keep him just for you will destroy his love. The Libra man is faithful. You just need to keep his interest in you.


  • Don’t provoke jealousy. Libra is jealous and will move on if he believes you’ve lost interest.
  • Never lose control. Run away from confrontations. The Libra man hates fights, especially in public. It will be the end of the relationship.
  • Don’t try to force him to do anything. Convince the passionate Libra man with arguments, seduction and lots of charm. Become irresistible to conquer Libra.


  • Use and abuse of surprises. Always have a sensual lingerie on hand. The Libra man loves fantasies, pranks and fetishes. Enjoy and learn a sensual dance or striptease.
  • Decorate the room, prepare an aphrodisiac meal and choose irresistible perfumes. The Libra man in love is erotic and very visual. Offer him lots of visual stimuli.
  • The Libra man has a very sensitive base of the spine. Explore this point and the butt region. He will delirious with pleasure and you will become unforgettable.
  • Praise Librans, especially when it comes to their appearance and style. Especially in intimate moments, whispers in the ears of the Libra man in love how much he is beautiful, smelling and delicious.


  • Attend a date dressed as if you were going to stay at home. The Libra man is not at all attracted to people who are careless with their own physique. Appearance counts for a lot to Libra.
  • Set up the biggest shack in public places. He will want to disappear from your life forever. Definitely, the Libra man does not tolerate negative attention. And he hates fights.
  • Forbid him from being with friends. The Libra man will be furious. He does not tolerate jealousy and much less being prevented from socializing. How to win a Libra man?

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