How to win an Aquarius woman/complete description

How to conquer an Aquarius woman?

Rational, independent and admirer of freedom. Get to know a little more about the Aquarius Woman’s personality and learn how to conquer an Aquarius! How to win an Aquarius woman?

Sign of air and ruled by Uranus, those born between January 21st and February 19th have mystery, rationality and blossomed independence as a personality characteristic.

Knowing an Aquarius, at first glance, it may seem that she is a little colder person, many times, precisely because she doesn’t know how to deal with her emotions. And that’s not to say that she doesn’t fall in love or have a relationship, but when that happens, the delivery is complete and true. It is also important to know that freedom and individuality are important for the girl from Aquarius, who appreciates her space and understands that happiness does not depend on someone else.


Aquarius people in love, as you can see, are independent and often rational. A consequence of this is that sometimes the Aquarius woman creates a certain resistance to falling in love. After all, many things go through your head before you surrender and open up to someone.

But when you find a person who knows how to value and respect this strong personality, the delivery will be true. And the sign of Aquarius in love is synonymous with companionship and respect. In marriage, the Aquarius wife will hardly show jealousy or forbid her partner to do her bidding. Freedom is essential! And this applies not only in marriage, but also in dating or any relationship with the sign of Aquarius.


She is an aquarium and, for that, you must, above all, respect her individuality. If you demonstrate that you know how to value freedom in relationships, you have a good chance of winning the heart of an Aquarius.

Showing intelligence, having a good chat, a social cause or an open mind to many issues that may involve the future, are also important requirements. After all, the Aquarius woman thinks a lot about the future and about doing good around her. And there’s nothing better than having someone by your side to practice all of this.


It is evident that jealousy, possession or attitudes that invade the Aquarian space are actions that should not be done. For that will only distance you from winning the Aquarius woman’s heart. How to win an Aquarius woman?

Try to understand that each one in the relationship needs to have their freedom and space to do what they want, always with great respect and loyalty to others. Showing too much affection or feeling right away can scare the Aquarius, who tends to be a little more reserved and rational when it comes to surrendering. Therefore, be calm and patient when conquering it.


In terms of love, everyone is free to relate to whomever they want, whether with similar or completely opposite personalities. But, there are some combinations that can work, and a lot, with the sign of Aquarius. One of the best combinations with the female Aquarius profile is with the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarians have very similar personalities and one of the most important is the free and independent spirit. A relationship between these two signs will have a lot of respect for the individuality of each, in addition to being partners in plans and adventures for the future. Another sign that can work very well is with Libra. Signs of the same element, balance is what will not be lacking in this relationship. Both value for intelligence and good conversation. The social life of both is also similar, in addition to valuing freedom.

However, some signs have a very different personality from the Aquarius woman. Like, for example, the sign of Scorpio. Scorpios have in their personality one of the attitudes that the woman of Aquarius wants to spend far away, which is to have someone controlling her life. And the Scorpio is the kind of person who likes to control and is often jealous. How to win an Aquarius woman?

Therefore, a relationship with these two can be a little difficult if the Scorpio man doesn’t understand that individuality is important in the relationship. Another sign that may have a little difficulty with the Aquarius woman is the sign of Taurus. Taurus is extremely affectionate, while Aquarius is a little cooler. In addition, the male bull also has a jealous and possessive side, which may not be pleasing to a woman in the sign of Aquarius.

But when it comes to love, taking risks and trying is always valid. Every relationship has its difficulties and differences, even those with very similar personalities. What really counts is both being ready and willing to make the relationship work and be happy.

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