How to win a Leo man/complete description

How to win a Leo man?

Definitely the lion is the king of the zodiac. Seeks recognition, fame and lots of applause. Born between July 22 and August 22 , they are ruled by the Sun and Fire element. They don’t need a lot of effort to be won. However, being the center of attention, you’ll have a lot of work to hold him amid countless competitors fighting for him. So, get to work and learn how to win a Leo. How to win a Leo man?

The passionate Leo man is romantic and respectful. He is a born hunter and very impulsive, he will steal your kisses unexpectedly. Leo will dictate the rules when having sex. Enjoy the delicious sensations that only a Leo man can provide when he loves. And he’s charming, isn’t he? No wonder you’re dying to learn how to make the Leo man fall in love.

He loves sex, has sensuality to the surface and expects you to give yourself totally to him. But take initiatives, don’t be submissive. The Leo man when he loves takes control, but waits for feedback from his partner to know he is pleasing. It is important for a Leo man that his beloved is satisfied and feels all the pleasure he wants to give her.

You need to invest to keep the flame of passion burning. The Leo man loses interest if he is subjected to routine. Always be ready to create new things to seduce your leonine lover. Take advantage of the tips on how to win over a Lion man to keep him always happy and fond of you.

Remember the commitments you made to him. The Leo man hates oblivion and will see you as unreliable.


  • Recognize your value. The Lion man in love is proud. Praise your performance in bed. Value your strengths. This will make him even more crazy about you, and much more eager to satisfy all your desires.
  • Allow him to appear, make a scene, and attract the spotlight. Never try to obscure it. The nature of the Leo man is to shine like our star king Sun.
  • Dress up, get attention. The Leo man, when he loves, likes to show off his achievement. He loves to parade with a beautiful and attractive woman at his side. Invest in the beauty salon and in new clothes.
  • At sex, use and abuse touches and scratches on your back and spine, and show all the pleasure you’re feeling. The passionate Leo man wants to feel great. And remember, leave control to him. After all, he is a hunter. How to win a Leo man?


  • Don’t compete with the Leo man. He doesn’t like to share success or to be with a woman who outshines him. He will flee if he feels threatened.
  • Never reject a Leo. The Leo man is vindictive and will do anything to pay back.
  • Don’t tease the leonine. He is jealous and can become possessive.
  • Don’t be jealous. The Leo man is faithful when he is in love. But until you can totally conquer this Leo‘s heart, forget about exclusivity.


  • Put on a show in bed. The passionate Leo man wants a determined woman, without fear of being happy and without sexual barriers. Take the initiative!
  • Pamper, pamper and adore the Leo man. Being the king of the zodiac, Leo loves pampering.
  • Be seductive. The Leo man likes to be won over. Flirt with him, be creative and sexy, but don’t push him too hard. Let him hunt you. If he’s from Leo, he’ll be blown away.
  • Schedule a party for two. Surprise the Leo lover with an exotic, sensual and provocative dance. When a Leo man loves, he has a fertile imagination and loves eroticism. But attention to detail, this fiery Leo loves luxury and beauty.


  • Counter the leonine and cover up its shine. He’s going to be a beast. Then prepare for revenge. The Leo man is like the elephant, he never forgets.
  • Incite jealousy. The passionate Leo man will want to hit everyone. It provoked, bear the consequences.
  • Ignore it. The Leo man does not accept being ignored. He wants to shine, he wants everyone to see him and pay attention to him. He’s the heartthrob, remember? How to win a Leo man?
  • Be cool in intimacy. He will be frustrated and enraged. When a Leo man loves, he likes to give pleasure, to be recognized as a lover of solar magnitude. But be careful. If the Leo man feels unwanted, he will lose interest.

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