How to win a Scorpio man/complete description

How to win a Scorpio man?

The seducer of the zodiac. Born between October 23 and November 21 , the man of Scorpio has as its main ruler the planet Pluto and its element is Water. The Scorpio native is driven by passion. In love it is intense, as in everything he does, and he never forgets. How to win a Scorpio man?

With a strong temper and depth of soul, the Scorpio male is often difficult to understand. But it’s worth the effort to learn how to win a Scorpio. The Scorpio man when he loves is intense, erotic and extremely sexual.

You will have to beat many rivals to win the Scorpio man’s heart. Mysterious, charming and seductive, it always rains in your garden. But don’t panic, the Scorpio man is faithful as long as you learn how to conquer him. You need to find a way to keep yourself in his head.

The Scorpio man in love gives himself totally if he feels confident and secure. Scorpios, when they love, go crazy. This seducer is deep and doesn’t stay on the surface: it’s all or nothing.

The passionate Scorpio man is hot and loves foreplay. He can spend hours enjoying the delicious sensation of massaging and touching her. Being extremely erotic, the Scorpio man in love wants to give his partner maximum pleasure.


  • Be sensually provocative. The sexuality of the Scorpio man is always on the surface. Unexpected little touches, suggestive that he attracts her, will stimulate his erotic mind, making him want her.
  • Use a little mystery. The Scorpio man is curious and mysterious. Make this seducer want to find out more about you, but don’t give in too quickly. The Scorpio in love likes games of seduction.
  • Let the passionate Scorpio man drive the relationship. Get around things neatly to get what you want. Although he likes to maintain control, the Scorpio when he loves fulfills all the wishes of the loved one who knows how to use his power of seduction.
  • Tease it in the most unexpected places. He is one of those who are ready at any time. In the backseat of the car, in the bathroom at a club or restaurant. The Scorpio native loves to take risks. How to win a Scorpio man?


  • Never criticize your sexual performance. The Scorpio man has sexuality as his best attribute. If you need to make an observation, be very subtle.
  • Do not lie. Complete trust is important to the Scorpio male. He’s all or nothing, remember? Never forgets and hardly forgives. Walk the line, he is very intuitive and always catches the lies in the air.
  • Don’t play the saint. Be a little difficult at first, but then show what you can do. The Scorpio man in love wants a fiery woman, full of vigor and ready for anything.
  • Don’t just stick with mom and dad. When Scorpios love to be surprised, try new things, different positions and all the variety of kisses you can dare.


  • Value foreplay. Scorpios love to stimulate and be stimulated.
  • Tell him you’re his only and he drives you crazy in bed. The Scorpio man is jealous and possessive. If he thinks you’re not totally into his, he won’t risk getting hurt.
  • Tease him sexually. Create unexpected situations to spark your imagination. The passionate Scorpio man thinks about sex all the time. Show him you’re hot too and go with everything.
  • Always praise your performance. The Scorpio male is very sexually active. Although your entire body is sensitive, your main erogenous zone is concentrated in the genitals. He likes to know that you want him and that he meets your expectations.


  • Negatively criticize his performance in bed. He will hate this. The Scorpio man considers himself an irresistible lover. It will probably run away from you for a while. Think before you speak.
  • Prefer the company of friends to his. The Scorpio man when he loves is obsessive. He wants you for him all the time. If you leave him to go out alone, he will turn into an angry bull. Judgment. Don’t arouse jealousy in the Scorpio lover.
  • Pretend orgasm. That will be the end of the sting. Well, no man appreciates this, but for the Scorpio man it will be an affront. And he will know. Don’t think you can easily deceive him.
  • Take the lead in decisions. The scorpion man in love is domineering. If you try to confront, you will miss the point. How to win a Scorpio man?

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