Wound dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about wound really mean?

Dreaming of a wound symbolizes a time when we must be cautious. As much as dreams of a wound make us feel bad or that we’re going to get hurt, it’s not like that! They symbolize that we should stop and look more at what is happening around us. Wound dream meaning

The meaning of dreaming about a wound may also be trying to show us that there is someone around who is having feelings of envy, which could harm us in some way if no solution is sought. See below what it means to dream about a wound.


Dreaming of an open wound means that you need to be aware of your impulses and how they should be contained around people you don’t have a very strong bond with. Experts argue that this type of dream is linked to our deepest feelings, that there is something that is hurting you and that you need to sort it out as best you can as soon as possible and not ignore the fact at all.


Dreaming of healed wounds appears to remind us of something from the past that we have already overcome. Usually these dreams appear in our life in some new complicated emotional moment that we are going through, with the intention of showing that something similar has been overcome before and that you just need to push yourself to win again. Believe in your strength and potential, not letting fear and insecurities take over your body.

There are those who argue that dreams with a healed wound arise to indicate that a phase full of luck is starting and that you’ve already gone through something that was hurting you until then, all thanks to the good choices you’ve made in recent times.


Dreaming of an itchy wound is an alert for you to pay more attention to your social relationships. They may be in a delicate situation, causing a certain amount of unease within you. This dream arises precisely so that you can try to resolve it as soon as possible, to avoid any fight or separation that you might regret in the future.

Experts say that this dream represents a phase full of positive changes linked to our professional environment. But to embrace this phase, you will need to let go of some attitudes that aren’t being healthy for you. Wound dream meaning


Dreaming of a closed wound that opens symbolizes that something in your past in relation to someone has not been resolved very well and may come back to bother you.

Because of this, it is the time when you will need a lot of reflection and sincerity, solving any pending issues so that it does not prevent you from following your path and the good times they reserve for you with that person.


Dreaming about a wound that does not heal has a very similar meaning to dreaming about a closed wound that opens, but it is more linked to recent disagreements that were unresolved with a family member or partner.

In this case, try to resolve it as soon as possible, without procrastinating too much out of fear, in order to be at peace. Honesty dialogue and apologizing, if necessary, are essential.


Dreaming of a wound in another person means that you have had an interview or are already working on something that you feel is not to your liking. This type of situation can involve fear, insecurity and even anger, but understand that, above all, you should be grateful for having an opportunity to work at a time when unemployment is on the rise and many would do anything to be in your place. .

In addition, this opportunity can generate surprises along the way, making you end up discovering a new talent or even a pleasure in something you’ve always been reluctant.

There are those who argue that this dream may be warning you that this job where you are unhappy may be doing you a lot of harm to the point of causing depression or even preventing you from achieving something better. Reflect a lot on your current situation and, if there are chances to do well in something else, study and fight for it as soon as possible.


Dreaming that you are hurting another person has a very similar meaning to dreaming of hurting another person, as it symbolizes that you will go through a challenge where you will have to endure an unpleasant situation, but that soon this moment will pass and will even make you prepare for something better that is already coming to you.

This type of dream may also be warning you that you have a very abusive boss and that it is causing you to have a very toxic relationship with your work environment. If you realize that this is your case, focus on opening a dialogue with him without discussion, so there are no worse consequences. Wound dream meaning


Dreaming of injured legs means that you are feeling incapable of acting in a situation. There is something or someone that is making you unable to perform tasks that were simple until then, preventing you from growing within the personal goals that you aspire, as if your ability to succeed were withdrawn. But don’t believe it, take a deep breath and look at everything you’ve already achieved on your own, showing how you’re capable of getting out of this bad phase.

Some argue that this dream is suggesting that you are spending too much time worrying about where your life is going.


Dreaming of a wounded foot symbolizes some old emotional wound that has shaped your current personality. But this dream comes just to alert you if these old traumas aren’t making you stop doing several things for fear of failing again.


Dreaming about your injured hand shows that you’ve been feeling unable to physically reconnect with someone because of some past trauma. This dream arises for you to seek to solve this problem with yourself, as this is preventing you from investing in new relationships or simply touching someone.

Experts argue that this dream represents a cry from your subconscious that you’ve been feeling unable to take on what you believe is necessary.


Dreaming of a head injury is an alert from your subconscious that you have been creating ways and ideas to sabotage yourself for fear of taking on new responsibilities that are coming to you. There are those who also defend that this dream is very linked to certain hurts from the past that you are stirring a lot, without letting them heal themselves with the power of time.


Dreaming that you have a stomach or stomach sore indicates that you are feeling unable to resolve certain difficulties that lie in your path. If you saw someone hurting your belly, it is likely that this person is trying to hurt someone in your family or your business. Wound dream meaning


Dreaming of a sore face symbolizes some very strong emotion you’ve been feeling that’s causing you to panic and even obsess. These emotions can range from love to terror due to some situation and this is making you so intense with these feelings that your sleep and your life are out of control.

Be careful if this is happening, as anything too much or done in fear can do harm, including love! Don’t confuse caution with fear, one thing teaches us to take slow steps and the other keeps us from taking steps.

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