Dream of hugging someone tightly/unknown man/kisses/your ex

Dream that someone hugs you tight

Dreaming of someone hugging you tightly has several interpretations, it all depends on who is hugging us and how we feel about their hug. Dream of hugging someone tightly

Because the people who can hug us in the dream can be family, partner, children, strangers, lovers, or even enemies, and the feelings that we can experience in the dream can be of joy, sadness, displeasure, anxiety or tranquility, the possible interpretations are very varied.

On the other hand, when we dream that someone hugs us tightly, it refers to the urgent need we have to feel that someone protects us. It is also a dream where the desire to express our feelings to the people we love is shown.

Dream that someone hugs you tight

If in the dream someone hugs us tightly, and we feel uncomfortable, or we do not like the fact that they hug us tightly, it indicates that we are feeling very alone and blaming others for our feelings of abandonment and loneliness. But in reality we are the ones responsible for making people walk away, with our bad attitude.

If our partner hugs us tightly, but we feel sad, it signals that in real life nothing is going the way we want. At any moment our relationship can break down. If the one who hugs us tightly is a son and we feel joy, it predicts happiness. If in the dream our grandmother gives us a big hug, it indicates that there is a lot of love and security in the family. Dream of hugging someone tightly

Going down the street walking and suddenly someone hugs us tightly, and we feel fear, it represents our insecurity and the need for someone to protect us. Finding a friend and seeing that he embraces us strongly is very positive, because it predicts happiness and harmony.

See that an unknown man embraces you

If an unknown man embraces you, it means that we will receive unexpected visits. If the hugs from the stranger make us feel uncomfortable, then the visits will be unpleasant. But if hugs make us feel good, the visits will be from people we love and long for.

Dreaming that someone hugs you tightly and kisses you

When someone hugs us strongly and kisses us, it is very positive, since it represents the great friendships we have, love, affection and the beautiful feelings that exist with the people around us. Our relationship with friends and family is very harmonious and comprehensive.

If the one who hugs us tightly is someone from the family, and we feel very good, it shows that we can always trust our family. But if a relative embraces us and we feel sad or cry, it portends illness or family quarrels. Dream of hugging someone tightly

If it is your ex who kisses and hugs you in the dream

Finding your ex and seeing him kiss and hug you, predicts confrontations at home. Also this dream shows that we should pay more attention to our health, since bad habits can lead us to get sick. If an ex hugs and kisses us, and makes us feel uncomfortable, it portends disagreements where there will be accusations from both parties. Disagreements will last a long time, these can be problems with your partner, family or at work.

When it is your partner who kisses and hugs you

If it is our partner who hugs and kisses us in the dream, it means that we have someone very trustworthy by our side. That is why we should not fear betrayal or deception on the part of our partner. If our partner hugs and kisses us hard, and we see that we feel very happy, it predicts happiness and good news to come. Dream of hugging someone tightly

To dream that someone hugs you tight and see that it is your husband

If it is our husband who hugs us tightly and kisses us, it shows that we have his full support to achieve our goals. That generates immense joy and happiness for us. But if my husband hugs and kisses me gently, it indicates that we will be very calm at home.

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