Dreams about arguing/with someone/partner/family/yourself etc.

Meanings of dreaming about discussion

It is normal that at some point in our lives we are forced to argue with another person, either because of differences in thoughts or opinions, or to defend a point of view. But what means to dream of discussion? It’s normal that after a busy day, your brain codes for stress in a negative way, reflecting that way in your dreams; In this post we will provide you interpretation of Dreams about arguing.

However, if you dream that you are in the middle of an argument, it may be an internal warning to let you know something is up. First of all, you must understand one thing: dreams are the point where inner ambitions, memories and what we don’t recognize are intertwined and form a single idea that, if interpreted well, you can know a part of you that otherwise would not be possible.

Yet despite the negativity and bad vibes that can create arguments in your dreams, it’s entirely up to you how they affect your life. Taking into account the magnitude of the discussion and the people who participate in it, the interpretation of dreaming about the discussion can vary; therefore, it is normal to generate restlessness and apprehension in you.

Nobody wants to live a life in the midst of negative situations that affect our inner peace, so it is necessary to know how to properly channel these dark energies. If this is the case, don’t worry. The fact that you dream of arguments is not synonymous with being a negative person or that you will be in the future.

These types of dreams are closely related to the oppressed desires within you, and what you dream is just an outlet for your subconscious. However, it is necessary for you to analyze all the details of the disputed discussion at the stage of your dreams, in order to correctly interpret what your inner self is trying to express.

What do dream about discussion really mean?

If you are constantly dreaming of arguments, it could mean that a part of you feels repressed, so it needs to be listened to as it arises. These feelings can be translated as anger, resentment, anger and especially frustration.

Discussions happen when you try to express a strong way of thinking; therefore, accumulating this whole range of feelings has negative repercussions reflected in the stage of your dreams.

Also, depending on the context of the situation, the dreams you discuss also represent the existence of something you don’t like, but that you don’t want to admit or that you don’t end up facing, so your subconscious is forced to create mechanisms to alleviate this pressure, as these feelings keep you from being happy, where the decisions you make based on your interpretation imply a turning point in your life.

dream of arguing with someone

To dream of arguing with an unknown person, declare that you are in danger because you anticipate situations that will arise that will take you out of your comfort zone. It can also be a sign that something in your environment is bothering you, but since there is no specific person that generates this feeling, your brain creates a graphic representation of your discomfort, as having a face is much easier to channel this feeling.

On the contrary, if in the dream you are arguing with someone you know, it is possible that there is a certain fight between you over a succession of small accumulated details, and you do not have the right place or the words to express it, then unconsciously you you finds the creation of scenarios to assess what would be the most appropriate way to approach it. Dreams about arguing

Dreaming of arguing with your partner

How do you feel about your relationship? Be honest with yourself, don’t automatically answer that it’s okay, because if you’ve ever found yourself arguing with your partner, it means you feel controlled and limited within the relationship; It may also reflect that you will soon discover something related to your partner that will leave you full of internal conflicts. Arguing with your dream partner denotes frustration and dissatisfaction with what you are experiencing.

If you find yourself arguing with your partner and he suddenly disappears, it means that the other party doesn’t feel involved with you and the project that in theory was raised. Pay attention to the small details, it is possible that your relationship is sustained by comfort, comfort or fear of change, rather than being based on true love.

On the contrary, if you notice that your partner is arguing with you and then check your attitudes towards that person, chances are you have developed a lot of control and your partner begins to resent it.

dream of arguing with your mother

It is likely that you are somatising a situation in which you feel pressured by your mother, but in many cases dreaming of the mother figure denotes her relationship to the concept of the female figure and energy. It may be an indication that you have developed a conflict with the female paradigm.

However, it is also a possibility that you will find yourself in conflict with the feminine part of your particular configuration, represented by your creativity, creative ability, tenderness, etc. It may also be a warning that you have an emotional blockage that has begun to affect important aspects of your life. Dreams about arguing

dream of arguing with the family

If in your dream you get involved in a discussion with your family group, it means that you are currently having problems with the most essential characteristics of your personality. Upcoming events will likely make you wonder if the actions you have taken and the convictions you profess are important and fully define you.

If your family surrounds you while you insult, it’s a sign that you’ve lived in denial of who you are, and as much as you insist on hiding a part of yourself, it always shows up. If you argue and see that your family becomes small, you will lose conviction about issues that are essential to you and, in the future, you may become frustrated about it.

dreaming that you argue with yourself

There is something about your characteristics that you reject and that you keep hidden. It is important that you work on your self-esteem and allow yourself to project your personality, because otherwise you will end up being filled with resentments that can lead you to engage in destructive practices.

You dream of arguing with yourself in front of a mirror, and it breaks, so some lies you’ve told will come crashing down, it’s also possible that a secret you’ve carefully guarded will come out, and this will radically change the concept your loved ones had from you.

If you argue with yourself and then turn into someone else, it’s a sign that the expectations social media has placed on you are starting to affect your emotional stability, and it’s a warning that if you continue to act to please others, you will they end up living accused of the feeling that others are in control of their lives.

Dreaming of arguing with a friend

You will be betrayed when you find yourself arguing with a friend is a sign that in the future you will discover something in your environment that will make you feel betrayed. If, in your dream, your friend also participates in the discussion, it is an indication that you will be involved in misunderstandings.

If you notice that your friend adopts a serene attitude, and even smiles, then you will be betrayed by someone close to you, and this will affect the way you relate to the world.

dream that i argue with my sister

If you found yourself involved in an argument with your sister, then you developed conflicts with a sector or social group of which you are a part.

It is possible that you previously developed freely and felt defined within that group, activity or concept; But now something has changed in you and you don’t feel a part of it anymore, that’s why you feel trapped and you don’t know how to leave the role you played behind.

If you argue with your sister and see how she gets older than you, from now on you’ll want to leave a phase of your life behind, but the weight of your actions won’t let you get rid of her easily.

Dreaming of arguing with an ex-partner

You’re letting your past invade your life, you’re likely being invaded by regret and nostalgia for not having fought hard enough for a relationship you still crave.

If you see that your ex-partner is crying, from now on you will receive news associated with your previous relationship that will fill you with sadness, perhaps some event will make you realize that time has passed and that it is no longer possible to return.

If you notice that your current partner argues with your ex-partner, then pay attention to your current partner’s emotional state, it’s likely that the shadow of the past has left a trail, and your current partner is going through a crisis of insecurity caused by the image of your previous relationship. Work to strengthen her bond and security with you, as the shadow effects of past events can cause major fractures. Dreams about arguing

dreaming of arguing with a man

If the object of your dispute is a man, then check your internal paradigms, it is likely that you are getting carried away by subjectivity in the analysis of reality.

You are hitting the same rock over and over again, but you refuse to accept your mistake because your pride is strong. Man represents the rational and determined energy for the achievement of goals, if you oppose him then it is an indication that you are clinging to old schemes that will not bring you good results. Remember that what does not evolve and adapt to change is destined to perish.

dream of arguing with your father

Dreaming that you argue with your father can be interpreted in different ways. First of all, it should be considered that it is the head of the family who normally takes the reins in most decisions and with whom we usually have a more formal and tacit communication.

So there is some apprehension when it comes to starting a conversation. On the other hand, the father figure is usually absent from the nucleus of the family; therefore, if that’s the case, you’ve built up feelings of frustration within you.

Dream in discussion with your boss

You may feel inferior to his mandate, and therefore you are tired of the relationship you are forced to have with him. It is common to present this type of dream, as a large part of your day-to-day is carried out in the work environment, as well as any complaint or discontent you have with the company is usually associated with the immediate boss, so this becomes the image of all the aspects we reject in our workplace.

Dreaming that you lost an argument or fight

It is synonymous with the fact that within your environment there are several factors that make you feel a high threat, as well as little faith in yourself. Losing an argument brings with it harmful feelings, such as humiliation and frustration; thus, dreaming about this type of situation, although it does not happen at the lucid level, generates a feeling of discomfort, which is intensified by doubts and little attention. Self-esteem product of being at a disadvantage.

Dreaming that you saw a fight

It can be interpreted as the frustration you feel at an injustice and yet you can’t do anything about it. This means that you are an understanding person who tries to put yourself in the shoes of those around you to understand what your neighbor might be feeling when faced with a complaint.

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