Ascendancy of signs

Most people know which zodiac sign they were born under, in other words, the zodiac sign the Sun was in on the day of their birth. But the single most important factor in a person is the sign of the Ascendant. The Ascendant is the sign of the Zodiac that rises on the horizon at the exact moment of a birth, which is why the hour and minute in which the first breath is exhaled is so important for the calculation of a natal chart. In physical reality, it is the representation of one of the extremities of the horizon line projected on a vertical plane that divides the visible from the invisible sky. This division gives rise to the Houses and the Ascendant is known as House I. The sign of the Ascendant is the expression of personality. The Ascendant is an important point because it indicates the learned behavior, as well as the image we present to others. It also relates to the way you tend to start things. It represents the image of personality seen by others, physical appearance, temperament and our natural inclination. will provide you the information about the Ascendancy of signs.

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