War dream meaning/planes/medieval/civil/nuclear/world etc.

Meanings of Dreaming War

On this occasion, we will speak of a peculiar and distinct dream. As opposed to dreaming about objects, animals or things, this time we’re going to talk about a fact or situation, it’s about dreaming about war and beyond what it might mean, let’s talk about why we might have dreamed about it and some of the meanings of dreams most relevant that we can have when we dream of being at war. War dream meaning

To know what a dream meant we must take into account that there are situations, acts and actions that will depend on us to determine the meaning of that dream.

These dreams of war can be influenced by the news we’ve seen recently about military conflicts. Dreams are not always due to these types of situations or influences, these usually occur due to inner feelings or thoughts of the subconscious trying to communicate a fact or reality.

So, if we are dreaming of being at war, it is because this news has touched us in some sensitive part of our subconscious. Dreams are an essential part of the communication we have internally with the brain, which is why we must consider the dream and its interpretation.

Many centuries ago, different cultures tried to find a way to interpret dreams. Many have tried a mystical and esoteric approach. Others have tried from science, but just as today there were charlatans and people who really understood in their time how dreams were interpreted and their relationship to the human psyche.

Everything that happens in our subconscious can be useful to clear up many doubts and resolve some issues that we cannot decipher in a conscious state. Possibly this is one of the reasons why humans have been trying to decipher these meanings for hundreds of years. War dream meaning

What do dream about war really mean?

Generally dreaming of war there are two interpretations related to this dream. The first interpretation is related to when we have a very important problem with someone close to us (family member, friend, acquaintance) and we have some kind of inconvenience or discussion with that person.

The second interpretation that can take this dream and give meaning to a dream of war is as follows. This dream can arise in a situation where we find ourselves in an internal struggle or conflict with ourselves. These two previous interpretations are the most frequent and with which our minds are most associated with these types of dreams.

If you felt identified with one of the two previous interpretations, there must surely be a reason for this. Something is making us feel uncomfortable or upset or maybe we find ourselves arguing with someone close to us.

These dreams are also influenced by family or work issues, this gives our mind more than enough momentum to create this kind of dream. These types of dreams are also often attributed to deeper and more personal interpretations, due to internal problems that we don’t resolve.

It is very likely that we do not feel identified with one of these two previous interpretations. That’s because dreams are different for every person, personality and type of thought. All this varies the meaning of dreams in each person. Next, we’ll look at some of the other meanings that dreams of war have. War dream meaning

dream of bombs and war

Now that we have entered a technological and industrial stage, it is common for explosives to be used in military conflicts as well. To dream that a bomb explodes in war means that a secret will be discovered, causing problems and conflicts in the family environment.

If the bomb does not explode in war, it is an explanation that the dreamer is, as is often said, a person with a lot of noise and few nuts. The person is usually impulsive and can be given to talk about more, but when the time comes, she is very unable to prove it. It is good for the dreamer to change his way of being a little, because being like that can result in not being taken seriously.

Dreaming of a nuclear bomb at war means you’re keeping a secret you’re afraid to reveal because it could result in a problem in your family or your environment. It’s similar to dreaming of a bomb going off, but in this case it means fear that the secret will come out.

Dreaming of soldiers trying to defuse a bomb before it explodes is interpreted as desperately trying to solve a strong problem before it explodes into something much worse, but even if we try to solve it, we won’t be able to reach it.

Dreaming of people who go to war

If you dream of people going to war, there are several meanings to choose from, depending on who you are. Dreaming that a friend is going to war means that you are afraid that person will leave you. It could also mean that this friend is having a problem in his life and that we will have to help him. War dream meaning

If you are the one who goes to war, it means that there is a change or a new situation in your life that you are afraid to face because you find it difficult.

Maybe a new job, or you’re about to get married or start college and feel like you’re going to war. Better to calm down, because not everything is as bad as it seems and you will surely find that what you feared was not so important.

Dreaming that the couple goes to war means that the relationship will go through a phase of problems caused by other people. If the spouse goes to war, it means that problems will arise at home. Possibly a third person arrives to create a conflict.

dream of planes at war

Dreaming of a war full of planes going from here to there means that inside you there is something you want to externalize and scream to the four winds. The best thing is that you do, because this conflict within you will continue until you finally decide to reveal it.

Dreaming that planes shoot at you has the same connotation, but with the addition that the secret you’re hiding is doing real damage to you from the inside and will stay that way until you decide to do something.

Dreaming of planes that crash in battle is an interpretation that we managed to get rid of what was pressing down on our chests. This dream usually occurs when we reveal a secret and feel the weight that we had in our chest disappear. War dream meaning

dream of medieval war

Among so many types of dreams, dreaming of being in a medieval war is one of the cases that can occur among the variations of dreaming about war.

Dreaming of medieval wars, this particular dream is about an affinity we have for video games of these types of scenarios and events or simply that we like this kind of medieval stories.

dream of civil war

This dream often occurs because of the excessive consumption of information about these civil conflicts found in some nations. Furthermore, this can raise concerns and insecurity and ask if this will happen in our country. Dreaming of civil wars could mean that we will have a family dispute, possibly with some inheritance.

dream of nuclear war

Dreaming of a nuclear war, this is the meaning of feeling trapped and hopeless, internally we experience everything in a dramatic way (because we don’t see a way out and we see everything wrong) we have no solution for anything we are living. It’s as if we no longer find meaning in life and take everything for granted. War dream meaning

dream of world war

You are a very sensitive and responsible person. You are very concerned about what is happening in the society in which you live. Without going too far, you care minimally about your own community. You don’t like bad things. This creates conflict for you due to the inability to resolve it.

What happens to the environment moves your emotions. You fear for new generations and for future ones. Your mind is projective and you visualize what can happen to humanity if you continue to harm the environment. 

In this dream you become a kind of savior of the world. Your faith is unshakable and you pray that everything will improve for the good of the collective. Therefore, you are a person whose main characteristic is love for others.

dreaming of atomic war

You have the feeling of being totally trapped in a chaotic situation. You are in a real personal drama that doesn’t allow you to visualize alternatives. You are losing the motivation to carry out creative activities or activities that deserve yours. War dream meaning

dream that he runs away from war

Dreaming that he runs away from the war means that the problems started with us and what we previously thought we could deal with now, we realize that this is too much for us.

Dreaming that several soldiers are chasing you is an indication of an act of repentance. We did something to someone that might matter to us, and now the guilt is behind us.

Dreaming that we ran away with our friends from a war. That means the friendship has come to a head and it’s a good time to give us a break.

Dreaming of a war of angels

You have a very big mess with everything that is going on around you. You don’t know if where you have directed your actions is the right direction. You are waiting for something above you to tell you if you are right and to guide you. 

You pray to mystical entities thinking they have the solution. Unfortunately, it must be said that this is not the case. It doesn’t depend on anything outside of you, on the success or failure you have. You are the sole owner of everything that happens to you. 

There is a western tendency to leave everything in the hands of superior entities, this is more cultural than religious. It’s irresponsible if you want to “wash your hands” of your circumstances. What you are experiencing is nothing more than the effects of your own causes.

dream of war in heaven

Dreaming of war in heaven is one of the strangest and most unusual dreams among them all. Like the previous ones, this dream is due to a conflict or discussion that we may be having or will have with someone higher than us or with more power. War dream meaning

Dreaming of war between gods

Some people of high rank or hierarchy will be in contention and you will have something to do with the reason for the confrontation. They can be your bosses, your parents, the directors of an institution, etc.

dreaming of alien war

Someone you don’t know will come into your life and have a lot to do with you. You will be encouraged by the arrival of this new person in your life. But this person will soon begin to disrupt your daily life.

It could be a relative you didn’t know who had ideas to claim family rights that weren’t falsified. Keep in mind that matters of inheritance, property, always have mourners who show up when least expected. 

Dreaming of constant wars that never end

You live in a toxic environment from which you must separate. You can get sick from this hostile environment. You should try to completely change the course of your daily life and look for better companies.  War dream meaning

dream of space war

The problems are affecting your psyche and you are under a lot of pressure, you assume that the problems you are facing are the worst in the world and everything is coming for you. 

The measure of difficulty you have is impressive, you don’t think you can keep carrying it for lack of strength. You are exaggerating the problem.

Dreaming of ship warfare

There’s something that will keep you on edge, something that brings you total suspense, because you don’t know what’s going to happen. Things seem calm and suddenly another obstacle appears. It’s a constant coming and going that keeps you in danger

spiritual war dream

You may be looking for the belief that will govern your life. This brings emotional conflicts, because socially the common is Catholic, Christian, Evangelical, etc., and these beliefs do not satisfy their expectations and convictions. 

You are looking for other philosophies that open up other possibilities for you to see the world. You are restless and not too gullible about what everyone else believes, which is to say, you are not satisfied with going with the flow in that direction. War dream meaning  

Dreaming that a bomb explodes in a war

This dream means that there is a secret that will be revealed, that will generate serious problems in the environment where it will happen, whether in the family group, in the work group, in the group of friends or in the neighborhood. 

You must have a sober behavior in this situation, if the secret to be revealed is something related to you, you must have enough strength not to be intimidated by it and assume it bravely.  

dreaming of a bombing

The adverse situation you will face is extremely difficult. It’s going to cost you to get out of this. You try to resolve it, but other complications arise in the process. You need support to be able to move forward in this situation. Just not against power. It’s not a catchphrase you need, but a good friend who knows how to support you without hurting you and without any interest. 

To dream that in a war there is a bomb and it doesn’t explode

It means that you are one of those people who brag about something a lot, but in reality what you say or say has no substance. It’s like the saying goes, you’re “lots of gum and little bomb”. 

You must correct this way of expressing yourself and showing yourself to others. This way of being diminishes your credibility and respect in your social circles. You are impulsive and tend to talk more than you should.

dreaming of warships

This dream symbolizes the separation of something or someone. You must be alert and very prepared for this radical change that you will not like because it is sudden.

Review your relationship with your partner, as this dream indicates that you are not enjoying a good relationship that you can bet it will last over time. If you don’t want that to happen, you’ll have to work hard to get her back. War dream meaning 

dream of weapons of war

There is a great anger inside you that is about to explode. It could be that you have a very unpleasant problem with a person and are therefore on the offensive. This dream indicates that you drew attention to something that made you very upset and that you need to express it for many to discover.

Dreaming that a soldier wants to defuse a bomb

Certainly, in the dream, this soldier knows that the bomb is going to explode and is trying to prevent it from happening. This dream indicates that you are doing everything possible to prevent a serious problem before it affects others.

This attitude is very important because you are being responsible for the environment around you, avoiding unpleasant situations for those around you. 

Dreaming that soldiers are chasing you

This indicates that you have behaved inappropriately with some person or group of people and are now feeling guilty. You want to escape the shame you feel for this behavior.

It is very important that you reflect because this cannot happen again, going through life hurting, offending others is not right, not even because you are “right”. Nothing justifies this behavior.

dream of war at sea

If we’re dreaming of a war at sea, it’s a sign that a wave of ongoing problems is coming and we need to be strong to resist and move forward, no matter if we try to drown.

dream that you are going to war

You’re going to face a radical change in your life and you’re too scared to face it. A more demanding shift in responsibility at work worries him. Facing a new boss makes you very nervous, maybe the boss intimidates you and that will lead you to that dream. 

Dreaming of watching a war from a distance

It represents drastic changes that you are already preparing for. You are not afraid because you know you will be the winner. You are clear about your strategy, you have studied it and mentally ordered it. This dream shows the skill you have and the courage to move forward seeing the terrain you are treading very well.

To dream that you are in a war and you run

You are running away from yourself, you certainly did something wrong and regret it. You must remember if you offended someone, if you were rude, and now you are feeling bad about it. 

The important thing is that this dream calls you to reflection and correction of negative actions. Don’t let this moment pass and act to be at peace with your conscience, which is exactly what haunts you even in dreams.

Dreaming that you’re in a war and you win

You have a personality that stands out for the gift of struggle and perseverance. If you want something, you struggle to get it, nothing stops you, and you never believe that things are not possible to achieve. You always see the good in situations, even the most complex ones. 

His positive attitude leads him to great achievements in different contexts. You will see your plans carried out successfully and your satisfactions will make you feel more and more victorious.

To dream that you are fighting hand to hand in a war

You are desperate to get out of what is causing very serious conflicts. You have severe emotional shocks due to the situation you are currently living in. You don’t sleep well and feel exhausted. You’re the kind of person who says, “How long will I have to suffer this!” 

Dreaming that you are in a war and you lose

You should check your character because you are very fragile and easy to be intimidated. The opinion of others affects you and sometimes slows you down. To do something, you first seek approval from those close to you. You are not autonomous in your actions. You doubt yourself and think that you are not capable of considering possible projects to carry out successfully.

Dreaming that you are in a war and get shot

This dream indicates that something is bothering you, like a kind of remorse for something you did wrong. You’re also very scared of something that might happen because of it. 

Your conscience is very disturbed. Surely your action will bring you a breakup as a result and currently this makes you very tense and worried, because there is no way to reverse what you did.  

Dreaming of losing a loved one in a war

You fear the loss of loved ones. In your subconscious, you recreate through images the fear that a relative will die. You don’t know how to face death and your fear makes you dream about it. 

To dream that you are in a war and there are children

His immaturity caused him to suffer many problems. You don’t see things like an adult and always believe that things are less relevant than the real thing.  

You always need your parents’ support, even if you are an adult. The attachment to the mother and father womb is very strong and without their support you feel that you cannot overcome anything. 

It is very necessary that you evaluate the possibility of exercising in terms of your independence. At some point they won’t be there and that will leave you disarmed in the face of all things. Be aware of this and work hard to feel autonomous.

We have no intention of abandoning them. They are your parents and they need each other, just for your own good, gradually release those bonds you have placed on yourself. 

To dream that you see blood in a war

Very difficult times are ahead of you. It will cost you a lot to resolve situations of conflict and pain. There is crying in the middle of what happens to you. You need to relate to good, positive people. 

If there is something you did that caused pain, it is very possible that you are now seeing the result of those bad actions. If you made someone cry, today is your turn and you can understand how hard you were. It’s a very serious dream, you will have important lessons. 

Dreaming that you are running away from a war with a friend

This dream indicates that this friendship is at a very delicate time. The relationship became toxic due to some differences of opinion. You feel very sad about this, but it is recommended that you separate from this person for a while.

Time will provide the solution. If you start trying to mend this now with conversations, you’re going to have other disagreements again. That’s why distance is very healthy. Certainly, after a while, everything will flow for both of you.

Dreaming that you’re running away from a war

You feel that the problems are overwhelming you and that you cannot deal with them. You would like to run and escape, but that is not possible. The situation you live in is all your own and you can’t escape from it unless you really do it.

To dream that you will lay down your arms and declare a truce

This announces that you are about to start a better relationship with someone you have had certain communication problems with. Some misunderstandings fractured them and made everything that happened very awkward. 

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