Dreaming about video games/war video games/characters etc.

Dreaming about video games

Dreaming about video games is a fascinating experience, especially for those who are fans of the virtual universe. It is one of the most modern dreams that can be had, compared to other more classic or very common ones. In them you can get to transport yourself to a world or reality completely different from the one you live. This makes them images that imply a very particular event, precisely an adventure. Dreaming about video games

Something that happens very frequently with these types of visions is that they usually appear when the person is deeply involved in one of these games. That is why it is reflected easily and even repeatedly. In these cases, the interpretation is not so important because the mind is simply responsible for reproducing what it is seeing on a daily basis. But, when this is not the reason for the dream, if we have to look for what they want to tell us.

The meaning of video game dreams is generally associated with problems in real life. The dreamer may be going through a great number of obstacles or difficulties in which he feels the need to flee. That is why his subconscious is taking him to a virtual world where he can face them and also win. We must take this as an alarm signal and begin to disconnect the imagination to be able to solve what is generating anguish.

There are video games of many kinds, this makes dreams much more varied. On the other hand, there are also variants where you do not necessarily enter these unknown worlds. It may also happen that you buy, play or watch them, as you would regularly. So there are many meanings to explore regarding this type of dreams.

Dream of looking for video games

First of all, dreaming of looking for video games is a sign that the dreamer is looking for opportunities. He himself is visualizing big scenarios and therefore does not want to miss any opportunity for his personal growth. This is really very positive since you are working to get what you want and take advantage of the good that is presented to you in the short term. Dreaming about video games

Dream about war video games

Dreaming of video games of war symbolizes that the dreamer is in a big problem, from which he does not know how to get out. It is quite a frustrating situation as you are constantly struggling to overcome these very difficult obstacles. For this reason, this vision is considered a signal to stop in the fight and analyze all the scenarios. In this way, different alternatives or solutions can be obtained, which previously had not been able to reason.

Dreaming of video game characters

This dream has two very particular variants. The first when the dreamer is the character of the video games , that is, he is reflected on the screen. Its meaning in this case is that you are not in control of your own life, as you feel that everyone can handle it. These emotions make you miss opportunities or demotivate you when it comes to wanting to achieve a goal. For this reason, it is essential that he begin to take in his hands the different scenarios in which he is involved on a daily basis, following the path that he himself chose.

On the other hand, when various video game characters are seen in dreams, the meaning varies. In particular this is a representation of the need to feel surrounded by other people. It is not just about groups of people, but rather about really valuable people. So they are very significant images since they symbolize the loneliness of the subconscious and its desires to make a change in this regard.

Dream about horror video games

Dreaming of horror video games indicates a deep fear of betrayals, especially love or work. It is a fairly relevant fear in life, but it does not have to be an impediment to the dreamer’s goals. On the contrary, it is the main reason why to strive in everything and thus not lose those close to you.

Dream about playing video games

Dreaming of playing video games is a representation of the manipulation skills that the dreamer has. He himself is capable of managing others to do what he wants, many times without them realizing it. It is a characteristic that can be very satisfactory, but at the same time it can be harmful for everyone. Therefore it is important that you only use it for really necessary moments and not to take advantage of others at your convenience. Dreaming about video games

Dream about adventure video games

The dreamer is trapped in his own routine and that is precisely why he is dreaming about adventure video games . Through these dreams, he manifests his need for greater emotions and to get a little out of his daily worries. You must work hard to achieve this goal as being trapped in such boring thoughts is not good for your well-being. Especially if these events are added stress, problems or moments of frustration.

Dream about video game consoles

Dreaming of video game consoles is a sign that the dreamer is being too conservative with the members of his environment. It is correct to be reserved, but not to the point of exaggeration, even less when an unexpected situation arises. It is good to give confidence to others, always being measured but not closing yourself to the opportunity to give yourself to others.

Dream of buying video games

The dreams where it looks like a video game purchase means that you have to pay attention to the signals. The dreamer is about to make important decisions in his life, in one or more different aspects. For this reason, you must be very precise among all the options you have and know which are the paths that are best for you. So it should not be done quickly or uncontrollably, but completely wisely. Dreaming about video games

Dreaming about video games has many different variants, but all of them are interesting to discover. For this reason, when you have these types of dreams, it is good to get their interpretations, due to all their peculiarities. It becomes quite a rewarding experience to be able to decipher those messages that are hidden inside your virtual world in dreams.

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