Vomiting dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about vomiting really mean?

Vomiting is one of the worst human sensations. Nobody likes to go through that moment, when the body forces us to release the impurities within it. The meaning of dreaming about vomiting is usually not positive as it indicates that there is something bad inside the person that needs to be released. Vomiting dream meaning

What is hidden may be a pain related to someone very close, an unexplained matter that haunts you, the pain of an unresolved problem.

Often, dreaming about vomiting means that we want to get rid of something that disrupts our life, but we shouldn’t generalize.

It is necessary to evaluate each aspect of the dream to understand its real meaning.

Dreaming about throwing up can have a bolder bias toward breaking through old, negative patterns and starting the new.

There is also another possibility, this time a positive one: dreaming of vomiting can mean some financial benefit through the loss of others you may have in your life.

What is the meaning of dreaming about vomiting? If in your dream the person who vomits is you, it means that you are going through some difficulty and there is something in your life that you need to overcome.

This can also mean the fear of recognition from those around you, a very great fear of losing the prestige you have achieved with them. It is necessary to be attentive to overcome your difficulties, but remember not to let other people get you down. Always strive for your happiness!

Look for changes and improvements in your life in order to get rid of everything that makes you ill and that way you will receive the merits of your work. Vomiting dream meaning

Dreams are nothing more than reflections of many things that happen in our lives: whether happy or sad, soft or frightening moments. They are memories, stored in our subconscious, added to desires, fears and frustrations. When we sleep, our brain continues to work and elaborates dreams, the result of the mixture of everything that is inside – experiences and imaginations.

Some people, however, believe that dreams represent mystical signs and that these signs represent things that are happening or are about to happen, but we have not yet been able to perceive. In this respect, dreaming of vomiting means that there is something stored inside the person and that he or she needs to let go.

The meaning of vomiting in a dream may have a spiritual bias indicating that you may have problems in some areas of your life.

Scientifically speaking, Sigmund Freud, the main name of psychoanalysis at all times, argued that there was an intimate connection between what is lived in dreams and what is lived awake (Freud, 2016). Applying this theory of Freud to our theme, dreaming of vomiting will be directly linked to something you experienced in your real life.

Freud studied what is now known as Modes of Thought which consists of: all secret and hidden thoughts in our mind can be reflected in our dream (Freud, 2016). To clarify, let’s take the following example: you see someone vomiting in a soap opera scene and that impresses you. This may later show up in your dream.


The meaning of dreaming that you yourself are the person who vomits may indicate that you will have problems with business, possessions, social prestige, or people in your family. But there are those who say that, instead of problems, you will have good luck in some of these aspects mentioned. Vomiting dream meaning

If you’re throwing up on the floor, it could mean a change for the better. It could mean that you are getting rid of old habits or behaviors that made you sick. These changes will be positive, bringing good luck to your life and generating material prosperity.


The meaning of dreaming that you see someone throwing up is that you can be embroiled in a scandal by someone who doesn’t like you, even if you don’t.

If you have this dream, you will need to prepare yourself, as something negative may arise in your future.

The point is that, not necessarily, the person will do this on purpose, it may just be that the consequences of the other’s deed fall on you. At this time, it is necessary to understand that people make mistakes and you should not hold a grudge, and overcome this problem as best you can.


The meaning of dreaming about a child throwing up indicates that you have had many concerns about your future and that of your entire family.

Indicates that you care a lot about your loved ones about new and unexpected situations.

But it is necessary to remain calm. In the end, everything will work out and who knows all things is God. Trust him and everything will be fine. Vomiting dream meaning


Dreaming that you are vomiting indicates that there are people close to you who need your help. This is the time to pay attention to your surroundings and practice empathy, that is, putting yourself in the other’s shoes and realizing the size of the pain or problem that the other is experiencing and then doing what you can to encourage and comfort the one in need. If you can’t do much to help, know that sometimes a word of comfort, a hug, or at least a gesture of affection can have incredible effects on a person’s life.


If you dreamed of cleaning up vomit, you can cheer up: it means something very good! It means that good things are on the way in both your professional and personal life. Good and beautiful things will happen!

If something bad is happening in your life, this dream indicates that you should clean up all the mess so that new spaces open up and good things happen. But remember that you need to act because it’s all up to you. This will generate an evolution and thus you will become a better person.


Dreaming of vomiting away from you indicates that someone around you may need your help, so pay attention.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do something big, sometimes the person just needs a helping hand.


The meaning of dreaming that you feel like throwing up involves more of an inner feeling, something you need to do to get rid of something, person, or feeling. Vomiting dream meaning

It may represent that you have something important to clarify with someone very close to you, but you have a hard time doing it.


If you dream that you are trying not to vomit, this indicates that you have difficulty expressing your opinion because you are contrary to other people’s point of view.

It is very important to work this out to know how to put yourself when other people are wrong. This will help to improve everyone’s interactions.


Dreaming that you vomit blood is directly related to your health. It may mean that something is not going well, so it is best to see a doctor to see what is going on.

Another possible interpretation would refer to you losing passion for someone or something and that leaves you unmotivated. Think carefully about the issue so that you can make the best decision for your life.

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