Dreaming about vomiting/ in pregnancy/ kiss with vomit/in public etc.

Meaning of dreaming about vomiting

The feeling of vomiting is definitely one of the most repulsive experiences that a human being can live. The worst thing is that it usually recurs when you have some discomfort associated with the digestive system, being a normal act. It is also usually a reflection of when something disgusting is seen, as a form of expression of the organism. For all that it is associated with is that dreaming of vomiting does not generate good comments. Dreaming about vomiting

The dreams vomiting are usually rare because of the repulsion generated. For some people they are even considered a nightmare that nobody wants to see. They may not compare to blood or other subjects, but it is definitely not pleasant. In fact, depending on the context, it can turn out worse than anyone could imagine.

Dreaming of vomiting is generally interpreted as a conflict with a person close to the environment. He may be a very dear family member or a friend with whom there was no common ground. In any case, these problems can also be caused by issues of mistrust. Regardless of who fails, pride must be put aside so as not to lose that being definitively.

Another meaning of dreaming about vomiting is that you will soon get obstacles on the way. You may be close to reaching a goal and your path to it may be interrupted. Likewise, you have to be careful with distractions and always look for the specific objective. Although, just as this dream has different messages in general, it also has them when details are included.

Dream about vomiting and pregnancy

Dreaming of vomiting and pregnancy is a sign that it is very close. Perhaps, if you are a woman, you are on the verge of being in a state. If it is a man, then your partner is close to a future pregnancy. In any case, precautions must be taken under this situation, especially if it is not desired. The latter because conflicts can be generated as a result of this situation. Dreaming about vomiting

Dreaming of a kiss with vomit

Dreaming of a kiss with vomiting is a sign that something is wrong in the sexual sphere. There is a very great dissatisfaction with the partner or with himself on this plane. For this reason, problems are being generated in other areas of the relationship, in addition to the erotic. It is essential to begin to resolve this situation, otherwise they could move away from each other.

Dreaming of vomiting in public

A dream that generates fear and shame is ultimately that of vomiting in public . It reflects the fear of being played by other people, especially those closest to the environment. This fear can arise from a situation in which you are involved and social norms are put into play. From there arises precisely the feeling of breaking what so many people believe in and generating rejection.

Dream about vomiting blood

It may seem like a pretty impressive dream , but dreaming about vomiting blood is not as negative as it sounds. These images can be interpreted as a bad period in the love life, but not a definitive breakup. The latter is important to clarify since the situation has a solution if it is spoken in time. It is important that both parties comment on it and seek to regenerate what they feel for each other.

Also dreams with vomiting blood include people who are single. In this case, they continue to be interpreted on the sentimental level, where there will be an unrequited taste. That person who attracts the dreamer might not have the same interest. For this reason it is important to make sure you share the same feelings, otherwise it is best to walk away. Dreaming about vomiting

Dreaming of baby vomit

The dreams baby vomited are reflected especially in people who are in search of children. What happens is that the subconscious manifests in this way the fear of being bad parents in the near future. In women it could also symbolize the fact that the maternal instinct is coming out little by little. Regardless, you have to relax and wait for the right moment for the arrival of a new being.

Dreaming of vomiting from several people

The falsehood and betrayal are reflected when dreaming of vomit of several people . Those who dream are surrounded by beings that at any moment can betray their trust and make them look bad. This will generate disappointment and the feeling of emptiness and loneliness in the individual. It may seem like a difficult situation but it will help to ward off unnecessary beings in life.

Dream About Throwing Up Worms

Dreaming of vomiting worms is really significant, especially because of the feelings that are generated. In this case it refers to problems or unpleasant situations that must be eliminated shortly. This is because failure to do so will make it more difficult to achieve a positive result for them. It is essential to pay attention to the different aspects of life, but above all to the work environment. This is because there will be great discomfort, again generated by difficulties.

Dream About Throwing Up Hairballs

When you dream of vomiting with hairballs or hair, it is a sign of strong confusion. It is a period in which the dreamer feels entangled and even has no way out. The reason may be due to a situation in which important decisions must be made, without having any clear. It is best to relax in the face of these difficulties so that in this way the anguish disappears and think about what is most convenient.

Dream of black vomit

Finally dreaming of black vomit is a symbol of the vulnerability of the person who dreams. He is an individual who believes he does not have enough strength to face certain situations. Therefore, it is time to take the necessary courage to move forward and stop believing that you are weak. In this way these thoughts move away and the paths cross more easily. Dreaming about vomiting

Dreaming of vomiting , both in its interpretation and in the dream image is still unpleasant. While it is true that not everything is negative, equally the emotions that are generated are. For this reason it is best to take the message and prevent any unexpected situation. In this way you take advantage of the bad time that has happened to observe this fact.

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