Taking a shower dream meaning/complete interpretation

dream of taking a shower

Some dreams are formed when we are intoxicating ourselves with behaviors and attitudes that are harmful to our spirit. And this is the case of dreaming of taking a shower . Bathing in dream life symbolizes the purification and cleansing of negative energy residues absorbed during waking life. Taking a shower dream meaning

This dream may point to unfavorable energetic conditions in waking life. For example, this dream can happen when we are neglecting our friendships and, especially, the places we frequent. You are absorbing all the negation due to your spiritual body’s lack of protection.

You can see this fact by the simple act of getting a headache for no apparent reason. In addition, you may experience indisposition, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating when negative energetic conditions are present.

Thus, the meaning of dreaming of taking a shower involves issues related to the energy itself and the way in which it is being wasted can influence external influences.

As a result, bathing in a dream reflects the unconscious desire to keep yourself clean and protected from the bombardment of negative energies you are absorbing in waking life.

So, consider this dream as an indicator of neglect of your vital energy. Your store of energy is being dissipated by not protecting yourself and avoiding toxic places and people. Read on to find out more about what it means to dream of taking a shower.


The pool bath symbolizes the inefficient cleansing methods you seek to find balance and harmony in waking life. This suggests that you need to seek change in a deeper and more meaningful way to really see the effects you want. Taking a shower dream meaning

The intention is not enough, it is necessary to eliminate vices and harmful habits. This can be painful for the first few months. However, the benefits of this effort will be immense. All doors have opened and everything will be easy.


The combination of a beach, sea and bath are indicators of deep spiritual cleansing. Perhaps you carry traumas and blockages that are hampering the way you lead your life. As a result, you live with insecurities and fears due to a lack of digestion of past matters.

You have to resolve with yourself. The practice of meditation and Hatha Yoga can greatly enhance this process of inner transformation.


The appearance of rivers in dreams is very interesting, as the river is associated with the dynamics of life and with the way we perceive reality. So, dreaming of taking a bath in the river means that you want to take new directions in life. You are saturated with routine and common life, you want to adventure, new attractions, meet new people, travel the world and change your perspective on life.


If you see that the water is clean and crystal clear, it reveals that the universe is conspiring in your favor. Your goals and intentions are aligned with your life purpose. Bathing in clean water symbolizes the source of transformation and healing. You are going through a phase of internal changes that will lead you to the long-awaited path.


Dirty water in dream life is never well regarded. Dirty water represents mistakes with waking life choices. You need to make choices with clarity and wisdom, because a wrong choice could make you lose a lifetime without progress and evolution.


Rain shower symbolizes freedom and a feeling of lightness. This dream occurs when we feel more mature and experienced with life’s events. Taking a shower dream meaning

Dreaming of a rain shower is very positive from a spiritual point of view. The dream suggests that you have left the past behind and learned to get along very well with your inner conflicts and blockages.

A new reality opens before your eyes and the experiences, now, will be on deeper and higher levels, mainly in loving and affectionate relationships.

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