Sun in Scorpio/complete description

Sun in Scorpio: Understand the influence on Scorpio personality

Born between October 24th and November 22nd, people who have the Sun in Scorpio are often very instinctive and self-assured. They are not content with little and are very obstinate, they like to know about everything that is presented to them and do not accept very simple answers. Sun in Scorpio

They tend to be suspicious and take a long time to really trust someone, they seem calm, but when contradicted, they show well what they came for and what they believe. They tend to be vindictive.

Curious to know everything about the Sun in Scorpio ? So, check out below the characteristics of this Sun and its influences on love, work, family and friendships to know how to better deal with its weaknesses and strengths during your day to day.


The sign of Scorpio is symbolized by the letter mem of the Phoenician alphabet, added by the tail of the scorpion. The letter mem is considered important because it references the name of Moses and highlights the characteristic of influencers that Scorpios tend to have.

The scorpion‘s tail indicates power and heightened sexuality, characteristics present in the personality of people who have the Sun in Scorpio. The sign is often seen as the most problematic in the zodiac, as the characteristics of its being are linked to revenge, obsession and aggressive thinking.

At the same time, Scorpios are linked to the Water element, which brings to these natives a high intuition and ease of dealing with emotions, they are people who feel empathy and who love intensely, but who also carry an almost indestructible self-love. Sun in Scorpio

The constellation Scorpio is one of the main ones in astrology, being represented by the constellation Orion, created by the hunting goddess Diana. That’s why tenacity, sensuality and determination are very vivid aspects in Scorpios.

Two very important periods during the year for these natives are the astral hell, which occurs during the passage of the Sun through Libra (between September 23rd and October 22nd) which is when you get even more impatient than usual with people they like. of opining on everything and with individuals who care too much about what others think.

The second moment is the astral paradise, which is when the Sun crosses the sign of Pisces (between February 20th and March 20th), which is when you become more sensitive to other people’s feelings and feel more romantic and more connected with those you love.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpios acquire a dark and mysterious status. Like Cancerians, they are difficult to understand, tend to be volatile, change quickly from one end to the other, and are always concerned about being good about themselves, they don’t give much importance to what they think about them.


People who have the Sun in Virgo tend to have a very strong personality, question everything and everyone without fear of being judged and defend their own position on things, like to control their territory and, therefore, can be considered jealous and possessive.

Despite being seen as mysterious, they tend to enjoy a quiet and comfortable life, environments and people that they consider elegant and refined. They can establish good relationships with Virgo and Capricorn people who are ambitious.

Scorpios are competitive too, but more out of wanting to fulfill a dream than out of wanting to feel superior. When they have a goal in mind, they can be very persistent and organized, setting effective goals to reach it. Sun in Scorpio

Natives of this sign are also very fond of games, especially those of chance, they appreciate the taste of risk and danger. You could say that Scorpios are as intense and dangerous as Leos, but they tend to be more into their own and end up being seen as less charismatic and more dramatic.

They are very open and challenging, like to feel power within relationships and are firm about what they like or dislike, for this reason, they can easily hurt more sensitive people, so they must police themselves in moments of sincerity so as not to end up with a friendship or even a love.

Scorpios always see a bright side in adversity and seek soulful focus to reach a goal, they are the kind of people who convince others that anything is possible, and to them it sometimes feels like it is. Fear is not a very present word in these natives’ lives.


Scorpio is, without a doubt, the most sensual sign of the zodiac, the love relationships for them go beyond something merely physical, but reach the spiritual layers and the being. Because of this, they generally seek to engage with people who really connect and surrender to the moments.

Scorpios tend to be truly committed to the relationship, for this reason, they are judicious when it comes to choosing someone to be their partner in a serious relationship.

It is a little difficult not to feel attracted to the natives of this sign, as they are very magnetic and passionate. However, when things go wrong, they tend to blame their partner and have a certain thirst for revenge. But when they forgive, they can even become friends again.

The natives of this sign are also very loyal, like to compromise and demand reciprocity. They are usually very possessive and are always looking for answers they consider important about those they relate to. They don’t like shallow people.

Having a romantic relationship with a Scorpio is synonymous with sexual satisfaction, passion, confidence, in a mixture with a clichéd rhyme: pain and love. Everything with intensity. They are usually very reciprocal and return attention and affection with more attention and affection.

Despite living in many fast-paced and extremely erotic relationships, they generally relish the idea of ​​finding a partner or partner for lasting love.


Like Capricorns and Virgos, people who have the Sun in Scorpio are often very work-oriented and ambitious, like to research improvements for the activities they are dedicated to and are always updating their curriculum to be in a good position in the market. Sun in Scorpio

They can assume leadership positions very effectively, they will be great leaders, who pay attention to the smallest details and stages of the project, always being strict and demanding with each member of their team. They listen to those around them and even try to be flexible, even though they generally hold to most of their opinions.


Scorpios are familiars that are very connected with the family, as are the other signs connected to the element of Water. They are very attentive and seek to be by the side of family members with whom they feel affinities.

They are loyal and advisers. When they become parents, they are usually quite demanding in the education of their children, and keep them under their own eyes whenever they can, taking care of their own.

They can handle loneliness, but they often demand the same attention they usually give their relatives, being dramatic when they feel they aren’t being heard.


Having a friend of Scorpio means being someone very special, as these natives tend to have few and very well-selected friends. Despite that, they are very influential people and have the ability to attract a lot of people close.

Scorpios are usually very loyal to friendships, being one of the signs with the greatest ability to keep secrets. They are available to listen to what others have to say and keep what has been said under lock and key. However, they prefer not to reveal their own secrets. Sun in Scorpio

They like to exchange experiences (that are not secret) and to interact with different people, who really have positive learning to share. The natives of this sign usually establish lasting bonds.

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