Dreaming of keys/in hand/house/car/golden/bunch/lost/old etc.

Meanings of Key Dreaming

Keys are the tools we use on a daily basis to open or lock things like doors, locks, chests and even newspapers. Therefore, dreaming about a key is very common. With a key, we can access valuable information or keep important objects away from other people. Dreaming of keys

In dreams, this object fulfills the same function: dreaming about a key can symbolize the opening to new ideas, opportunities, perspectives or knowledge; or, on the contrary, they could be blocking or guarding secrets and hidden memories that have been repressed deep in the unconscious.

In this way, dream keys can represent something you keep locked away or denying yourself, and feel that you are hiding or lying about others.

What you are hiding might be emotions, secrets and memories. It can be something extremely important like information or a document that your subconscious is trying to warn you about.

To know exactly whether it’s something you hide or something that opens up in front of you, it’s important to consider the details of the dream. This esoteric key can be used to discover a world that was previously unknown to you as it connects directly to your psyche.

What do dream about key really mean?

First of all, if you dreamed of keys, you should ask yourself: what is the main problem in my life that requires a solution?

It is common for dreams to present keys in different ways and in different situations, being a harbinger of new discoveries, new scenarios, new ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences and knowledge that you previously could not have access to, but now, through your astral plane, you can go to them and make them part of you.

Through the details you visualized in your dream, you will be able to know what exactly this information was previously unknown to you, but you must be open to a big change in your life, because this information can change everything.

dream with keys in hand

Holding a few keys in your hand in your dreams indicates that you are a self-confident person and that you have no problem facing the consequences of your actions in life, good or bad.

You may not think of yourself as a secure person, but this dream is a clear indication that you are maturing and it’s time to make decisions based on your desires so as not to please other people. Don’t be afraid to be that person, your subconscious is telling you it’s time to be.

Dreaming about house keys

The house keys within an esoteric plan are the representation of your personal relationships, with your relatives and with the closest ones.

For this reason, dreaming about house keys means that your social group is about to expand, as you can live new experiences in which you will meet and interact with people whose behavior is new to you, but with whom you will make good friends, those that are durable no matter how many years pass.

Dream that they give you some keys

Dreaming that someone is giving you some keys is considered a good omen. This means that in the near future you will be presented with a series of opportunities that will bring you closer to your goals in life.

You must be fully aware of everything going on around you, because normally these changes are experienced by people who least expect it. Some acquaintances can put you in touch with someone important in your work or personal field who will guide you to achieve your dreams.

dream with many keys

If you’ve dreamed of many keys, it means you’re not sure what decisions you’re making. It’s normal to have a lot of keys when opening a door, confusing it a bit; therefore, these keys to your dream are a graphic representation of the confusion and insecurity generated by having to make a decision on your own, without having to rely on someone else’s support.

You must release the bonds and understand that you must be the owner of your life and the actions you commit, since the steps you take do not depend on someone else, you must decide what is best for you.

dream about car keys

Car keys have a very particular symbology in dreams. If you’ve recently dreamed of car keys, it means you’re about to experience dizzying changes in your life, but only if you make the right decisions.

That car that works with the keys of your dreams is an allegory of your progression that no one but you can start. Remember that those who don’t risk don’t win, so don’t be afraid and try to improve all the time.

dreaming of golden keys

This golden key within your dreams symbolically represents opportunities that will open up before you and that will make you grow financially.

This golden key that will star in your dreams will be the one you will use in your waking life to open all the doors that will take you out of the financial crisis you are going through, paying all your debts and leaving you once and for all , to be at peace, allowing your economic situation not to hinder your spiritual development.

dreaming of a bunch of keys

If in your dreams you visualized a lot of keys, it is related to your authority or your social status, where the power you exert over others is the main focus.

This means that you may face a situation where you lead a group of people who will trust you to achieve their goals; This can be within your work environment or even at home. For that reason, it’s important that you plan very well what you’re going to do next, as these people depend primarily on you.

dreaming of lost keys

Dreaming about losing your keys brings a somewhat disturbing message. Who doesn’t despair when he can’t find the keys?

The lost keys of your dreams are a reflection of a loss of control, possibly you are experiencing a feeling of discomfort or something is missing, which your subconscious translates into connecting your dreams with the image of the lost keys.

There’s something bothering you; you must analyze your interior in detail to know what you cannot access, as uncomfortable dreams do not let you rest properly, bringing mental exhaustion and lack of concentration in your daily activities.

dream about old keys

If in your dreams you see some old keys, with some archaic or rusty model, it could mean that an old secret will be revealed to you or that you will soon get the answer that you haven’t left for a long time, being able to take that solution , old mystery.

If this dream recurs to you, there is a good chance that you will discover valuable information about your past or family heritage.

Dreaming of locks and keys

It is normal that in dreams locks and keys appear simultaneously. The oneirological meaning of the padlock is the exposure of hidden feelings; Now, if you dream of locks and keys, it means you’re pondering the idea of ​​exposing some dark secrets you’ve hidden for a long time, either to vent or to gain sympathy from someone else.

On the other hand, if someone has recently confided in you a secret, that dream could symbolize that you are really looking to protect that person’s integrity because it matters to you.

dream of finding keys

Dreaming of finding keys is a very good sign. More literally, if you’ve recently lost an object, you can discover its location in your sleep.

But the purest message you can dream of dreaming of finding the keys is to find the solution to a problem that has overwhelmed you for some time, and eventually you will be able to see that tension satisfied. That key found in the dream, in your waking life, may be a person close to you.

dreaming of a keyring

Experts believe that this type of dream is often directly related to the dreamer’s social status or authority over other people’s lives.

It is possible that the dreamer is a boss or someone who commands a group of people and who constantly has to make important decisions about it. This usually refers to professional life, but it can also refer to family.

It’s usually an invitation to think very carefully about the next move that will take place, so it’s likely that an important decision will have to be made soon.

Dreaming of a chest that needs a key to open

This dream is usually related to the dreamer’s goals and desires, which are represented by copper. On the other hand, the dream indicates whether or not the dreamer is close to achieving his goals, depending on whether he has the key or not.

That is, if in the dream the chest can be opened easily thanks to the fact that the dreamer has the key, this means that he is close to achieving his goals.

On the other hand, if in the dream you don’t have the key and no matter how hard you try to open the chest in other ways, you can’t, it means that you are far from reaching your goal or that you have been trying to do things without trying how it should.

dream of losing keys

If you’ve lost your keys a few times, you know full well that it creates a feeling of frustration and despair. Likewise, losing a key in a dream is a representation of the loss or lack of control in the dreamer’s life.

It is possible that the dreamer is going through a difficult or stressful situation, which causes his subconscious to transmit this type of message in dreams. If it’s not clear what situation might be creating this dream, it’s a good idea to carefully analyze the different aspects of life and how they make the dreamer feel.

Dreaming that you can’t find the keys

Dreaming that you can’t find the keys, there are times when you can’t find the solution to things, at this point it tells you that you need to renew and leave behind those ideas that previously limited you, this is the opportunity for you to know how to analyze the things.

Dreaming that someone gives you the keys

Dreams where the keys are received are often seen as very good omens, as these dreams often mean that new opportunities will soon arrive that will serve to bring the dreamer closer to his goals.

To make the most of these opportunities, it is important for the dreamer to be aware of everything that is happening around him and people, as many opportunities usually come from less unexpected people.

dreaming of broken keys

Dreaming of broken keys, without a doubt, also means the breaking of some emotional, work or social relationship. Over the next few days, very strong disputes await you that will completely end some emotional bond you were consummating for a long time or a working relationship that you felt so secure in.

You felt very secure in all the power you had over people and did things you knew weren’t right; you took advantage of many people who trusted you, but your plans didn’t work very well for you and now you’re paying the consequences of your mistakes.

dreaming golden keys

This has a lot to do with the transition to material and spiritual riches. You have a great treasure in your hands, and it is this clarity and optimism that characterizes you; gifts with which you can achieve absolutely everything you set out to do.

Dreaming of golden keys indicates that your own future and the future of those around you are your responsibility, but you have all the tools to handle it comfortably and effectively.

Dreaming of doors and keys

The doors and keys of dreams are a good sign. The door that appears in your dreams is a sign that a new opportunity in life will be presented to you, and the key to opening it is your talents, which you must work to develop each day more.

If in the dream you are trying to open the door but the key doesn’t work, don’t be afraid; This means that obstacles will be placed to prevent you from taking advantage of this opportunity, but if you stay steadfast in your waking life, you will have nothing to worry about.

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