Suicide dream meaning/best friend commits/partner’s/attempt etc.

Meanings Of Dreaming About Suicide

Suicide is a way to end everything, including life. Dreaming about suicide usually occurs in people who experience a severe depressive process or can also occur in times of great stress and, while we sleep, we find a way to permanently escape our surroundings, and this type of dream is considered a simple form of avoidance. Suicide dream meaning

Likewise, it can indicate the culmination of something, probably a change in our lifestyle or simply that we’ve decided to quit our job. Dreaming of suicide is not a premonitory dream, so it will not come true. Plus, it means you’re running out of strength and you definitely need help.

Death in dreams, and especially suicide, does not always have a negative interpretation, it only symbolizes the stage before rising from the ashes like the Phoenix. Sometimes you need to close the page or change the book. If this dream disturbs you at any time, we invite you to continue reading more on the subject and you will get to know its symbolism.

What do dream about suicide really mean?

We cannot fully understand suicide, when a person decides or anticipates the moment of death to end a phase of suffering. If it is the suicide of someone close, moreover, the pain of the death of a loved one is added to the feeling of guilt for not having been able to do anything to help that person. This can give an idea of ​​the interpretation of this dream in which someone commits suicide.

But, above all, you must be very clear that, to understand the meaning, it is not necessary to accept the dream at face value and that it is not a precognitive dream either. This will not come true. Now look around you and think about who of the people you love is going through a bad time, despair, pain, lack of motivation. Who is without strength. Suicide dream meaning

That person needs your help. And of course you also need the help of a professional so that this nightmare doesn’t even come close to the real situation. And how can you help a person who has no more hope? Supporting and encouraging her to end that life cycle (not through death, of course) and start a new one.

Because death in dreams does not always have a negative interpretation, because sometimes it symbolizes the stage before being reborn from the ashes like the Phoenix. We insist, it is not something you should take literally, but sometimes turning the page is not enough to remake yourself and you have to close the book and never open it.

Dreaming that your best friend commits suicide

Dreaming about your best friend‘s suicide wants to explain how special this person is to you. Because you are such a sincere person, you are affected by the fact that those you love will suffer. You tend to worry a lot about other people’s problems.

This is negative for you, because you have put aside your own problems to solve others’. These worries keep you in constant anguish, which causes your subconscious to generate dreams of this kind. Therefore, you should try to think more clearly so that you can determine what concerns you. However, you must remember that no one knows you better than you, only then will you find the answer.

Dreaming of my partner’s suicide

If in the dream you visualize how your partner commits suicide, it may be because there are problems in your relationship. It is also related to conflicts that will occur in your family environment, for relationship reasons. In this situation, you feel that your partner feels attacked and is afraid of losing her. Suicide dream meaning

It is important that you try to remember, if in the dream you visualize objects being destroyed, if they are familiar elements to you. If that’s the case, you must be vigilant, because it may be that you hide bad desires to want to kill yourself.

Dreaming that someone commits suicide by jumping off a building

When we face this kind of dream, it means that perhaps unconsciously, we are causing suffering to other people. On the other hand, it may happen that you are afraid that someone close to you will fail or be harmed.

If you recognize in your dream the person who is thrown out of the building, it does not necessarily have to be the person affected. It could be that this person is someone you don’t know yet. So watch your behavior. Because sometimes we can cause harm to other people without meaning to.

dream that someone hangs

If, when dreaming of suicide, you observe how someone hangs himself, it is because this represents the insecurities that oppress him. It can also be the meaning of an alert, for the purpose of alerting you that there are still things in your life to be completed.

Another connotation would be if you see that many people are around the person who hangs himself. There may be many enemies in your life that you don’t know about yet. The same ones who try to destroy your personality as well as your self-esteem.

Dreaming that someone commits suicide because of you

When, in your dreams, you are to blame for someone‘s suicide, it may be because you are currently experiencing despair in your life. This means that you have very strong pain from a relationship or situation. So the only way you can get out of this is to end your life.

On the other hand, the dream may be because you are experiencing some shame, felt for something you have done. Another symbol of the dream may be the need to finish something you haven’t finished yet. Suicide dream meaning

dream you commit suicide

Dreaming that you commit suicide represents that you are being too pessimistic. Maybe it’s because lately you’ve been too stressed or preoccupied with your personal affairs and can’t see the immediate solution to your problems. The best thing you can do is talk to someone who supports you.

dreaming of a suicide attempt

Dreaming of a suicide attempt means that you yearn for changes in your life. It is urgent and necessary that you make a list of your daily habits that do not allow you to evolve. If possible, seek help to reschedule your days and become healthier and more productive.

Dreaming that you commit suicide in a car

If you dream that you are driving a vehicle and try to commit suicide, it is a sign that you do not know how to measure your words, with which you tend to harm the people who accompany you on your trip. Try to remember who was in the car and learn to enjoy their company before you hurt them.

dream that someone commits suicide

Dreaming that someone commits suicide symbolizes that their failures can affect you indirectly. Try to remember the reasons for the suicide as it can be a clear indication of future problems with the suicide. Consider the motivations that contributed to the suicide.

Dreaming that you witness a suicide

If you witness a suicide in your dream, it could indicate a bad omen. Perhaps a close relative is sick and could die. However, remember that it’s just a chimera and that you shouldn’t attract bad things into your life. Also, it means you have a certain fear of death. Suicide dream meaning

Dreaming that you commit suicide by jumping off a building

In general, dreaming of our suicide is already a very worrisome and frightening thing. If, in fact, any of these things have already crossed your mind, consult an expert immediately . If, on the other hand, it was just a dream and you’re terrified, just interpret it.

Dreaming that one commits suicide by throwing oneself off the roof or window of a tall building, or any other high place, suggests that we are going through moments of imbalance and lack of control from which we simply want to disappear. This dream reflects the anxiety generated by various personal conflicts that we don’t know how to overcome.

Dreaming that you commit suicide with a firearm

If you’re a gun person, it might not be so crazy to have a dream like this. Often, being surrounded by some situations or objects for a long time causes our dream states to reflect situations that we would never do in our most conscious state.

Or perhaps we are simply watching police or criminal programs in general too intensely. Finally, the weapon is just the excuse for wanting to eliminate certain thoughts that bother us today. So we must work on ourselves, especially on our peace of mind. Suicide dream meaning

Dreaming that you commit suicide with a knife

If this knife is a knife and you cut your veins with it, it represents a break in the relationship, whether at work, in friendship or in the family. Possibly also some loss of money. On the other hand, consider that these veins also represent tree-like roots; In that sense, if you cut your roots, you are representing a family holiday that you must pay absolute attention to.

Dreaming that you commit suicide by poisoning yourself

Dreaming that one commits suicide while taking pills represents some disorders that we may be experiencing, whether due to insomnia, headaches or some other illness that requires medication. Such a situation created fear and insecurity in ourselves, hence the manifestation of such a dream.

Dreaming that you commit suicide by hanging yourself

As terrifying as it is to dream of suicide, you should pay close attention to this dream representation. It represents certain situations that we want to express openly, but for one reason or another we haven’t just expressed it. You are going through an uncomfortable situation that has created a certain insecurity in you and therefore you go to the simpler side, hiding.

Dreaming that you commit suicide by setting yourself on fire

The interpretation of the dream of a suicide on fire is precisely that you are going through several conflicts that have generated a lot of anxiety in your life and which you don’t know how to get out of. You can have many problems and fears because you don’t know how to solve them. It’s all a matter of calming down, resting, finding the most viable way to resolve them.

Dreaming that you commit suicide by climbing on a train tracks

The train tracks are precisely the dreamlike representation of new roads, of unexplored horizons. If we commit suicide in them, we are assuming the denial of changes. You may have different options for generating them, but you simply denied it and your subconscious manifested it. 

Dreaming that your parents commit suicide

Dreaming that your parents commit suicide represents the transformations you are experiencing in your current life, especially with them. A new stage you will have to live by your side. You must consider the relationship you had to restart it from a new and different perspective. Suicide dream meaning

Dreaming that your mother commits suicide

If in your dream you saw your mother commit suicide, it could mean the “death” of your maternal or female aspect. Perhaps you are in need of more maternal care, which you can ask for without hurting your ego by dreaming of suicide. Also, it can symbolize that you must take care of your own children.

Dreaming that one of your brothers commits suicide

If you dreamed that one of your siblings commits suicide, it symbolizes that you feel dissatisfied with your life or part of it. In addition, you may be representing your brother‘s displeasure, indicating that you should help him as best you can.

Dreaming that your stepbrother commits suicide

If in your dream you saw your stepbrother committing suicide, it means that you may soon be having a conflict with him that will make you feel very guilty. Before you get carried away by emotions, you should reconsider. It is always better to avoid problems than to apologize for your mistakes.

Dreaming that your ex-partner commits suicide

Dreaming that your ex-partner commits suicide reveals your concern for him. The safest thing is that you are still hiding something that you didn’t express or regret some previous behavior. You left an open wound that you must now close to complete that cycle of life.

dreaming that your lover commits suicide

If you dream that your boyfriend commits suicide, it is indicative that there is a problem in your love relationship or possibly between your partner and your loved ones, a conflict that can affect you directly. Your loved one may be feeling trapped or trapped. Suicide dream meaning

Dreaming that a loved one commits suicide

Dreaming that a loved one commits suicide symbolizes an excessive concern for that individual. It means that you have great love for her, but you are in anguish over her possible loss, and the anxiety creates an unhealthy dependency for you.

Dreaming that someone you know tries to commit suicide

If in your dream you see someone you know trying to commit suicide but can’t, it means that you have a lot of problems hanging in your mind and that you are wasting your energy on other people. Focus on your goals because you find yourself adrift. Take control of your life and you will see that you will reach your goals.

Dreaming of suicide kamikaze pilot

Dreaming that a kamikaze pilot commits suicide, usually represents someone unable to measure the consequences of their actions, which could lead to a series of problems, leading you to make mistakes. It reflects the concern, too, to achieve their own goals. Suicide dream meaning

Dreaming that you are a suicide pilot

If in your dream you saw yourself as a suicide pilot, it is a sign that you are punishing yourself with feelings of guilt. You may want to pose as a victim to cause discomfort and remorse to others you suspect are hurting you.

Dreaming of terrorists committing suicide

This dream of suicide terrorists represents someone afraid of experiencing tragic events around the world. It is a manifestation of their insecurities about the future and the uncertain. You show fear of the unknown because you are not comfortable with events you cannot control.

Dreaming that the president commits suicide

It is possible that things are not going well in your country and you want everything to get better. It’s not necessarily premonitory, but it reflects our feelings according to the situation around us, well because we hope that everything gets better and inside of us we hope that everything is reborn from the death of the negative that occurs today.

Dreaming that your favorite actor commits suicide

One of the fundamental factors in such a dream may be related to our empathy for it today. Possibly, such an actor has gone through certain renovating changes that we have been constantly aware of. In that sense, it can mean the renewal you are experiencing.

Dreaming that your favorite actress commits suicide

If you are a woman, you can see yourself in the image of such an artist, not because of her physical appearance, but because of her admiration for her. In this sense, observing the suicide of such a character brings us changes that we have experienced in ourselves.

Dreaming that your favorite singer commits suicide

Such a dream is, to a large extent, the interpretation of a possible maturation that we live. When our favorite singer commits suicide , he brings with him our awareness that such a character is a human being like you and more than idolatry he deserves respect before his profession. You’re experiencing syntax changes in the face of your beliefs about fame. Suicide dream meaning

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