What does it mean when you dream about your ex

Dreaming of an ex can be a nightmare for some people and a return to paradise for others. All this will depend on the circumstances in which this love relationship has ended. But it must be admitted that they are images that never cease to amaze, regardless of the time that has passed. For this reason, it is interesting to know its meaning and interpret each of its details. What does it mean when you dream about your ex

That person may have been away a long time ago or the breakup is very recent. There are also situations where you stay on very good terms, even where you form a strong friendship. There are also others where they become strangers and even enemies. For this reason, the feelings that are generated in dreams of this nature are usually quite agitated.

Dreams about your ex can be interpreted in different ways. One of them is the arrival of nostalgia for all the moments lived when being together. On the other hand, if the breakup is recent, it shows that there is a grieving process inside. Likewise, all the conflicts that were experienced at the time and that still generate damage to thoughts can be attributed to it.

Although, as in all dreams, there are details that are completely relevant to make a more accurate interpretation. The first thing is to determine if it is a man, a woman or they just did not like gender roles. Another relevant piece of information is if you see this person accompanying you, or if you see your ex’s ex-partner. In this way, different results are obtained that will depend on whether the situation arises promptly.

Dream about ex boyfriend

If it has been a long time and you currently have a partner, the meaning is different than if you are single. Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend, in those particular cases, is a sign that something is missing in the current relationship. The same if you had previously with that other person and evidence is remaining in this way. Therefore, it is time to accommodate what does not satisfy you in the current stage in which you live.

On the other hand, if you dream of your ex boyfriend being single, it means that you are not yet ready to start over. It is a clear sign that it is necessary to analyze and overcome the past to achieve progress. It can also amount to a deep fear of failure or getting hurt again.

Dream about your ex girlfriend

If in the dream your ex is a woman then the meaning usually varies. In this case, it is a question of having a memory that is characterized by being very bad. This has the consequence that during the relationship there are conflicts about it and the subconscious is remembering it. Therefore, it is essential to improve this situation so as not to have the same conflicts in future relationships.

Also dreams with an ex-girlfriend can show again the bad circumstances that they went through. In this way, it is known that you will not want to experience those negative moments again. They can even be a sign that the relationship ended badly and a way to solve the conflicts must be found.

Dreaming of an ex-partner

When talking about a couple, a relationship is considered with more stability than a courtship, or that had more relevance. For this reason, dreams with ex-partners are different from those of boyfriends or other types of love affairs. In fact, it may be about husbands, people who lived together, or relationships that lasted a long time.

Because they are so relevant in the lives of human beings, dreams with your ex-partner have greater importance. When you have a relationship today, it is a premonition of a future problem that can destroy it. For this meaning it is that attention must be paid to avoid such negative consequences.

In the case of being single, dreams with the former partner are a symbol of some situation that remains to be resolved. This earring is complicated to fix, but the solution must start from sincerity. In addition, it is necessary to recognize what is missed from the past and put it aside in order to focus on the future.

Dreaming that your ex is with another

Dreaming that your ex is with another person is one of the few contexts that indicates that you miss him. In fact, more than missing him, it is a sign that you want to make that commitment again. It can also mean that you feel a little sent by that possible new relationship of his or her. For this reason it is important to analyze these images and understand that what happened between the two should be left in the past.

Dreaming of your partner’s ex

You have to be very attentive to the dreams of your partner’s ex, because they are a sign that there are comparisons. It is that in your current relationship your qualities are being tested with those of your past relationship. You may simply imagine the different situations or also that the analysis is objective. Regardless, there is no reason to let them measure you with another person, that only generates negative consequences.

What does it mean when you dream of your ex kissing you?

This dream is one of the most recurrent and one that generates the greatest confusion, but its meaning is not of great relevance. Dreaming of your ex kissing you is a sign that you miss that relationship, simply because of everything you’ve experienced. This does not necessarily mean that you want to take it back, simply that you preserve the moments you spent together in a good way.

A cultural meaning of dreaming about your ex is the one that says that when this person happens, they are still thinking about you. It really is a message that can generate confusion or illusions to those who want it to be reality. In addition, they can generally be interpreted as wanting to return to the relationship, which does not have to be entirely true. For this reason, a more accurate interpretation must be sought according to the stage that is being lived.

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