Seeing weapons in dream/various sizes/shotgun/knife/water gun etc.

Meanings of Dreaming with Weapon

Guns are a representation of violent behavior, control, supremacy and defense. For this reason, dreaming about a weapon can indicate anger, violence, and imminent danger. Weapons in dreams are related to sexual assault. Killing someone with a gun in a dream can denote a desire to cut that friendship or relationship from your life. Seeing weapons in dream

Dreams of any kind of weaponry can also indicate your base instincts. If you see a gun, but because someone has shot you, it could indicate that a person will make you feel vulnerable. You may feel defensive or deal with aggression and power issues. However, if you shoot, the dream indicates that you can trust yourself.

If you have a pistol that doesn’t fire correctly, it indicates feelings of weakness and low confidence. Weapons indicate that we must become aware of our anger toward others. We may not know how to handle our emotions and end up hurting those we love the most. Guns then represent repressed violence.

What do dream about gun really mean?

As for the personality of those who dream of guns, we can say that they are lovers of technology, information and modern life. However, they spent all their energy and emotions on insignificant things.

The worst thing is that they are aware of this situation, but they do nothing to improve or change it. The subconscious of these dreamers is triggered as an alarm, to stop this behavior.

If these unpleasant aspects can be controlled, the weapon in a dream can become a positive sign. It means you will be able to define your life path and your most important goals.

You will also learn to value yourself a lot. However, this view can have other connotations as other elements appear. Like for example the color of the weapon, whether it was big or small, old or new. Below, we present the different variants. Seeing weapons in dream

Dreaming of weapons of various sizes

Dreaming about a small weapon means you are afraid of being robbed or robbed. It can also be interpreted as fearing that your friends will betray you and end up stealing something of great value to one.

Dreaming of a big gun means problems are just around the corner and you should start protecting yourself from them. This dream shows the fear of trouble and can have repercussions on paranoia and delusions of persecution.

Dreaming about a cannon means that controversies and problems will arise in our family and can lead to a situation as potentially destructive as a bullet from that gun.

Dreaming of nuclear weapons means that we are afraid to reveal a secret that we hold inside, for fear that problems will arise because of it.

dream of submachine gun

Dreaming that a machine gun or submachine gun is used is a sign that you must respond safely and quickly to possible situations that arise in life. However, this response should not be so aggressive that it turns against us when it comes to relating our environment, our family or other people.

If, during the dream, the submachine gun is closed or control of it is lost, it means that, despite all our efforts, things will not go as desired or as planned. Seeing weapons in dream

dream about shotgun

When in our dream we see a shotgun in front of us, it translates as a conspiracy against us forged somewhere. If we dream that we have a shotgun, it means that we may unintentionally want to hurt someone.

If in our dream someone points at us with a shotgun, but the weapon locks up or decomposes, it means that we will get rid of some danger.

When we dream of photographing a friend or family member with a shotgun we enjoy, it means that our recklessness can lead to us harming those around us.

If we shoot someone with a shotgun, but we only hurt them, and especially if there is blood, that means we have the possibility of hurting someone. If, instead, in the dream, we kill that person with our shotgun, it means that we not only have the possibility, but that we have already done it or will do it.

dreaming of aiming with a gun

When you dream that they point at you with a gun, and even more so if the person who points you is known to you it means that you will soon get in trouble with that person because of something they have said about you. If you dream of being hurt with a knife, it means that a friend you consider loyal will betray you very soon.

If you dream of pointing at someone with a gun, it means that you are getting involved in potentially dangerous situations and that you are also taking people who don’t want to participate with you.

Dreaming that you point a gun and hit the target means that moments of fortune and wealth will come; while if someone dreams that he fails, it augurs that the things we planned do not go our way.

Dreaming that your gun is locked means you will have a bad time at work, where your incompetence or lack of learning will make you look bad. Seeing weapons in dream

Dreaming that you hurt someone with a knife

It can be very confusing, but if you dreamed that you harmed someone with a knife, then something is going to happen. This is often a problem related to the judicial field. Watch out for the crazy things you might think and avoid taking advice from bad companies, because they will only bring you problems.

Cannonball dream

The size of the gun is important again, because if you dreamed of a cannonball, it means that you will have problems with family or among your friends. On the other hand, if a bullet or a cap appears in the dream, it is because your goals may be truncated by those close to you. Don’t let this happen and fight for your dreams, because if they don’t work and go wrong, you will become much stronger.

To dream that I was wounded by a knife

If instead you were the one who was wounded in the dream by a knife, it is because someone in your immediate environment is cheating on you. A clear betrayal of your person is being committed without your knowledge. Watch what you say, because you never know who that person might be, even if you don’t worry, it’s a matter of time before that person is alone. When the wound is caused by a firearm, the situation is much more serious. An accident can occur and someone in your circle loses their life.

Dreaming of small weapon that can barely protect you

If in the dream you have a small weapon that can barely protect you, it is precisely because of the lack of security. Although it has several meanings, two of them are the most common. On the one hand, lack of security, a sign that in your life you need something more to feel complete. Seeing weapons in dream

The other most widespread meaning is that of low self-esteem. You feel inferior to the rest and would always like to live for other people. Envy is a bad companion, don’t get obsessed with the rest and focus on being happy with what you have.

dream about water gun

Water gun dreams are a clue to your subconscious. You need to work on self-love and recognize your self-worth. You’re spending too much time hiding in someone else’s shadows. This vision is a sign of tears, weeping and sadness.

A water pistol means you are recognizing some physical attribute or primordial desire within you. It’s time to let go of old beliefs. This dream indicates the state of your emotions and feelings. You are going through some kind of transition and you need to move away from your old habits and your old way of thinking.

dreaming of a toy gun

War toys are an indication of the need for emotional and spiritual cleansing. You need to be more positive in your thoughts. You want to focus on a goal, but something is holding you back. This dream suggests sadness and longing. Both your mental and emotional strengths are building up internally and you need to drain them.

However, on the level of love, this dream is a harbinger of good news. You will make a bold statement to your partner. And although on the outside you give a cold image, you are very sensitive on the inside. This dream is evidence of romance, fantasy and idealistic love. If you are single, it means that a loved one left before their time and you never had a chance to say goodbye. Seeing weapons in dream

dreaming of gun and shooting

Dreaming about a gun and shooting indicates that you are confused and want to talk to someone about it. You need to analyze and change an aspect of yourself. You worry too much about the outside and neglect the inside. Carrying weapons and also shooting them is a symbol of protection against some dangers. You feel like you’re under attack, so act defensively.

dreaming of a gun and bullets

Bullets and pistols are intrinsic parts of each other. This archetype signifies your anger and your fears. You are not expressing your feelings enough. You are looking for the intimate closeness that is lacking in a relationship. This vision is a symbol of your tendency to jump from one thing to another without completing your initial responsibilities and tasks.

dream of gun and blood

When we shoot someone, the immediate consequence is blood. Therefore, this vision is an indication that you will have difficulty achieving a goal. You need to be more receptive and communicative in some work situations or personal relationships. You can be tricked into doing or believing something. This dream suggests that you need to have a better or broader perspective on life.

dreaming of a golden weapon

It’s not common to dream of a gold shotgun, but if you dream it indicates peace and serenity. You are seriously planning your path to success. You are finally in control of many aspects of your life. This dream manifestation is an indication of your aura and your spiritual energy. You are adapting well to the current situation.

dreaming of a black weapon

Those who dream of a black pistol reveal their passion for a target. These people must deal with a situation before it gets out of hand. They are passionate about everything they set out to do, and that’s the secret to their success. This view suggests its adaptability to the environment, especially to the work environment. You go after what you want with resilience and energy. Seeing weapons in dream

dreaming of a gun to the head

If in our dream someone points a gun to our head, it denotes their status in society and sense of belonging. You are clear about your feelings and express them in a healthy way. You are preparing to face your emotions. On the contrary, if you are the one who points to someone else, your dream denotes that you will receive rewards for fulfilling your goals. However, to achieve this, you need to organize yourself more.

Dreaming about guns and knives

Dreaming about guns and knives tells us about safety, basic needs and values. Someone you thought was your friend might be planning something against you. You are trying to hide your true feelings. Maybe you need a temporary escape from everyday life and stress.

dreaming of gun in hand

A gun in your hand in your dreams is a sign that you have a bad temper, negative outbursts, and pent-up anger. You are struggling not to allow negative emotions to control your actions. This dream is a harbinger of feelings of love that turn into resentment. You miss some aspect of your relationship.

dreaming of an old gun

Ancient weapon dream interpretation means people around you who are prone to violent outbursts and constant mood swings. Perhaps you are living too much in the past and this is influencing and affecting your present life. This dream indicates temporary concerns and disagreements. You need to drain the accumulated energy. Plan a trip. Seeing weapons in dream

dreaming of an unarmed weapon

Dreaming of an unarmed weapon has the symbolism of opening up to people for help. This dream is about the walls you created to protect yourself. You should be more open and seek help from your friends. You have a lot of stress built up from your job and you don’t know how to resolve it.

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