Mars in Gemini/complete description

Mars in Gemini: Check out the general characteristics of this influence in Gemini’s life

Are you Native, or Native, to Mars in Gemini ? Have you ever thought about what this means? It’s not just our Sun that governs our personality, all aspects of the Birth Chart are major influences.

In fact, some people have the misconception that Mars in the Astral Chart makes a difference only to men. In fact, women also have important traits defined by the Red Planet.

Are you curious to know what aspects of your life Mars in the Astral Chart will determine?

In this article, you’ll understand everything about Mars in Gemini, including the characteristics of Mars in Gemini, its downside, and much more!


Before talking about how the signs act on Mars, it is necessary to approach the meanings of the Red Planet.

In astrology, Mars is known as the “small malefic”: it is not the intensity of the harm caused by the planet, but because they are more “manageable” than those caused by the larger malefic, ie the planet Saturn.

Mars is the ruler of conflicts, arguments, confusions, aggressiveness and hatred, because we are talking about the God of War.

On the other hand, it also governs our workforce, action, impulses, the way we act, our assertiveness, and how and where we manifest energy and initiative.

And it doesn’t stop there: it governs many important aspects of our desire and sexuality.

In the Astral Chart of women, Mars reveals the type of man who awakens his eroticism. In the Men’s Map, the Red Planet reveals how to act during the conquest.

The sign of Gemini is part of the Air element, being ruled by Mercury. The natives of Mars in Gemini have a very stimulated mind and, therefore, communication is the greatest way to assert yourself.


People who have Mars in Gemini are active and versatile, who love to debate and participate in discussions aimed at the intellectual.

Any star positioned in Gemini is primarily interested in obtaining information and knowledge and then passing it on. They are also always willing to know what other people have to say.

It’s no exaggeration to say that individuals who have Mars in Gemini are experts at communicating. As such, it is often their arguments that end up prevailing during an argument.

For them, any discussion is valid, as long as it is accompanied by arguments that have good foundations. That’s because, for them, talking to people who are convinced of their ideas and points of view is a source of learning.

The natives of Mars in Gemini react quickly, besides being very versatile, full of energy and easily adapt to situations. In addition, they have excellent reasoning skills.

Much of this ability to adapt is due to their open mind and for being very engaged in the fight for rights, especially those related to knowledge.

Due to these characteristics of Mars in Gemini, its natives become great journalists, reporters or even critics in different areas, such as gastronomy, music, cinema, art, games, etc.

In addition, they can also be mechanics or engineers, something that is a “bonus” of the planet Mars.

A curiosity about Mars in Gemini is that, normally, they are too restless and unstable to stay in one job and/or for a long time.

Because of this, it is normal for Mars natives in Gemini to have two jobs at the same time.


The communicative side of the natives who have Mars in Gemini has a few extra “ingredients” when it’s under tension: sarcasm and rudeness are the main ones. Often, they would rather lose friendships than lose a debate.

As they are full of energy, a big problem is the habit of being dispersed easily, due to constantly changing direction. As a result, they may end up feeling dissatisfied with their lives.

This feature of the sign is encouraged by the impulsive aspect of Mars, so they can act on impulse and without thinking, even when situations require keeping their feet on the ground. Furthermore, they change their minds quickly.


The sexuality of Mars in Gemini is linked to new experiences and adventures. They don’t need to be fancy, but they just exist. As they are versatile, they guarantee light and fun moments for two.

They love to travel – and, at these times, have sex – and vary in position, speed, etc. In other words, the more novelty there is in the relationship, the better for them.

They are very attentive to the smallest details and, therefore, they are always looking for different ways to awaken excitement and pleasure in their partners. Even within four walls, they are specialists in communication, especially in whispers.

They are very stimulated by culture, such as movies, music and books. In addition, social events with friends and – of course – with a partner, also spark the sexuality of the natives of Mars in Gemini.

In some cases – again: some, not all – the instability of the sign of Gemini can cause the natives of Mars in Gemini to get involved with more than one person at once.

The infallible weapon for conquest is, without a doubt, their ideas and the way they express them, in a very well articulated way. In addition, they are always linked to news, that is, there is no shortage of subject matter.  

The best thing about men with Mars in Gemini is open-minded, meaning they not only allow, but also love, for their partner to say what she wants. Remembering that, for the natives of Mars with this positioning, the news is very welcome!

Women with Mars in Gemini are attracted to intelligent people who are open to dialogue and who know how to converse. Furthermore, jovial and good-natured men also attract them.

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