Crux ansata symbol/Complete description

Definition of Crux Ansata

Crux Ansata is a hieroglyph from Ancient Egypt. Crux ansata symbol


Egyptian cross is another name given to the ansata cross. Such a symbol is mystical and sacred.

This cross consists of a circle connected with a cross. The oval shape symbolizes the sun, the horizontal part represents what is to come and the vertical part indicates the path of the sun. With this, it is understood that the ansata cross refers to eternal life.

There is also the interpretation that the ansata cross makes an analogy to the structure of the human body, given the representation of the circle as a head and the rest, trunk and limbs.


The ansata cross, which is also called the Ankh , symbolizes eternity, intelligence and the link between the world of the living and the dead.


The ansata cross, also called the Nile Key, is believed to function as a key to the desires of the human body. Such sensations do not refer only to the physical sphere, but also to the emotional one.

The Egyptian Cross, in addition to leveling the individual with the self, purges all negativity with regard to sex in the body.

The Ankh Cross can be found on paintings, tattoos and clothing. In addition to exuberance, it is full of meaning.


Christianity had a significant growth in Egypt. In this way, Christians began to associate the ansata cross with life after death. Crux ansata symbol

Still in this perspective, the Egyptian Cross represents the promise of life made in the sacrifice of the cross for Jesus Christ.


In the Wiccan religion, the ansata cross is seen as a type of amulet. This fact happens because it is seen as a symbol of protection and immortality. Furthermore, it is used to repel bad feelings in ceremonies.

In witchcraft traditions, the ansata cross is used as a symbol of well-being and, in witchcraft rituals, as a sign of happiness.


When it comes to occultism and alchemy, the cross ansata is used to symbolize change.

It is worth adding that the Alternative Society symbol is an adaptation of the ansata cross, which is shaped like a key and two small steps underneath. The symbol consisted of representing the key that gives access to all doors. In this case, the Alternative Society key.

Alternativa Society is known as one of Paulo Coelho and Raul Seixas’ hit songs. It was released to the media amidst the military dictatorship in Brazil and ended up causing the singer‘s exile in the United States. With the end of the exile, the Alternative Society was dissolved.

According to Raul Seixas, the elaboration of grounded information about such a society would create more rules and would go precisely against the objectives.


As this design has simple shapes, it can be done in any size and in any part of the body, such as fingers, nape, shoulder, forearm, back and calf, for example.

Initially, the drawing was done in black and white. However, if you want, you can add color to your tattoo.

The first step is to carefully choose the professional who will perpetuate this symbol on your skin. When you meet him, see if he takes all the precautions, such as good asepsis, gloves and a mask.

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