Tattoos dream meaning/back/hand/leg/face/arm/neck/chest etc.

Meanings of Dreaming Tattoos

Dreaming of a tattoo can be quite uncommon, but there is no doubt that many dreamed of getting a tattoo or getting them tattooed. We will explain to you why these dreams happen. For many years, tattoos were part of history. Tattoos dream meaning

Tattoos are a representation of everything that a person’s personality entails. In many cases they need to be meaningful to the user. Although tattoos still create prejudices in society, they have been around for many years. But don’t worry, tattooing isn’t bad, and dreaming that tattooing shouldn’t be.

Each dream interpretation can be personal. So depending on the tattoos you carry in your dreams, you can find meaning. It’s common for you to have dreams linked to images that capture your skin. But nothing to be alarmed about, as we’ve said, tattoos represent us.

It is precisely because the tattoos we want can carry a message from our subconscious to the outside. That’s why we have to be vigilant in these types of dreams. Only by identifying the tattoo that appears in your dream, you will be able to interpret your dream.

Here we will show you the most common interpretations of tattoos to help you know the meaning of your dreams.

What do dream about tattoos really mean?

We’ve already talked a little about the history and meaning of tattoos. But what do dream about tattoos really mean? Men have long been tattooed with dyes made from plants as part of rituals or symbolism. If you’ve dreamed of tattooing, that doesn’t mean it’s mystical, but there could be many reasons.

You must keep in mind that a tattoo means a lot, but mostly debauchery. In these times, dreaming of tattooing can happen if you feel repressed and caged in society.

This can also happen if you feel pressured by your friends about the tattoo. On the other hand, if you are already tattooed and dream of getting tattooed, it is because you enjoyed the experience and are sure who you are.

If you dream of getting a tattoo, two things can happen. One is that you are tattooed and you are not comfortable with the result. The other would be that if you’re not tattooed, you’re considering what’s left over.

There are some aspects of your personality that you don’t like and feel that are holding you back. This can be represented in your dream. Some of the transformations we make in our bodies can be linked to what we feel and what we want to express. Tattoo dream meaning

That’s why we must be aware of these dreams, as they can represent things without end. Keep reading this article to better interpret your tattoo dream.

Dreaming of back tattoos

These dreams are a warning to disloyalty. Although not all of them are exactly, but it is possible that if you dreamed of it, you are living an experience of betrayal. If, in your dream, the tattoo was on the lower back, it means that we feel insecure about ourselves. We may be feeling that we are inferior to other people.

If in our dream we saw a tattoo in our central area, that means our family is being disloyal. This can apply to our family and our partner. It’s possible they’re making a bad move on us in the back, so stay calm and find out what happens.

Dreaming of a tattoo on the upper back indicates betrayal. It’s likely that someone is planning to throw a dagger in our backs. Therefore, it is important to be aware of our social circle and prevent this from happening.

Dreaming about hand tattoos

The tattoos on the hand speak of our confidence and security. We have to be very attentive to this dream and what appears on our tattooed hand. This will represent the meaning of the dream.

If we dream that we are getting our hands tattooed, it means that we feel good about ourselves and that we are full of confidence. On the other hand, if we dream that we shake hands with a person and he is tattooed with symbols that represent negative things, he is warning us to take care of that person.

Dreaming about leg tattoos

Leg tattoos are a warning, so if you’ve seen them in your dreams, be cautious. Leg tattoos represent the memories and marks left in us by the past. Tattoo dream meaning

In dreams they mean so much more. Leg tattoos are deep marks in the soul. Even if you tried to hide your entire past to start over, it’s possible that the past is haunting you.

When we dream of small leg tattoos, we have to accept that there are things from our past that we haven’t yet assimilated. Everything in your life will change if you can get over your past and move away from what’s been bothering you all this time.

Dreaming about face tattoos

Dreaming of a face tattoo can pose a self-esteem or identity issue. So our subconscious is trying to hide from other people. It is possible that you are going through situations in which you are putting yourself down, which is why you should be very careful with this dream.

On the other hand, dreaming about face tattoos can mean that we are in a split situation with two people. If your face is tattooed in the middle, it’s because you need to be in favor of people. This will create stress for you, so having a neutral opinion between these two people may be best for you.

Dreaming about arm tattoos

Arm tattoos are interpreted as the goals we have. Every tattoo we see in our dreams tells us to keep trying. We have to be more persistent with what we want to achieve.

Arm tattoos can also signal you to complete your pending tasks. In other words, you are giving up on the issues that must be important to achieve what you want.

Dreaming about neck tattoos

When we dream of a neck tattoo, we talk a lot about how other people see us. These tattoos are often very impressive to others and may respect, admire or look repulsive.

This tattoo will represent in your dream how you are and how you communicate with people. So be aware of what happens in the dream. If a person looks at you with contempt when they see your neck tattooed, that person doesn’t trust you. Tattoo dream meaning

Dreaming about chest tattoos

The chest tattoos in dreams have the peculiarity of relating to love. The size of the tattoo on your chest will represent love for someone close to you.

You must be aware, because the tattoo design will surely remind someone you love. This person could be your partner, your parents, or someone very close to you. When we talk about love, it can represent any kind of love.

Dreaming of flower tattoos

If you’ve dreamed of flower tattoos, it’s time to live your life calmer and in the best of ways. Flower and rose tattoos represent in dreams the changes your life will have.

It’s time for you to accept the release of your soul, to follow the right path to spiritually purify yourself. These tattoos are also representative of healing and forgiveness. The time has come to forget about everything that happened and start living fully.

dream of colored tattoo

If you dreamed of having a tattoo of various colors, then in the next few days there will be an event that will bring joy to your life, and that will definitely mark you.

Chances are you’ll get good news or someone will come into your life to change the rules you’ve grown up with. Either way, a positive change will take place in your life. Tattoo dream meaning

Dreaming of black tattoos

You are a person who follows strict rules, does not like surprises and therefore never leaves your comfort zone. This tattoo in your dreams could mean that stagnation is a threat in your life.

If you see the black tattoo getting bigger, beware of a situation in your life that is getting out of hand. You must evaluate new ways to attack the problem, since your usual way of proceeding is not working.

dream of white tattoo

A white tattoo is an unusual choice, few people opt for one as it rarely offers a good aesthetic finish. Seeing a white tattoo in your dreams is a sign that a project you started, and in which you invested a lot, will soon be abandoned because it doesn’t offer good results.

Dreaming of tattoo on the abdomen

You will live circumstances difficult to assimilate, the region of the abdomen represents our ability to assimilate the events that happen to us.

If the tattoo covers the entire area, then you will have to face a confession from a loved one that you won’t know how to tolerate, but who will put you between a rock and a hard place, because although you find the problem unacceptable, you are not able to remove it. that person in your life.

Dreaming of a person with tattoos

Seeing a tattooed person approach you is an announcement of problems, from then on, a powerful person with a big ego will put your abilities to the test, making you feel at a disadvantage.

If the tattoo decreases in size, you may surprise this person, which will make them rethink their concept of you and themselves. Tattoo dream meaning

Dreaming about neck tattoos

Dreaming about neck tattoos means that you will lose a close friend or family member as it is an act of alienation from that person. It’s not good to carry disputes or anger with those closest to you, because you can lose it at any time.

Seeing neck tattoos in the dream suggests it’s a sign of finding the right direction in your life. The neck tattoo dream can be interpreted as an involuntary expression to make a decision to make a change and find yourself.

Dreaming of neck tattoos is interpreted as dedication to a more peaceful life. This dream of neck tattoos expresses more bearable personal emotions, generating better personal relationships.

dream of getting a tattoo

Is there something you want to manifest but don’t know how? It is possible that lately you have felt that the image you transmit to the environment does not correspond to what you actually have.

If you had this dream, your subconscious is warning you that the concept you are projecting is not in accord with the one that really has power within you.

Dreaming of getting a tattoo for someone else

Unfortunately, you will find yourself involved in a conflicting situation, in which you will have to adopt a posture that will have consequences for the environment. You will mark the life of another person (or a group of people) with this action. Tattoo dream meaning

While this circumstance makes you feel guilty, you should keep in mind that you can’t always favor all parties with your actions, and sometimes you can’t put other people’s well-being before your own. While it may be difficult at first, over time things will return to their normal course.

dream that we tattooed a dragon

Dreaming that we’ve tattooed a dragon indicates that we strive to stand out from others, especially in the workplace. Dragons in Asian culture symbolize wisdom, inner energy and are related to our instincts and character.

Dreaming that our partner gets a tattoo

Dreaming that our partner gets a tattoo suggests that our partner is trying to communicate and we’re not paying attention. Perhaps we had argued, which created a strong tension between the two. This makes us think that we should smooth the edges and not break the special bond with our better half.

Dream that I regret having the tattoo

If you regret the tattoo you got before, it might suggest a personal transformation. You don’t feel or think the same as when you got the tattoo. Perhaps you have just finished an important chapter or relationship in your life and now regret having made certain decisions or lifestyles. Tattoo dream meaning

Dreaming that a tattoo goes out

Dreaming that a tattoo goes out represents all the bad times we’ve been through, past events and the decisions we’ve made, they determine our present and future. We must learn from our mistakes and the duty to face them. We can’t be stuck because of the mistakes we’ve made, we can’t look back and move on.

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