Yemaya dreams/in the sea/many Yemayas/moving away etc.

Dreaming about Yemaya

For some people, dreaming about Yemaya or ienmajá will be strange or they will not know what it is about. The truth is that dreams with this type of goddess is not very common, but it can happen. They are visions of great impact and that on a sentimental level leave a deep impression. For this reason, its details and interpretations will be much more complex than is usual with other images. Yemaya dreams

Yemaya is a deity who is also commonly known as Jenmajá. It represents fertility and everything that is involved in it, such as women and passion. In the same way, it symbolizes water, especially the seas, rivers and their mouths. Latin American countries, Nigeria and the United States usually have festivities in honor of this deity, during the year.

The most common way in which Yemaya is represented is through the color blue, as a representative of salt water. Their clothes are then of this particular tone, adorned with different shades and adding white as well. I also dreamed of wearing some sewn bells to your dress and a belt around your waist. It is also characterized by its beauty, which is quite unusual and surprising.

Recognizing Yemaya in dreams is very simple by knowing her peculiarities. When you see it, it is precisely a symbol that you are looking for its protection or blessing. This can happen when you are looking for a child and you want her to intercede for this. This makes the dream a very sentimental experience , due to the reflection of this deep desire. Likewise, we must not forget some details that can be detailed, causing other interpretations. Yemaya dreams

Dreaming of Yemaya in the sea

Dreaming of Yemaya in the sea does not have to be mandatory, even though she is the representative of it. In any case, if you see it in this way, you can be very happy because it is a great omen. These types of dreams are the premonition that excellent news is approaching around the dreamer. They involve the dreamer’s personal growth in the most important aspects of his life.

The arrival of a better job or the power to establish a loving relationship that lasts over time. Both are some of the most special meanings of dreaming about Yemaya in the sea . Seeing this deity close to its surroundings is a symbol then that the positive is really close. You have to learn to recognize such an important moment and enjoy the good that is to come.

Dream of many Yemayas

In the case of having dreams with more than one Yemaya, the meaning also varies markedly. In a particular way, these images indicate that there is a danger very close to the one who dreams. This is the reason why several deities seek to protect the dreamer at the same time. It is very important to recognize this situation and get away as soon as possible from what could harm you beyond measure. Yemaya dreams

Dreaming of Yemaya who is moving away

The dream of moving away Yemaya could be quite daunting for many people. They are dreams with which you have to be careful since they have a quite pronounced sentimental origin. They represent the inability or not wanting to conceive a child in a short time. This causes the dreamer to reject all the possibilities around this so important happening in the life of any human being.

When Yemaya is seen moving away in dreams, it is definitely an invitation to reflection for those who dream. Rejection may be imminent, but it is not an entirely positive attitude. In fact, when it is seen in this way, it is a sign that you have to put selfishness aside and open yourself to possibilities. The deity is simply showing that you have to put aside thoughts of rejection of what is new a baby can bring.

Dream about Yemaya and Oshun

Dreaming of Yemaya and Oshun at the same time represents the dreamer’s desperation to find a new love. The person yearns for the company and affection of another to establish himself with his partner. The detail is that this impatience can make you fall into individuals who do not suit you at all. The latter results in the fact that they can easily hurt you by testing wrongly. For this reason, it is essential to wait for the right time in a calm way, in this way someone worth loving will arrive.

Dreaming of Yemaya who speaks

Dreaming that the goddess Yemaya speaks to you is also quite positive in all aspects. These types of dreams want to inform that they are approaching next benefits of great importance. They can be at a monetary level, so that debts will cease to be a problem. Likewise, it often happens that solutions to sentimental conflicts that have been waiting for a long time will come. In any sense, it is about being able to eliminate difficulties and worries, so you have to be happy about it. Yemaya dreams

Dream that Yemaya touches you

Finally dreaming that Yemaya touches you is associated precisely with what this deity symbolizes. This means that it announces the arrival of a pregnancy in a short time. It is essential to prepare for this new stage, especially if the dream is a woman. Even if you are not prepared for it, you can be calm about it. The announcement brings with it good omens around that new life, so the happiness will be greater than the worry. Yemaya dreams

Dreaming of Yemaya or ienmayá may at first seem like a nightmare, due to not being able to recognize it at first. The truth is that most of them are symbols of good omens and positive elements that are close to the dreamer. Similarly, the protection of this type of deity is present when you have the opportunity to see it in your dreams. So it is a reason for full joy to be able to observe her sleeping for a few precious minutes.

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