What does the Celtic cross mean/Complete description

Definition of Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross represents the Celtic people. The use of this cross predates the cross known as a symbol of Christianity.


It consists of the meeting of a circle added by vertical and horizontal lines. This cross is surrounded by mysticism and spirituality.


Although this symbol has existed for thousands of years, one of the main interpretations has remained, which symbolizes the connection between the spirit world and everything that encompasses life.

It should be added that some scholars see the meaning of the Celtic cross as the joining of the four fundamental elements of life, such as earth and air, which refer to the balance of the elements of nature and eternity.


Currently, it is one of the symbols of Presbyterian churches, for example. Such a symbol is seen as the biography of Christ on Earth.

The purpose of using it is to affirm your belief and identity, in addition to revealing Luther’s heritage. Therefore, the Cross is seen as eternal life in the kingdom of heaven.

There are other symbols associated with Celtic culture, namely:

  • Triskle

This symbol was used to ask the gods for help.

  • Celtic knot

The Celtic knot represents eternal life, as the symbol has neither beginning nor end.


It is worth adding that the Celts are a warlike people from Ireland. They occupied some countries in Europe, such as France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, among others. This happened between the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC


The Celtic Cross can easily be found in Ireland and England, for example. Such an emblem, which is seen as an epoch of pre-Christianity, contributes to the research done by scholars on the abode of the Celts.

As far as Irish territory is concerned, the Celtic Cross was introduced by St. Patrick. In order to introduce Catholicism and make the Druids give due importance to the Cross, he associated the sun with the Catholic faith.

It is valid to mention that the Celts were polytheists. Therefore, they believed in gods who related to nature. It is worth mentioning that, for them, time was cyclical. In this way, both the seasons of the year and the important festivals took place continuously. Here is the explanation of the circle related to the crucifix.


It is important to add that there is the theory that the Cross is the representation of the male gender and the circle, the female. Such a theory is supported by a Hindu symbol due to the similarities with the Celtic Cross.

Still in this perspective, neopaganism also adopted the Celtic Cross as a symbol. They used to be used as an amulet or instrument to bring good luck.


Given the importance of the European territory in relation to Celtic culture, many people decide to perpetuate the experience of an exchange on their skin, for example. There are also individuals who are passionate about Irish culture.

For people wanting to get a Celtic Cross tattoo, it is suggested that you read ahead about the symbol and all that it involves. Once that’s done, just choose a part of the body to make the design, which can be forearm, back or calf.

Once the design and body part have been chosen, you need to select the professional carefully. In order for the design to be well done and for the healing process to be quick, it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations, such as using the ointment and not scratching the tattooed region

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