Venus in Virgo/complete description

Venus in Virgo: Check out the characteristics of the Virgo in love

Our way of being is connected with the Universe through forces and energies that flow from the stars and strategic points in the sky for our lives. Venus, planet that represents the Roman goddess of love and that is part of the planets present in the Astral Map, talks with us about the way we deal with our affective life. Venus in Virgo

Venus can be positioned in the 12 different signs of the Zodiac, and each of these combinations brings with it particular aspects. When positioned in Virgo, the planet is also related to the element Earth and the planet Mercury, both rulers of the sign, bringing a unique configuration to love in the lives of these natives.

Learn more about the placement of Venus in Virgo and be aware of your main flaws and qualities within relationships, avoiding going against your own way of being and having more control over the types of people you want by your side.


The transit of Venus is usually irregular. However, in general, all signs receive at least one visit from this planet per year, which lasts approximately 26 days. When Venus passes through Virgo, it affects both the natives of this combination and the other signs, bringing more rationality and seriousness to love relationships.

Whoever has Venus in Virgo in the Astral Chart remains with the main characteristics of this planet even when it is found in other signs, as the position of Venus at birth is what builds the initial foundations of our relationships with people, something that ends up in us. following it throughout life, even with some changes.


If you came into the world with Venus in Virgo in the Astral Chart, love is a calmer and more rational feeling than the overwhelming romances present in the imagination of many people. Therefore, you can be seen as a cold and distant person from this feeling, when in fact you only seek to organize your love life in your own time and way.

People with Venus in Virgo generally like to have sabbatical times, where they don’t have much contact with outsiders and can focus their energies on themselves. They may be seen as melancholy, but they deal well with loneliness.

On the other hand, this patience and acceptance of loneliness are linked to the constant self-criticism of these natives, who have more fragile self-esteem and are often afraid of disappointment, depriving themselves of experiencing their own desires out of fear.

The love in the life of those who have this combination acquires the status of something to be taken care of, so, despite not showing their feelings through exaggerated caresses and blatant declarations, they are very dedicated to those who love and like to invest in sustainable love, based on reciprocity, partnership and giving.

People with Venus in Virgo tend to be attracted to partners who enjoy routine and who can be trusted. They look for lasting relationships, where they can feel welcomed and welcoming, but without the need to be with the person all the time or to show excessive affection for the other.

Discretion and requirement are two key words to describe these natives, who love intensely, but in an original way, without the sweetness and drama common in romantic relationships. They like to carefully choose both partners and friends, forming strong bonds of friendship with everyone who arouses their true affection.

Once you know more about what Venus means in your Astral Chart, it is important to understand that there may be some phases in your life where the characteristics of this combination can change. The issue of insecurity, for example, with time and maturity, may be something that does not accompany these natives, who become very self-confident people.

Therefore, it is important to remember the main characteristics of your love profile, brought by Venus, and to know that, when you know yourself, it is much easier to become a better person, both for yourself and to do good to those you , as a Virgo of love, he carefully selected them to be part of his cycle of friends and romantic couple.


Venus is indirectly related to the Earth element when it is positioned in Virgo in the Astral Chart. This element brings a very materialistic and perfectionistic look to love, therefore, individuals with Venus in Virgo feel that they need to be very selective with who they will or will not trust, and physical and financial characteristics are present criteria at this time.

In addition to the material side, security and stability are also aspects brought about by the Earth‘s firmness, which needs these feelings for them to decide to be with someone. When making their choice, they are very attached to what was established in the beginning, so they may also show resistance if at any time the other asks for a change in the relationship.


Venus and Mercury have a relationship closely linked to the sensory in conjunction with intellectuality. Mercury is the ruler of both Virgo and Gemini, but while the planet brings many communication skills on this one, on this one those skills fade away, as natives of Venus in Virgo are quite shy people.

On the other hand, the quality that Mercury brings to this relationship is linked to the attraction to very intelligent and creative people, good looking and sophisticated, typical of those who have Venus in Virgo.

Mercury awakens in these natives a certain practical thinking, and love acquires a bridge position between success and a personal relationship, and therefore the search for partners who have ambitious dreams and way of seeing the world, that are rational and realistic, much more than than the traditional search for a love full of illusions.

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