Venus in Scorpio/complete description

Venus in Scorpio: Check out the characteristics of the Scorpio in love

The universe and humanity intertwine through forces and energies that flow from the stars and strategic points in the sky for our lives. Among the stars, there is the planet Venus, which represents the Roman goddess of love and is directly connected to the way we deal with this feeling during all the affective experiences we experience. Venus in Scorpio

It is important for us to know how this planet works in each sign, so that we can understand our attitudes and feelings within the love relationships we establish and, therefore, have more clarity and wisdom when making decisions, such as creating or breaking a bond with others people, avoiding toxic relationships and unnecessary hurt.

Understand better the meaning of Venus in Scorpio and related to the element Water and the planet Pluto, both rulers of this sign in the Astral Chart.


Venus meets Scorpio every approximately 286 days, and spends about 26 days in that sign. Venus in Scorpio can influence other signs, bringing characteristics such as the desire to have power over relationships and to take control of situations, which are very common in those who are native.

Those born with Venus in Scorpio are the true Scorpios of love, who are very dedicated to this relationship, offering a lot of their time with their achievements. They also like the feeling of being domineering and can have a more venomous side when underestimated.

Curious to learn more about the natives of this combination? Read what it means to be born with Venus in Scorpio below.


People with Venus in Scorpio view all relationships very seriously and stubbornly. When they set a goal, such as conquering a partner or having a professional relationship with someone, they always end up captivating the desired person, which makes their interpersonal relationships usually take them to higher social positions as well.

These natives are like a magnet to people, are often seen as seductive and attractive and have a very strong sexuality. They also need to feel admiration for the suitor, as they put a lot of energy into their relationships, and they need to feel that their efforts will really pay off and that the flirting will get out of place.

They are individuals attached to “foreplay”, in every sense, like to play games of seduction and will always establish lengthy and investigative conversations at the beginning of any relationship to find out if that person really arouses their interest. The erotic side also respects this moment a lot, as it helps to bring more emotion to sex for these natives.

Venus in Scorpio also brings excess and drama to relationships. These are people who work hard to establish solid relationships, but who, on the one hand, if they don’t feel reciprocated, become dramatic and usually break up completely with the other person – they’re the type that doesn’t tolerate the “friendzone”, for example.

On the other hand, these natives, when they feel betrayed, can turn that love into hate in an overwhelming and vindictive way, and the energy of love and romance, which was once good, gains even greater strength to return to the other person. in a negative way. They don’t forgive easily, and this ends up generating resentment and enmity.

Finally, what Venus in Scorpio needs to pay attention to is precisely these characteristics of wanting everything very hard, as they can waste time with toxic relationships, giving and receiving evil rather than actually living love. Balance and energy savings are two interesting pursuits for those with this combination.


When relating to Scorpio, Venus also interacts with the ruling element of that sign, which is Water. This is an element that brings a lot of depth and intimacy to affective relationships. She asks for more silence and a relationship of much more tact and fantasies.

People with this combination are usually creative and dreamers of love, have a unique form of communication and enjoy the feeling of being able to trust the other. Venus in Scorpio, through interaction with Water, turns out to be a powerful, introspective type of lover who is always willing to give herself to those she loves as sincerely as possible.

The relationship between these three stars (Scorpio, Water and Venus) also brings a lot to the question of belonging. These natives like to feel welcomed by their partners, friends and family, just as Water needs a container to not go away, and they tend to be very possessive with those they love, having a high level of attachment and jealousy.


Venus positioned in Scorpio is indirectly related to the ruler of this sign: Pluto. This relationship brings the combination a very intense and deep character, passion and love are very important in these people’s lives and acquire an almost spiritual status, going far beyond the material, intellectual and physical.

Venus in Scorpio gets a lot of sensitivity from Pluto, as well as being erotic and tender at the same time. A downside that can be brought by this combination is just loyalty, which is more ego-oriented than the other, if not observed, this characteristic can make relationships intense and beautiful, but short, ending dramatically.

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