Venus in Sagittarius/complete description

Venus in Sagittarius: Check out the characteristics of Sagittarius in love

Our sun sign is the one we know best in Astrology, which defines us as Aryans, Gemini, Taurus, among other groups, but it is not it alone who gives us a personality, and that is why, in some moments of our horoscope , we may feel that we do not match parts of the descriptions made about us. Venus in Sagittarius

The truth is that, to find our true self, we need to look at all the stars present in our Astral Map, as each one of them describes a part of our existence. Among them is the planet Venus, which is related to Aphrodite, Goddess of love, and which shows us how to deal with the love relationships in our lives.

If you have Venus in Sagittarius in your birth chart, read below the form of love linked to this sign, to the Fire element and to the planet Jupiter, both rulers of Sagittarius, and better understand your own position in some situations related to interpersonal relationships .


Venus takes just under a year to make a complete circuit around the Sun, spending about 26 days in each sign. When this planet walks through Sagittarius, it tends to influence other signs as well, bringing a greater need for freedom within relationships.

Sagittarius is not a receptive sign for traditional love, so its communication with Venus requires structural changes in the way you love. Maintains empathy and the ability to draw many people closer through communication skills, but is indecisive about surrendering in a relationship and requires space to be able to be who you are, without too many rules.

Those who were born with this combination are influenced by Sagittarius on Venus even when the planet is transiting other signs, as the positioning of our Astral Chart is the strongest throughout our life, even if the presence of other stars can bring some changes to the over time.


Venus natives in Sagittarius are creatures very curious about the world and who like to meet new people. They usually have many friends and always live close to those they love, without a need for attachment.

People with Venus in Sagittarius are very attached to their own way of seeing the world. Their ideologies and philosophical way of thinking end up being one of the main bases to establish a relationship, whether love or just friendship, as they are inclined to like individuals with similar thoughts to theirs.

This need to relate to people with similar ideologies may sound contradictory to the fact that Venus in Sagittarius is the kind of people who are always open to experiencing the new, but this relates much more to liberating experiences than, for example, experiencing a very attached relationship. Therefore, people with similar ideals to Venus in Sagittarius see freedom in relationship as fundamental.

The affective side of people with Venus in Sagittarius is also often quite witty. These natives like to feel the moment with each other for real, live in the present, even if it doesn’t mean “forever” with other people. People with this combination enjoy relating to people who have free thinking and outside the socially imposed standards about what love is and is not.

Venus in Sagittarius also brings to the personality a structure closely linked to the will to be happy, to live the moments. They can live quite fleeting and enthusiastic loves while they exist, without much drama at the time of farewell. Again, the sense of independence is very strong in anyone with this combination of stars.

It is important to know that, although a combination that was present at the time of our birth, such as Venus in Sagittarius, has a lot of strength in our personality, the passage of other signs through this planet can also make small changes in the way of see love throughout our lives.

Some examples happen with the transit of Venus in more romantic signs, such as Cancer and Pisces, it can be a time of love disappointments for those who have Venus in Sagittarius. Another moment tends to happen after some time of maturity, where these natives may want to experience more lasting relationships, even if this deprives them of some freedoms.

In these cases, just remember your natural tendency to repulse very jealous and dramatic affections, to avoid getting involved in relationships where you might hurt the other person in the future. You must also be careful with impulsiveness with serious decisions that involve others, so your will to be free and live your desires will be legitimate, but without bringing negative emotions to those close to you.


Sagittarius is one of the three Fire signs, along with Aries and Leo. All these signs have a very similar characteristic and they are directly linked to the element that connects them, which is the lack of novelties. Venus, in a Fire sign, makes these natives look for very lively people, who arouse admiration and interest in the conquest.

Venus in Sagittarius, through the connection with this element, needs stimulation for a relationship to be fruitful, and therefore there is a tendency to live shorter relationships, which end when the other is not so interesting and the relationship becomes monotonous.

But that doesn’t mean that Venus in Sagittarius can’t live lasting relationships, on the contrary, if they find a pair that matches their adventurous and extravagant tastes, the tendency is for them to become a long-lived couple, who do everything together, as long as there is always something new and exciting in the relationship.


Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, so some crucial features of Venus’ placement in this sign are directly linked to the relationship between these two planets. The joining of Jupiter and Venus brings a lot of excitement, joy and sum to relationships.

Jupiter, planet of blessings, embraces the love brought by Venus and asks for nourishing relationships, hence the desire for new things and the dislike of relationships driven by possessiveness and jealousy. This indirect relationship brings to those who have Venus in Sagittarius this will to free love.

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