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Venus in Pisces: Check out Piscean characteristics in love

The universe and human beings are interconnected through forces and energies that emanate from the stars and strategic points in the sky. Each planet present in the astrological study refers to a god or goddess created by Greco-Roman mythology, and relates to the history and personality of those gods. Venus in Pisces

Venus is one of those planets, it represents the goddess of love and it is directly connected to the way we deal with this feeling in our lives. It is important to know how this planet works in each sign, so that we can understand our attitudes and feelings within the loving relationships we establish.

Better understand the meaning of Venus in Pisces reading below how this planet influences the life of the Pisces and related to the element Water and the planet Neptune, both rulers of Pisces in the Astral Chart.


The planet Venus takes about a year to complete one lap around the Sun, taking approximately 26 days in each sign. As there are 12 signs in the zodiac, Venus only finds Pisces, which is the last sign in the Astral Chart, every 286 days.

When this planet is in Pisces, which is a sign of great sensitivity and intuition, it ends up directly or indirectly influencing all the signs of the zodiac, bringing a sweeter and more innocent look towards love.

Pisces is a very emotional sign, which has the influence and lightness of Water and the depth of rulership of the planet Neptune. It is a sign of strong, positive feelings, such as empathy and sympathy, and so it is very receptive to Venus.

On the other hand, being in contact with a chaotic world, Pisces can be quite depressive and melancholic, which can bring negative influences to the way of relating to the planet of love.


Who has Venus in Pisces in the Astral Map, was born in one of the 26 days of transit of the planet by this sign. The power of this planet in the field of relationships remains constant in these people even in the 286 days he is not passing through Pisces.

This is because there was a milestone of sensitivity that was reached at birth and that becomes part of the personality of these natives of Venus in Pisces. People with this position tend to get very involved in a relationship, looking for trustworthy partners, with whom they can live lasting relationships.

They tend to look more dreamy and believe in that fairy tale love. They are loyal, enthusiastic and truthful people. They are very romantic figures and attached both to sexual partners, friendships and, mainly, to the family.

Venus in Pisces is an extremely sentimental combination: it puts love and the senses above other areas of life, which is good in a sense as they are people who can make strong connections with each other, but it can be bad and frustrating, for they are also oversensitive to lack of reciprocity and disappointment in love.

People who have Venus in Pisces have a lot of dedication with those they love, like to be close and reveal the best sides of their personality. They are very empathetic individuals, who end up picking up through their eyes and other more sentimental signs of how the other is feeling. They are very welcoming and respect the differences that exist in each human being.

Of course, as everything that happens in the universe tends to reverberate in our behavior, at some times of the year this way of seeing love may not be so present in the lives of those who have Venus in Pisces.

Two examples are: in the transit of Venus in Aquarius, which is a sign that asks for more freedom, it may be that a desire to get away from people comes into being. Or it can also happen as time goes on: maturing tends to make individuals with this combination start to romanticize love less.

But it is always important to remember that when you are born with Venus in Pisces, there is always an open door to sensitivity and intuition, and it can be very positive in your life when you learn to use it the right way: wisely and balance, striving to see reality, even paying attention to feelings.


The sign of Pisces is the last of the triad of the Water element, which is an element closely linked to the intensity of emotions. When Venus is in Pisces, it is indirectly related to this element, bringing characteristics of this relationship that interfere in the life of those who have this combination present in the Astral Map.

Water is a cold, damp element, which at first may seem not to go with warm love. However, if we turn to mythology and remember the birth of Venus, if it weren’t for the empathy, proper to Water, in the reception of the divine semen of the god Heaven, who created it together with the sea, the goddess of love would not have born.

Likewise, love is born through looking at the other, characteristic of the Water element, which allows for emotion and affective coexistence between people. For this reason, the influence of Water in the sign of Pisces makes the connection between the sign and the planet Venus even stronger and surrendered to love.


Neptune is a planet of depth and mysteries, as it is linked to the god Sea – or Poseidon, in Greco-Roman mythology. Just like the analogy made above, which recalls the birth of Venus, the Sea was also very welcoming to this goddess. The amount of imagination and desire to love that comes out of this combination, calls for the search for a balance between reason and emotion for those who have Venus in Pisces.

This relationship brings many expectations for love, there is a need to love completely, without half-truths, and to have that love reciprocated. There is also a certain confusion and an indefinite status of what would be this feeling that the connection between these stars so longs for.

Subjects influenced by these three stars (Venus, Pisces and Neptune) can suffer a lot in love, precisely because of this tendency to exaggerate sentimentality and complex and muddled thinking.

They are usually people engaged in arts, poetry, philosophy or religions that lead the mind to high states of creativity and contemplation of the senses.

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