Sun in Taurus/complete description

Sun in Taurus: understand its influence on the Taurus personality

People who have the Sun in Taurus are usually patient, calm and stable, and are called taurine. Taurus is the second sign of astrology and is ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty. For this reason, the natives of this sign are usually very charismatic.

They are emotional people, but who listen to reason, have good self-esteem and are not attached to relationships that are not positive for them. They like to appreciate different arts and have enormous creativity.

Curious to know everything about the Sun in Taurus ? So, check out below the characteristics of this Sun and its influences on love, work, family and friendships to know how to better deal with its weaknesses and strengths during your day to day.


The symbol that represents people who have the Sun in Taurus are the horns of a Taurus, which is the design formed by the connection between the stars of the constellation Taurus, and indicates your strength and determination to go forward with what you believe. Taureans are often seen as the most stubborn sign in the zodiac.

The element linked to the sign of Taurus is the Earth, which gives these natives a practical, organized nature that knows how to separate emotion from reason and balance these two states well.

It is a sign whose natives seek certainty and like to feel secure. They relate well to the Water element signs, which are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, as these represent an instability that opposes the innate stability of Taurus, in addition to both being very intuitive and loyal.

Two relevant moments during the year for Taurus people are hell and astral paradise, which can influence their behavior in a negative and positive way, respectively.

During the astral hell, which usually occurs 30 days before the native’s birthday, during the passage of the Sun in Aries (between March 21 and April 20), Taureans should be careful when relating to impulsive people, trying to have patience to avoid conflicts.

Meanwhile, in the period of astral paradise, when the sun transits through Virgo, between August 23rd and September 22nd, Taurinos tend to feel more animated, alive and eager to plan their day-to-day, maintaining a routine healthy.


People who have the Sun in Taurus tend to be a little slow to take action, this is because they are indecisive and like to think well before any decision. But while this can be seen as a defect, it is also a quality that makes them very trustworthy and assertive people.

The essence of practicality of Taureans makes them very attached to material goods, they tend to be successful in this regard. They are also very connected to the basic pleasures of life, often flirting with gluttony or greed.

They like arts, music, gastronomy and enjoy being close to people who are also interested in these things. They like to be in harmony with themselves and other people and enjoy the here and now.

Because they like to feel secure, Taureans are people who love to be informed about the lives of those they feel are important, and are often seen as possessive and dramatic when they feel they are not getting attention.

Taureans are also usually very honest and simple, they like to be in places they feel comfortable. Persistent, they can naturally focus on even the most boring routine activities if they feel it will be worth it in some way.


People who have the Sun in Taurus tend to be sensual in an original way and without exaggeration. They are very loyal people, but they also insist on loyal partners with whom they feel secure. They are often overly jealous and possessive.

Taureans are usually very dedicated, they like to be with people with similar interests who are excited by the idea of ​​sharing the pleasures of life. They are the typical sign that wants to live high adventures with a romantic couple.

At the same time, Taureans maintain their high self-esteem in a relationship, recognizing their own characteristics and not accepting toxic relationships that deprive them of being themselves.

They are intense, thoughtful and affectionate partners, who seek reciprocity in relationships. They like lasting relationships and are very concerned about the future with their partner.


Taureans excel in positions of trust, as they are often very loyal to the causes they believe in. Taurinos are very good at jobs that need precision, from manual and artistic, to areas such as accountants and systems analysts.

The main characteristics of these natives at work are that they are creative, organized and methodical, they manage to get along well with their routine. Sometimes, they feel so good about stability that they close their eyes to new opportunities, something that must be worked on.

But when they throw themselves into a project, the tendency is for it to be very successful, mainly because they are ambitious and want financially comfortable status.


People with the Sun in Taurus tend to be very attached to their family, as this is where they tend to feel more secure and welcomed. They like to promote meetings and get-togethers so that everyone is united, they are those people who have a barbecue or dinner and invite even the most distant relative.

Taurus natives are also very protective, especially when they become fathers and mothers. They care about being considerate, affectionate, but they also like to have control over situations, being a little possessive and clingy. But with a good dialogue about space requirements, this can be resolved.


Having friends with the Sun in Taurus means having someone very, very, very loyal indeed. Taurus friends grab those who choose to be part of their circle of friends, because they are very judicious in the choice process. They can be considered jealous by most friends.

They are honest friends, who will always tell you the truth about what they think and what they believe. Stubborn, they tend to always defend their own ideas in a discussion, yet they are very trustworthy and partners.

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