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Sun in Sagittarius: Understand the Influence on Sagittarius Personality

People who have the Sun in Sagittarius , that is, who came into the world between November 22nd and December 21st, were born in the golden cradle of optimism and good vibes. Sun in Sagittarius

They are fun people, with high spirits, good-humored, extroverted and very easy to relate to others. They can be very sarcastic and a little clueless when they should be more serious, but they care for the happiness of everyone around them.

Curious to know everything about the Sun in Sagittarius ? So, check out below the characteristics of this Sun and its influences on love, work, family and friendships to know how to better deal with its weaknesses and strengths during your day to day.


Sagittarians are represented by the symbol of an arrow, or by a centaur holding an arrow, which indicates, in both cases, much stubbornness present in the natives of this sign, who are always looking for answers.

Linked to the Fire element, some basic principles of the natives of Sagittarius are freedom, communication and agitation, they like to party and live surrounded by people with whom they have an affinity (it’s not difficult to get along with a Sagittarius).

The constellation Sagittarius is one of the largest and easiest to find in the sky, and its location is near the center of the sky. It originates in the myth of a centaur sage named Chiron, who was honored by Zeus for his strength and perseverance.

All the symbology behind this magnificent constellation refers to the qualities of intelligence and expression present in these natives, who generally receive a lot of attention from the people around them.

Two very important moments in the year of Sagittarius are, firstly, the astral hell, which occurs when the Sun crosses the sign of Scorpio (between October 23rd and November 22nd) and makes the native feel impatient to deal with people possessive. Sun in Sagittarius

The second moment is the astral paradise, which happens when the Sun transits through Aries (between March 21st and April 20th) bringing you more focus and determination to reach your goals.

Sagittarians are ruled by the planet Jupiter, which influences their willingness to live intensely and enjoy being in places that spark their imagination and creativity. It also makes them have great faith in everything that moves them.


People who have the Sun in Sagittarius tend to pay a lot of attention to their own instincts, are very philosophical and seek to know things deeply. Sagittarians are also quite curious, they tend to ask everyone everything, they make many friends through this feature.

Sagittarius natives also tend to have an enormous sense of justice, like to be generous and are always available to do good for others. Even when they are not religious, they often have an innate faith that leads them to believe in a higher universal force that requires them to be kind and caring.

Sagittarius are restless people, they like to go to new places and meet new people, they love to make friends and be around people, they may have some difficulty dealing with loneliness.

They can be seen as genius and almost unattainable, generally forgiving with ease and not holding a grudge against any hurt or offense, they are not at all vindictive and feel better when they are at ease with life.


People who have the Sun in Sagittarius often like to have freedom in relationships. For this reason, they look for people who share the same sense of freedom. Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarians like to take walks, go to different places and try new things, in every aspect of the relationship. They are usually more superficially involved with peers because they are curious about many people, they are the type of sign that lives several intense and short experiences.

They may not get along so well with Water and Earth signs, which are more homey. When they find a couple they think is worthwhile, they can become determined to make the relationship work and accept that it’s not possible to be that free. They are trustworthy, passionate and loyal when they really want to be with someone.


People with the Sun in Sagittarius are often a little immature and anxious, as they become interested and distracted by many different things. They want to embrace all things at the same time, they can lose focus and tend to procrastinate in the workplace.

On the other hand, these natives have an incredible facility to solve problems, and when they are focused on a goal, they tend to pursue it with great fervor. They are usually able to achieve the goals they are truly committed to.

Sagittarius may have a somewhat laid-back air that tends to make bosses suspicious of their abilities and efficiency, or when they are bosses they can seem easy to fool and not demanding, but that’s not quite the case. When they are determined to achieve a result, they are very serious and take their responsibilities very well.


Sagittarians love family fun times, they’re generally pretty loose, and they’re often the joy of the environment. If you are used to having a Sagittarius at home, you certainly miss the happiness he exudes.

They enjoy making jokes and interacting with even the most distant family members. They often have loyal friends who are in the family, such as a cousin or a brother. At the same time, they are quite independent, tend to leave home and start their financial life very early.

They like to think about the future and, therefore, make the most of the fun and freedom of youth to plan a structured family and career. When they become parents, they are very dedicated and affectionate, seeking to be present in all areas of their children‘s lives. Sun in Sagittarius


People with Sun in Sagittarius are very charismatic and contagious, they end up attracting a very wide group of people, who are generally different from each other. They like to be surrounded by creative people who have experiences to share, they usually learn a lot from friendships.

They are the type of people who, when they are in the group, are not afraid to demonstrate who they are, they are usually the friend who seeks the shame to go through it, they love to draw attention and are happy to be funny and make others happy. laugh. Sun in Sagittarius

It is important to be aware that: in addition to the Sun, which is your strongest “I”, the other elements of your birth chart can influence your behavior, leaving you farther away from one characteristic or another that was described here, so don’t stop checking who the other signs are in your birth chart!

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