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Sun in Gemini: understand its influence on the Taurus personality

If you have the Sun positioned in Gemini in your birth chart, then you are a true Gemini! Born between May 21st and June 20th, Geminis are very dynamic people and attentive to the news around them.

They are usually very rational and seen as intellectual. Fun, enjoy interacting with people and friendships that enjoy sharing thoughts, information and trends in life. They like to be pleasant and adapt very well to change.

Looking forward to knowing all about the Sun in Gemini ? Check out below the characteristics of this Sun and its influences on love, work, family and friendships to know how to better deal with its strengths and weaknesses during your day to day.


The sign of Gemini is represented by twin lines: two vertical lines connected to two opposite horizontal curves. The Gemini symbol alludes to a very relevant feature in Gemini, which is duality.

Being linked to the Air element, Geminis are very versatile people, open to the new and always willing to know more and more about everything. Being seen as intellectuals, Geminis carry the duality in the fact that they often only know superficially, despite knowing different themes.

A very important moment of the year for Geminis is the astral hell, a period in the astrological calendar where things go wrong, especially in the financial sector.

This period is between April 21st and May 20th, when the Sun crosses the sign of Taurus. It’s a time to take a deep breath and think hard before making important decisions.

The astral paradise, in other words, that moment when you feel that everything works very well, period in which you feel more confident and charming, is when the Sun crosses the sign of Libra, between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October.


People who have the Sun in Gemini are usually agitated and excited in the most diverse situations, always looking for the positive side of life. Curious, they like to research everything and generally have knowledge in a wide range of subjects.

Geminis are also seen as unpredictable people, because, being adaptable, they naturally move from one extreme to the other and change their minds easily, becoming more interested in things when they are excited.

A common problem for Geminis is that: because they’re interested in many different things and only pay attention to what they’re excited about, they can be seen as fickle because they easily let go of things or people they used to love.

At the same time, Geminis are very rational, generally using their brains more than their hearts to make decisions about all areas of life, including those that require a little more heart.

But, contrary to what many people think, these natives are not insensitive, they also have a more introverted side, lost in the ramblings about life, but they end up taking longer to realize the feelings of the other and even their own.

Geminians tend to have a vivacity that draws many people close, good at chatting, make friends easily, and feel enriched by exchanging information between people.


Despite being very communicative, Gemini natives have some difficulty in surrendering in a more serious relationship, because they like to live with intensity and are very afraid of monotony.

Passionate, Geminis like to be friends with the people they relate to and to establish good communication. The natives of this sign love rich relationships, where there is reciprocity.

If you have a relationship with someone from Gemini, you probably have a very special place in his or her little world, however you will need to be patient and flexible, as at certain times you will feel an incredible connection and at other times he will demand that you allow you a lot of personal space.

As they have a fertile imagination, the most intimate moments with Gemini tend to be a real adventure, they ask for a certain delivery and willingness to live new emotions, transforming each moment into something unique and special.


Communication and enthusiasm for new projects are two very strong points for Gemini when it comes to work, being very creative. When they are in an environment where they can contribute new ideas, they can play very important roles with quality.

At the same time, older projects, which have lost their fun, and certain parts of the routine can be a problem for Geminis, who end up losing focus on longer jobs, which require more patience.

But, with its great ability to gather information and stay up to date, this can be a small problem where the organization is a fundamental key to solving it. By organizing ideas, Geminis can make it through on grandiose projects, often occupying the position of leaders.


Geminis are very calm people when it comes to family, they like peace and maintain a good relationship with everyone around them, but this is not always positive, because, to be pleasant, they end up keeping silent when they should talk.

Gemini natives are very companionable relatives, the kind who like to be by the side, in partnership in the most difficult times and, of course, to be present on the happiest days.

They are dedicated, but carry a balance in this dedication, pay attention to their loved ones, but demand independence and freedom to be what they are, care and do everything to help the people they love, but without having to carry other people’s problems on their backs. .


People who have the Sun in Gemini like to be surrounded by people they find interesting, but they often don’t consider them as true friends, even though they like them.

These natives are usually generous, conversational and enjoy creative friendships, which take them out of the commonplace. With those friends that you really consider, they won’t be afraid to express themselves truly and give their opinion about everything that is asked of them.

Geminians like people who enjoy good conversation and who are more at ease with life, although they have some patience with more dramatic and even grumpy people, these are not their favorite friendships.

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