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Sun in Cancer: Understand Its Influence on Cancerian Personality

Born between June 21st and July 22nd, Sun in Cancer people are often intuitive, intense, and extremely emotional. They are profound and often incomprehensible beings.

Ambiverts, the natives of this sign are divided between liking to be extroverts and being focused on arts such as theater and dance, which require resourcefulness with the public and, at the same time, like to maintain a personal level of introspection, where they keep their emotions to themselves .

Do you really want to know everything about the Sun in Cancer ? Then, check out the characteristics of this Sun and its influences on love, work, family and friendships to better understand these controversial beings.


The sign of Cancer is represented by the claws of a crab and symbolizes the defensive attitude incorporated by these natives, which remains in the shell, often appearing rude and arrogant, but who are very empathetic and sensitive.

The constellation of Cancer, whose star connections form the figure of the crab, is located in an isolated area of ​​the sky and is considered one of the most hidden constellations in astrology, a constellation linked to the soul and the strength of what is intangible and indescribable: feelings . Maybe that’s why Cancerians are real unknowns.

Connected to the Water element, Cancerians tend not to fear their emotions, being transparent about what they feel. They have emotional intelligence and are intuitive, but their “knowing how to deal” with feelings can transform them into true blackmailers, who use drama to guide the actions of others through guilt.

Two important moments in the year of Cancer are the astral hell, which is when the Sun enters Gemini (between May 21st and June 20th) and the astral paradise, when the Sun crosses the sign of Scorpio (October 23rd to June 22nd). November).

Your astral hell collaborates with the resistance to change inherent in Cancerians. Since your astral paradise makes you more sensual, self-confident and mysterious, the sign of your astral paradise also represents the people with whom you have great affinities.


People who have the Sun in Cancer are usually quite homey. They are generally shy in environments they know little about, but sociable in places that feel more freedom. You only know a real Cancer with a lot of coexistence.

Creative, Cancer natives like to express themselves artistically, reflecting their inner self in their creations. Dreamers, there is a serious risk of running away from reality at times when they should be more rational.

Crab claws, a symbol of Cancerians, clearly indicate their attitude when they feel threatened, like to be empathetic, emotionally involved with their surroundings, but are aggressive in drastic situations.

Cancerians are also often very jealous, like to feel secure, and have a hard time letting go of things, so they sometimes tend to look too far into the past and overlook important parts of the present.

Because they are not afraid to express themselves, Cancers can be seen as fickle and overly dramatic, change moods easily, and are not afraid to show that they are not happy about something.

At the same time, they have a tendency to keep more intimate issues, which should not be kept to themselves, instead of talking to someone who would help them, something that can make them depressed and distressed. Rationality is one of the main points that must be worked out by people who have the Sun in Cancer.


Loving a Cancerian who also loves you means creating bonds of great companionship, affection, romance and intensity. Within the relationship, Cancerians are usually the one who cares for the other, with a protective spirit.

Cancerians also enjoy a lot of attention, so at times they can be clingy and extremely jealous. It is necessary to call them to reality in this sense, dialoguing and making them realize that the parts of a couple need space to be well.

Sensual, in their most intimate relationships, Cancerians like touches and looks and feel a romantic, almost magical atmosphere, establishing connections that are more than physical, but psychic and emotional.


Cancerians like positions that work on their freedom of expression and creativity. They are good managers, attentive to the talents of everyone on the team and coordinate well who will carry out which activity.

Cancerians like new projects and are determined and persevering, but they need to work rationally, as they get discouraged easily and lose focus when their inner world is not right. It takes a while to learn to separate personal feelings from the work environment.

However, when they have worked with this emotional intelligence, manage to achieve distant goals and are organized and energetic within the work environment, they are usually the head behind many of the company’s ideas and work in management positions in an extremely professional manner.


Cancerians are very caring family members, they like to be with those they love. Because they are ruled by the Moon, the “mother’s spirit” they have can bring them the status of those who take the reins of relationships, having many responsibilities in relation to family decisions.

They often feel oppressed by the family, denied some freedom by excess responsibility and self-demanding. They tend to avoid conflicts at home, which gives them a feeling of anguish at times.

Homemade, they like to have a home and to take care of that place they call home. They usually coordinate family events and make sure everyone is present.


People who have the Sun in Cancer are very listening friends and friends, they like to be close to those they identify with and to keep every good moment in a golden box to remember later.

They usually have a somewhat restricted circle of friends, as not everyone can get along with the various stages that this native can have, but they are very protective and good advisers.

Empathetic, they welcome in the most diverse difficulties, but seek reciprocity, as they also like to feel welcomed. They are jealous friends, who can make a little drama when sharing their friendships, but they try to be understandable and, with dialogue, this is no longer a problem.

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