Stone dream meaning/precious/small/colored/river/broken etc.

Meanings of Dreaming with Stones

Whether large stones or simple stones, their relationship is always weight, hardness, firmness, constancy, as they usually last in shape, size or at least in nature. Dreaming of stones evidently discards vulnerability, on the contrary, stones and stones represent to the unconscious a strong and imposing personality that defends and maintains its position. Stone dream meaning

To give an interpretation of the dream with stones, as in all dreams, one must take into account the context of the image, the environment, the location, the size of the stone and even the position or circumstance in which the interaction between the individual and the stone.

What do dream about stones really mean?

Considering that the interpretation of a dream is quite complex, it depends on symbols and in turn it also depends on how each person perceives or makes sense of that symbol for that object or even for a place.

In most circumstances, dreams are messages the same person sends to try to “remember” a truth they are denying themselves. In the case of stones, it is common for people to associate them with obstacles, weight, hardness, a strong temper or achievements in difficult goals.

dreaming of big stones

Stones are a gift from nature, so dreaming about them cannot claim to be related in any way to creation or modernism. Stone dream meaning

The stones are unique, none is identical to the other, so a stone represents authenticity and superiority in itself. The unconscious of those who dream of stones, relates it to weight, load, foundations, origins, immobility, strength, something difficult to bend or overcome.

Large stones are power, they have been used as defense mechanisms and as obstacles to be overcome, they are also the basis of great forces, so that it is impossible for the unconscious not to relate a stone to domain and authority.

dreaming of precious stones

Precious stones are interpreted as an interior work, a work that aims to change from dark to light, from opaque to light, from the dislike to the pleasing, or perhaps the arrival of desires for surprises. Gemstones are a gift of life, they are interpreted as the achievement of a dream.

Agate is a violet colored stone and dreaming of it means the premonition of a short and curable disease. Pearl means marriage and wearing a pearl necklace is feeling the respect and trust of others. Diamonds signify the desire to dominate a situation, a circumstance, get married or achieve the stability of a loving relationship.

dreaming of small stones

Generally, people who dream of stones, are people with strong opinions and positions, or at least want to be people to make and defend their decisions, based on each of their opinions with no room for change. Stone dream meaning

However, dreaming of small stones reflects a somewhat self-conscious personality that is susceptible to criticism at the moment. Small stones or stones that are breaking into smaller ones suggest that complex events, illnesses, deaths, difficult situations will occur that will bring about changes in some aspect of life.

dream of colored stones

In this case, the basic concept of firmness and hardness with which the dream with stones is interpreted is maintained, but the color adds certain meanings. Each of them represents different emotional vibrations.

The yellow stone reaffirms the meaning of an obstacle that can be overcome with intelligence and agility, while the gray stone means that the immobility of feelings must bring tranquility, while the violet stone means spiritual and physical changes, on the other hand, the brown stone is interpreted as success.

dreaming of river stones

Dreaming of stones emerging from the water predicts happy situations based on solid feelings, family or couple relationships that improve and refresh themselves on solid foundations, just as a river refreshes immovable stone. Stone dream meaning

dreaming of white stones

The white stones are interpreted as self-confidence, in the certainty that they are moving or defending positions. Keeping the context that stone is hardness and white is energy and vitality, a white stone confirms the strength and energy with which a belief or decision is protected and preserved.

Perfection and dignity protected by firmness and immobility in their own criteria, in dogmas and feelings or postures considered pure, moral and even wise, with defined values ​​with no intention of hurting anyone, despite this, the white stones also reflect a personality prone to betrayal or blows .

Dreaming of finding rough stones

It is a dream that you reflect on, symbolizes your search for and recognition of your identity as an individual. It is indicative of the most hidden parts of your personality that few people around you have actually seen, it is a reflection of your strengths and weaknesses that not everyone around you has been able to know.

dream about broken stones

If these kinds of images appear in your dreams, you are exposing yourself, you are pretending to be a hard, cold, unyielding human being. But, you really tend to fall apart when some people play with their emotions or feelings. Stone dream meaning

In this dream, you can see that even water that falls in drops can break a large stone. It’s revealing to you that everyone has internal points that make them vulnerable.

Dreaming that stones are being thrown away

If in dreams we observe that you throw large stones, it means that you must resolve a delicate matter that has been oppressing you for a long time. If the energy they exert in the dream is excessive, it is referring to them that they will have to work hard to get out of the trance that afflicts them and does not allow them to achieve the harmony and tranquility they seek in their lives.

Dreaming of a stone split in two

It’s a direct and punctual dream. It means that something you thought was stable and totally solid, unfortunately is no longer in that condition, indicates that the strong structure of a rock has been distorted, the break present almost at the door, it is possible that its shape cannot be compacted again.

The consequence of this fracture is the separation of the parts, it can refer to both the work and the sentimental part. Stone dream meaning

dream of carving stones

It is one of the dreams that indicates your interior with greater success, this time it points to you, that you live moments when you need to get attention, you are feeling that the people who are valuable to you are leaving you aside.

In this dream, your subconscious tells you that somehow you want to stand out from the people around you and make a significant mark. This over time still remains in the memory of a particular individual.

dreaming of stoning someone

When in the dream you realize that you are stoning someone, it means that in your environment you have observed situations that you do not agree with. Perhaps you can be present in double standard circumstances that trouble you and want to separate from them, like concubines, love affairs, stealth adventures, lies. Occasions that point or point to you because they conflict with good manners.

Dreaming that a stone hurts us and we don’t see its origin

It’s an unusual dream, but possible. Sometimes you may notice that someone hits you with a rock, without determining who it was, it is a suggestion from your subconscious that you will have stumbling blocks, obstacles and various setbacks in your day to day, or at work.

Although, when in your dreams you know who is responsible for the blow and defend yourself from the attack, it means that the obstacles in your path will not distract you from your purpose and you will reach your goals. Stone dream meaning

dream that you turned to stone

It is a dream that indicates that it is possible to become insensitive to a circumstance that afflicts you. However, you must not disrespect those around you, or seek revenge for the harm they have caused you. You must be strong to overcome all situations, but without hurting others. With serenity, you can regain harmony and sensitivity over time.

dream that you lose a stone

If in your dream you notice that you have a symbolic stone in your hands and that you suddenly lose it, it is a clear sign that if you are not careful, you could be the victim of a theft that is significant to you. It is a warning to be more careful with belongings of great sentimental or economic value in your life.

Dreaming that you are walking or climbing between rocks

These types of images in your dreams reflect that you need some unusual effort to achieve a stated purpose. Perhaps the problems present themselves to you and you must work around them. If they are white stones, it makes reference that even if there is an effort, success is guaranteed. If you walk on gemstones, you are no doubt on your way to the prosperity you desire. Stone dream meaning

Dreaming of many precious stones

If when you dream images of gemstones and diamonds are presented, it is a clear reflection that you are living a time of prosperity and good luck is with you. It symbolizes that your projects are aimed at success and that you consolidate your financial strength for a while.

It’s up to you to take advantage of what your dream tells you and save part of the profits for less fortunate times. Stability or solvency is achieved with prevention, creating solid foundations like a large stone.

dream that you are carrying stones

If you dreamed that you are walking down a road carrying stones with you, it is a sign that you must resolve some circumstances that hold you back and prevent you from going forward.

If in the dream you only carry a large stone, it may be referring that you probably have a rather hostile attitude towards someone close to you, that you treat them with extreme harshness and coldness and this is not common for you, so you feel this as a ballast on your conscience. Therefore, you must consider whether changing your treatment will bring harmony to your soul and your way of thinking.

dreaming of an amethyst stone

This dream is an indication of a frank economic recovery, a cure for some persistent illness or disease. It is a sign that spiritually you are finding the calm and refuge your soul needs.

dreaming of an emerald stone

When you have this kind of dream, it clearly symbolizes the nearness of success and prosperity in the dreamer’s life. It indicates that the daily commute at work and at home is prosperous and stable. Full of harmony and stability. Stone dream meaning

Dreaming of diamond stones

This type of dream is frequent in people who have big ambitions in life. But, they also indicate that you should keep your feet firmly on the ground and work hard so that you don’t suffer further disappointment. Diamonds symbolize eternity, if and only if you have them in your hands and not attached to the stones, because if so, you must work very hard to extract them.

dreaming of sapphires

This stone represents solidarity and support, seeing them in a dream is referring to you who will receive help in some work you have to do or in some activity that you had no idea how to do and suddenly you will find on your way the support needed to move forward. It’s a dream reference that tells you that there are people around you that you can trust.

dream of falling stones

The stones that come from a volcano can be interpreted as a change in feelings, morals or beliefs that have gradually changed or disappeared over the years.

dream of stone path

The rock-laden roads in a dream are the description of a shift in feelings, a shift to detachment, a shift to colder feelings. Stone dream meaning

dreaming of rock rain

A stone that falls from the sky or like a meteorite is interpreted as a premonition that something is going to happen and that it will change someone’s life.

dreaming of throwing stones

Dreaming of Lazar pointing a stone at another person means that you will be criticizing or slandering him in the near future. It is interpreted as the desire to judge others.

dreaming of stones in the mouth

It means that there is an inner suffocation, a burden, a burden you want to get rid of, take a responsibility, express opinions or annoyances that are being suffered, it may even predict family disputes.

dreaming of spitting stones

Spitting stones in a dream means difficulties, work clashes or love rivalries, this dream portends conflicts and the need for a lot of strength to get out of them in the near future.

dreaming of blue stones

It means inner peace, serenity, empathy with the environment, family, friends and partner. This reflects that there is inner harmony, regardless of adversity.

Dreaming of quartz stones

Quartz in dreams means changes, novelties, creativity, new paths, positive energy in the face of new proposals. Stone dream meaning

dream of black stones

It means a great loss or a worry, the black stones are interpreted as the constant presence of an idea or belief that disturbs and that is interfering with the tranquility.

dreaming of gold stones

It is important to understand that dreaming of gemstones is not the same thing as dreaming of a treasure, gemstones are colorful gems of great value, which individually represent sensations, while a gold stone means the loss of an opportunity, an obstacle that features preventing a very convenient achievement.

dreaming of green stones

Dreaming of an emerald is interpreted as a desire to learn, to know, to decipher a complex solution, although this dream can also mean the fear of discovering something painful.

dreaming of red stones

The ruby ​​is a red gem and dreaming about it is related to love and passion, it is interpreted as the search for intense love, while if you dream of losing the ruby, you fear losing the perfect love that you consider to have. Hyacinth, on the other hand, is also a reddish gem of various shapes, which is interpreted in dreams as birth. Stone dream meaning

Dreaming of water and stones

When dreaming of stones in water, one must interpret the state of the water, because if it is crystal clear and clean, the meaning predicts happiness, while calm waters define correct decisions, on the contrary, stones in murky, dirty water are related to conflicts and concerns or failed projects.

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