Separation dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about separation really mean?

Dreaming of separation means that you have been feeling insecure. It doesn’t mean that your relationship will end, but it is a warning that you are not entirely safe. Don’t let the relationship fall into a rut, don’t settle down, fight for it! However, if you are single, it can be a sign that your loved one is getting closer! Separation dream meaning

If, in reality, living a separation is already a very difficult process, dreaming about separation can become a real nightmare for those who give thanks to God for waking up, especially when our relationship seems to be going well.

But, this type of dream can be an important message for us to interpret some intimate moment that we are going through. But what do dream about separation really mean?

Calm! The meaning of dreaming of separation does not mean that you are going to separate, but that you find yourself in a moment of insecurity. Cases of dreaming of separation after an argument, for example, are also not rare. Another message the universe may be giving you is that you shouldn’t be accommodated in your relationship.

But, if you’re not with anyone, a dream about separation can serve to alert you that your loved one is waiting for you. Don’t waste time, huh?


If you dreamed that you are separating from your boyfriend/girlfriend, this can have several meanings. The first is that it may be a warning from your subconscious that you are avoiding it. Perhaps, with this warning, you need to rethink if you are really satisfied with dating, open the game with your partner and, above all, with yourself.

Another meaning is that you may be experiencing a moment of insecurity, fearful that the person will leave you and that your secure structure may collapse. Many experts also say that this type of dream comes to serve as an alert that the person you are looking for and dreaming is on your side and needs to be valued.


Are you feeling your marriage is settled? The dream of marriage separation comes as a warning, especially if you have been married for a long time. It is an alert that you feel that you are being left out, or that you are letting your spouse out. Pay more attention to your marriage and try to understand what might be wrong with the relationship. Separation dream meaning

It can also mean that your relationship will soon undergo a change, not necessarily come to an end, but a new job opportunity that will change the routine (like expecting a child).


If you dreamed that you were betrayed, it could mean an insecurity that you are not taking very seriously, something that you have been suspicious or that your relationship is not having a lot of trust, making you believe that something can happen at any moment.

This dream can also be a message from the universe that there is something in the past of the relationship that so far has not been resolved or overcome. Like a lie uncovered or even problems that came early in the relationship.

If you have dreamed that you were cheating and it caused a breakup, you need to review your feelings, think about whether or not you are satisfied with the relationship and feel attracted to another person.


Dreaming of separation from friends means that you will distance yourself from a friend, family member or people close to you. This does not mean that the person will die, but that there will be a change in their life that will generate this distance, which can also be caused by a fight. The dream is a warning for you to prepare yourself and accept that life is made up of many transformations.


When you dream that a couple of friends are separating, you are receiving an alert from the universe so that you pay more attention to the way you are dedicating yourself to your love. Seeing another couple, in the case of friends, separating is almost like having an outside view of how your relationship is going, showing that many things that can cause you to drift apart can be avoided. Separation dream meaning


If going through a separation is already a difficult time, watching your parents get divorced is an even worse dream. Dreaming about your parents’ separation shows that you are terrified that it will actually happen and that you need to enjoy the presence of the two and other family members more.

It also shows that you are feeling that family intrigue is going to occur at any time and are concerned about how it might get to you.


Hey, look at the scolding now! You’re paying too much attention to other people’s lives, huh? This dream represents just that, that you are praising your neighbor’s grass too much and not paying enough attention to your grass. Take more care of your life, you will see how valuable this can be!


If you’re with someone in an uncompromising way, also called “staying”, and you end up dreaming of “breaking up”, it could mean that you are having more feelings for the person than you thought and your subconscious is warning you that you should be dedicate more to it.

However, if you are single and dreamed that you broke up with someone who was just staying, the dream could also mean that you will meet someone very special soon. Is the love of your life coming?


Dreaming of separation of assets does not mean that it will actually happen in real life. But, this is a warning that you need to give more attention, affection and love to your relationship! We know that routine can often disturb and distance the couple, but try to avoid unnecessary fights, having the maturity to solve daily problems, always policing yourself to live a balanced relationship. Separation dream meaning

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