Meaning of video game in dream/war/Horror/playing/buying etc.

Meanings Of Dreaming Game

Dreams sometimes cause us a lot of curiosity, as they are often associated with very elaborate mental processes. These can be triggered by external sensory or somatic stimuli and even aspects of daily life. It’s a case of dreaming about video games, where you go back to your childhood days, when you used to share it with your friends and family. Meaning of video game in dream

When you dream of video games, it means you really enjoy having fun and meeting friends. You are sociable, outgoing and that’s how you can express what you feel. This dream vision points to the true meaning of life, to focus on helping others without getting anything in return. As such, the life process that children carry out.

This type of dream represents that inner child in you. You are a very generous person and when you feel that you have found your true friends, you do everything to make this friendship last. This dream tells him that he hasn’t lost the desire to have fun and that he knows himself too well not to let himself down.

What do dream about game really mean?

There are different types of dreams, which can be classified according to their themes. Video game dreams mean that you must make important decisions in your life. It’s time to leave behind the moments that aren’t important and spend time doing things that are really relevant in your life.

This dream vision also speaks of new opportunities to come soon, and that maybe it’s time to take that big step you’ve always wanted to take, but don’t do it for fear of losing everything. In order to deepen the study of dreams, it is important to know all the mechanisms that intervene in them in order to be able to carry out a complete and very detailed analysis. For this reason, we analyze below other elements that intervene.

dream about video game

A video game in your dreams tells you that you tend to spend long hours sitting around doing nothing. Wasting time is your thing, and not bad. But you have a very creative mind that you are wasting. Start planning some daily activities to keep you from being lazy. Take responsibility and prioritize what really matters to you.

Those who dream of video games suffer from anxiety and a lot of anguish. The recommendation is to solve the family‘s problems, try to do things for the better. Don’t get carried away by your instincts, which can only make things worse. This dream vision reflects that you have a lot of lack of attention, that’s why you immerse yourself in banalities as a form of distraction so as not to externalize your problems. Meaning of video game in dream

Dreaming that you are in a video game

If you dreamed that you are in a video game, it means that you are mature enough to face your problems without the help of others. You feel like a hero and think nothing can stop you. Don’t play with other people’s feelings, which make you sick in your social environment and remember that all bad actions can one day be repaid.

Those who dream of being the protagonists of a video game often go through somewhat confusing situations in their lives. They are very insecure people and think that everyone who approaches them does so with bad intentions. Therefore, they create external barriers that only harm them. When you dream you’re in a video game, it means you feel very powerful, but it’s just an external façade.

Dreaming of video game console

The video game console means that you have to solve certain problems that are weighing you down. This electronic device denotes that you have been immersed in your own world for a long time and must make progress before falling into a depressive state. Go out and have fun with your friends, and remember all those childhood moments you spent together. Meaning of video game in dream

Dreaming of a war video game

When this dream vision is presented, you must be very careful. War video games symbolize that you are a very violent person. You like to judge other people without first checking what you’re doing wrong in life. You think things work out “like in war”, because your motto is win or lose.

Dreaming of the Horror video game

While it sounds like a dream of foreboding, the truth is that dreaming about a horror video game is an excellent omen. Your fears are disappearing and soon new doors are opening in businesses that will be very productive and your income will gradually increase. Ghosts, monsters and other scary characters are just a figment of your imagination.

Dreaming of playing video games

If you dreamed of playing video games, it denotes that you had a very happy childhood, and you still miss that time. Your mind looks for a way to make that dream come true. The meaning of this vision is related to the lack of attention you feel you have had and therefore you took refuge in this activity so as not to feel alone.

Dreaming of buying a video game

Buying a video game in your dream indicates that you have a great desire to improve yourself, so you must strive to achieve everything you set out to do. New stages in your life make you lose interest in activities of great importance. A new member arrives in your family and you feel very happy. Meaning of video game in dream

Dreaming of many video games

Those who dream of many video games are very attracted to outdoor activities. If you dreamed of this, it is because you feel the freedom to choose among the many options that are available, but you are a little undecided and it is very difficult to decide on just one. You find yourself involved in a big problem at work for not being able to complete a task that you were assigned.

Dreaming of watching a video game

When you watch video games in your dreams, it means you have a great desire to meet your childhood friends again. They want to relive those great moments they spent together and for which there are still those bonds that unite them. New opportunities appear in your life, you must let things flow slowly.

Other meanings of dreams with game

  • Dreaming up a card game : It represents possible mistakes in the future, and if you find yourself playing with other people, it may be an indication that it may not be ideal to get involved in the business of nearby companies. Meaning of video game in dream
  • Dreaming of board games like chess or checkers: indicates that we must calculate each step in the situations that lie ahead in our lives, even more when we face obstacles.
  • Dreaming of children‘s games: tells us that we are irresponsibly trying to escape from everyday problems and that we must face them.
  • Dreaming about games of chance: it can indicate that we incur responsibilities, that we leave other important aspects of our life in our hands and that can bring us losses. It can be emotional or economic losses, it will depend on each person’s current situation.
  • Dreaming of playing with toys: can indicate being in love, a special person appears with whom you can easily fall in love.
  • Dreaming of play money: can anticipate financial losses or economic destabilization. As well as self-centeredness or overconfidence.
  • Dreaming of losing money: indicates a sign of good luck, future wealth and a change of luck for the better.
  • Dreaming of toys without playing with them – there can be feelings of remorse.
  • Dreaming of party games: Indicative of well-being and family happiness.
  • Dreaming of playing in the classroom: called to act with more responsibility and seriousness, especially in the most important things in life.
  • Dreaming of seeing children playing: indicates family well-being, joy and harmony in the home. Also, it may indicate an upcoming wedding.
  • Dreaming of seeing a parent play: can be an indication of our irresponsibility in the current aspects of our lives. Meaning of video game in dream
  • Dreaming of cheating: indicates that we should moderate our actions towards the society in which we operate.

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