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Sign of Scorpio: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

Dynamic and good crisis managers, Scorpio people always find solutions for everything and don’t like to lose control of anything. Scorpio description

They are observant, investigative and curious. They have a great curiosity to know how everything works, especially for people and emotions.

They may appear to be easy going, sociable, and friendly people, but they tend to use all their gifts to manipulate and control. They have a strong will to achieve what they want.

Very suspicious, they are always looking for answers and don’t give up until they get them. They are mysterious and can even be considered underhanded. Its main characteristics, however, are intensity and passion.

Discover now some curiosities and characteristics of the sign of Scorpio.


Scorpio natives are those born between the  23rd of October and the 22nd of November. Scorpios find their opposite and complement in the sign of Taurus.

Scorpio has the element of Water and is ruled by the planet Pluto, hence the Scorpion explosions. Other attributes marked by Pluto are the courage and decision that transmits, therefore, these feelings are not only emotional, but also physical, which demonstrate vitality and aggressiveness in their attitudes. Pluto represents destruction, but it also symbolizes rebirth and transformation.

Scorpio Sign Date – Eighth sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio comes after Libra and before Sagittarius.

It is part of the Water triplicity, along with Pisces and Cancer. This is where the Scorpio emotional is so strong, possessing an explosive temper known for being vindictive in times of fury.


Represented by a Scorpio, its origin is linked to the relationship of the goddess Artemis with the giant hunter Orion. Scorpio description

Orion received from Poseidon the ability to walk on water. With this power, the hunter wanted to conquer much more than he already had.

Orion tried to possess Artemis, by force, but the goddess managed to escape and, to get revenge, sent a scorpion to kill him. Orion’s foot was stung and the giant died. To give thanks for what was done, Artemis transformed the scorpion into a constellation, known as the Constellation of Orion.

Your keyword: intensity, phrase: “I desire”.


Willing and domineering, the Scorpio is fearless and authoritarian, ambitious and very competitive.

Scorpios are reserved, but they are true friends. Because it is extreme, it tends to have sympathy or aversion. They do not forgive an offense and, if they are aware that someone has wronged them, they will hold a grudge and will hardly forget.

Scorpio is constantly evolving: changing and transmuting; build and rebuild; these words are used daily in personal, professional or love life.

The Scorpio is independent and intense, enters into love relationships. Always use your power to manipulate and modify the results with your psychological, magnetism and persuasion.

Also characteristic of Scorpios are the inability to hide their emotions. They are extremely jealous and their anger makes him promise revenge if he is betrayed. It has a strong sexual need.

They have enormous self-control and willpower to fulfill all desires and goals. However, they can be cruel to themselves if they fail.

It is part of the Scorpio’s personality not to believe in platonic love, his interest is in the physical.


There is a quote that says, “I don’t own everything I love, but I love everything I own (and I care closely).” Well then. In reality, Scorpios are strategists, they take care of everything judiciously, use their manipulative power to their advantage, and defend with nails, teeth and stingers everything they consider important in their lives. Scorpio description

Sign of Scorpio – Characteristics – mysterious, vindictive, characterized by violent, unpredictable and possessive. Carries a lot of passion and hate in your heart. Reserved, does not reveal his feelings to anyone, but suffers at all times! Suffers for unrequited love, for not being able to control what you want or everything that is around you. When it explodes, it is always in a negative and expansive way.

One of the characteristics of Scorpio is the power to dissemble. In reality, he does it to protect himself from love relationships, as he has suffered a lot before, or from dangerous moments in his life.

The Scorpio native tends to feel all these feelings in silence. Water signs usually hide everything until the very last moment.


With regard to work, the Scorpio native is willing and stubborn, he is very power hungry. His performance is usually excellent and leaves nothing for tomorrow, always aiming for the best positions. Your problem, however, is in leading teams. They don’t support half-finished jobs and end up doing jobs that don’t belong to them.

Scorpios are always valued in the job market, but what they earn is never enough, they always need more. These natives spend to maintain status, to please people, or to keep up with friends. The professions that stand out the most are: in Psychology, Journalism, Technology, Chemistry, always in search of data and information.


Extremely suspicious, Scorpios don’t trust anyone right away, and that makes people want to get close to or get to know them.

Possessed of morbid jealousy, he is capable of being self-destructive if he feels he is in danger or if he is experiencing a situation that bothers him.

Scorpio is often vindictive and unable to forgive. Scorpio description


The natives of Scorpio are faithful to the people they love, they are always willing to help when necessary, but they are slow to establish relationships because they are very suspicious. Scorpio does everything thinking about not getting hurt, as he has been emotionally hurt in the past and wants to make sure he doesn’t go through all the suffering again.

The Scorpio gives himself totally to the person, but this contributes to his jealousy, as he wants to control everything, even going after him if he suspects that he is being betrayed. If so, he’ll think of the worst way to get revenge. If everything is calm, it is emotional, loyal and affectionate.

It is reputed to be the most sexual sign. He is a fabulous lover and enjoys intimate moments with the person who is by his side. She can make love anywhere and loves pleasing her partner.


Scorpios leverage their sexual gifts to be a formidable seducer. He manages to attract attention whenever he passes by. The best thing to do is not to hurt him, as he will take a terrible revenge.

In a relationship of love or friendship, the signs that best suit Scorpio are:

– Cancer – it can work if the Scorpio is thoughtful and romantic. With regard to sex, there will be no problem whatsoever between the two;

– Pisces – form an intense couple when they find the balance point of the two in the relationship; this union will give a great passion.

– Capricorn – they complete each other in everything, they are a perfect combination, in the way they live their lives, in the goals set and in sex.

– Scorpio – to work, one of the Scorpios will have to put aside the idea of ​​dominance. When one understands the other, this union can yield strong bonds and an involvement through essence and soul. Scorpio description


According to astrology, the Age of Scorpio was from 4,001 BC. C to 2000 BC In this Age, astrology was made of polarity, that is, the opposite sign.
Taurus is the opposite sign to Scorpio, in which there is a huge description of Taurus’ influence, involving sociability, material and aesthetic beauty, complemented by Scorpio, which is characterized by transformation, alchemy, penetration, revelation of the occult and transmutation of matter.

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