Scorpio compatibility/complete interpretation

Combination of signs with Scorpio

And at this point we come to the most wronged sign of the Zodiac. There are many that match Scorpio, as well as a lot that hate this sign so deep, intense, full of mysteries and almost always get everything they want! Scorpio compatibility

Scorpio is the sign that reigns in the 8th house of the zodiac. This house is ruled by Pluto. Scorpio and Pluto are two octaves higher than their signs and planets. It is the opposite of Taurus, ruled by Venus. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, with an immensely greater potency than Venus.

If Taurus takes care of his money, Pluto takes care of big business money. It is not easy to talk about Scorpio and more difficult to talk about their relationships. The reason is simple. As we talked about in a previous post, Scorpio received from God the worst of all tasks: to know each human being in depth and never use this weapon against someone to defeat him.


Everyone knows how difficult it is to trust and believe in a Scorpio, but what will it be like to carry everyone’s knowledge and never be able to use that power? Therefore, we think that the sign of Scorpio is very wronged. And this has no reason to be, because, of all the signs, he is the one with the greatest persuasive power, who takes care of his own life and lets others live theirs.

In fact, this fear and the slanders that make him are, in fact, the fear of having his lies and pettiness very well guarded unraveled by him.

Scorpio becomes the scapegoat for all the misfortunes in the world. He accepts that fate and embraces it with nobility of character so that the suffering of the world may end.

It’s time to talk about Scorpio’s combinations with the other signs. We are going to talk about things that almost no one understands, but the lesson will remain.


These two signs have already divided ruling planets (Mars), the God of War. But for Scorpio, this is very little, as he is “the war itself”. Scorpio compatibility

Everything goes perfectly well for these two alphas, male and female, male and male, female and female. There are no barriers, because both have the courage and self-confidence to face any danger, as the other will be in the rear protecting you.

Their social lives can be complicated, as they are not in the habit of hiding and keeping anything between them. Of course, they will never talk about embarrassing things about the other guests, as they know how to keep secrets. The others, however, are very scared if these two decide to open their mouths.

As both are dominant, they are unlikely to want to elevate the relationship to a marriage. Both will always want to send!

In love, it is complicated due to the jealous scenes of the Aryan lord. He will never subject himself to being dominated by someone he knows is superior to him in conviction and vehemence.

But you can bet on their sex lives. Scorpio is a master at the art of seduction and conquest. The Arian will go into this head on.

They will always be loyal to each other. But marriage must be very well talked about, crushed until one gives in to the other’s demands. In this fight, points for Scorpio, who know society, the environment in which he lives and will see very far what this relationship can give him.


Want to know what this combination of signs can echo? Come on. They are complementary opposites.

Perfect chemistry. The two understand each other more than many complementary opposites. They are at level 10 as few combinations that people can have or see.

While Taurus takes care of the couple’s personal finances, Scorpio takes care of joint-stock companies, which can make a profit and is simply enviable cunning in everything they can do.

Sexually, Scorpio is patient with the Taurus partner, this Scorpio handles sexuality perfectly. Taurus trusts and surrenders! It is an intense relationship full of desires that need to be satisfied as soon as possible. Scorpio compatibility


This one is for a laugh! They’re both very creative, but it’s going to be hard for a Scorpio to put up with a person who talks more than a broken record.

There is a chemistry, yes! This chemistry needs to be carefully created by the Gemini person. Gemini wants things to happen quickly, but Scorpio likes sex where he can study his partner’s every reaction and attitude. This is not easy to find.

So here there is a lot of loyalty and friendship, as well as uncommitted sex. Don’t expect much more than that!


This is a very successful combination. In addition to the Scorpio passion, here we have a Cancerian devoted and full of love for this possessive lover. It doesn’t look like it, but Scorpios need the warmth of a home and a love to call their own.

The empathy between the two is so great that they are able to take off their hulls to show themselves and give themselves to each other. In addition to love, they are solid in friendship, loyalty and sexuality. This bed boils a lot at any time of day.


Complicity is the best thing these two can experience, despite a passionate vibe between the two. The difficult thing is to give in a little on each side, because what Leo has too much is an inflated ego, while Scorpios are discreet and reserved.

There is an energy that makes a great friendship and the color of each one’s lives roll loose. If they both want to take their relationship seriously, the fiery Leo will need to let go of some things and the Scorpio observer will too. But it’s a relationship that can work.

In bed, despite the strong Scorpio seduction, there is also a romanticism that must be respected. Leos will learn to hold on to see how far the Scorpio can take them, both in sensation and involvement.


Attraction to mystery makes Virgo and Scorpio approach each other. The mysterious aura that the Scorpio leaves wherever he goes is very intense and everyone feels this power. However, the taste for mystery that the Virgo possesses will make the sensual and mysterious Scorpio approach.

We are getting close to a very intense relationship, but it needs a lot of care to make it work. The mystery that the Scorpio emanates will leave Virgo suspicious and with the flea in the ear. Scorpios feel in a safe relationship, whereas Virgos, however, begin to want to investigate and control the other. Scorpio compatibility

The Scorpio will never give up the power he wields and the Virgo will go to inconvenient questions. This will make the Scorpio very angry.

Scorpio sensuality awakens in Virgos a sensuality and desire that he never imagined he possessed. It’s a really passionate relationship.

If both are able to maintain a dialogue instead of arguments, the relationship can last for a long time. But if things get awkward, the two of them will be extremely shaken, that’s when the relationship could end.


Endless conflicts between the two. Libra making and playing his charm and Scorpio vaccinated against them all.

Perhaps it’s the most unlikely relationship in the zodiac. Libra knows how to make a type for everyone but Scorpio. This one has faced too many theaters and knows where the truth of this elegant Libran lies.

Libra says Scorpio knows how to play and knows his tricks, so he’ll be very careful if you need to get close to him. Scorpio, on the other hand, hates the frivolous way in which Libras sometimes behave. Sexually it will also be full of difficulties, as the Scorpio will always be on the back foot.


Everything is so similar and so complicated. Everything here works like 8 or 80. Nobody plays anything. They are able to stare at each other for hours out of sheer provocation, no one gives in to anything. Both have the formula for the absolute. Arm wrestling? Easier the two will break arms.

This bell of enormous power holds grievances and resentments. They are not easy to forgive, they prefer to take the relationship into a cold war. The relationship ends without love, without friendship, without sparks of passion. But one thing will always be there: loyalty here exists on both sides, including enmity.


Sagittarius is a sign that has a lot of energy, enough to control the Scorpio possessive feeling. This relationship has everything to result in many adventures, as the Scorpio is willing to do everything to feed the desires for fun and the new of Sagittarius. Scorpio compatibility

It’s a very strong combination, focusing on the limits of each one. It’s a relationship that normally flows efficiently.

They are two very attractive signs, proving that the relationship between them is powerful and energetic, with an immediate physical attraction between the two.


It is necessary to pay attention to sentimental demands on both sides of the relationship. Scorpio and Capricorn are controlling and materialistic signs. They like to see things work their way and insist on solving them their way.

When challenged, they tend to become aggressive and confront their partner, which can be very stressful in a relationship. Therefore, it is through patience and dialogue that the relationships between these signs are made effective.

When it comes to sex, while Capricorns are restrained out of bed, they become real animals under the sheets. As a scorpion it is very good at taking advantage of this characteristic, the result of this combination of signs is sexually hot and torrid.


Jealousy and more jealousy of the Scorpio part of the relationship. An Aquarius will need to break a lot of rocks to get along with his beloved partner. Aquarius loves to party and blend in with the crowd to see their favorite band. Scorpio, on the other hand, will make a face like “Am I sharing my life with this frivolity?”

You can already see that it will not be an easy relationship. Aquarians need space, but a lot of space to live. Scorpio, on the other hand, likes intimacy and coziness. Scorpio compatibility

Never will a Scorpio let their partner stray too far or spend days with their classes outdoors. And Aquarius won’t have time for any of this anyway, as Scorpio shows who’s boss in the relationship.

The Aquarius will then show that he has a life of his own and can breathe without his partner and will be able to leave. Aquarians do not accept pre-established rules, unless they are your rules.

Before he breaks the vengeful Scorpio’s heart, something will happen so that they both don’t look bad. An alliance for loyalty. Scorpio compatibility


Many people find the sign of Scorpio ruthless, tyrannical, and vindictive. But how far does it go in a relationship?

The romantic and sometimes melancholy Pisces doesn’t stand a chance with his tears because Scorpio already knows they’re blackmail tears. He will shrug or play a game of cat and mouse to corner his prey.

There will be a lot of fights between these two, sometimes the Pisces will wear his pink lenses and say that everything is fine, but he knows that Scorpio will brood with anger.

But oddly enough, things seem to work fine most of the time. All it takes is for the Scorpio to stop investigating the Piscean’s soul a little, and the Piscean to stop with the drama, and everything will really be a marvel.

Sexually, both are wonderful, we must not forget that these two signs are the most imaginative of the zodiac, therefore, sex will be intense and full of discoveries about each other. Scorpio compatibility

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