Scorpio birth chart/main characteristics

Scorpio in the birth chart – See its main characteristics

Scorpio is nothing if not fierce. The 8th sign of the zodiac loves a good fight and can add “intensity” to the race for money. Well, to put it simply, Scorpios are strong, domineering, intense, passionate and zealous. Scorpio birth chart

Driven, dedicated and loyal, they are also ambitious and security-loving. Inquisitive and ready to learn, Scorpio individuals are intelligent, motivated people who can contribute extensively to any project. 

The strength of Scorpios is found in these qualities, and their worst weaknesses are also deeply rooted in them. Yes, these charming individuals don’t like to give up, and their passionate efforts are worth anything. However, this same “never say no” attitude becomes painful as the Scorpio takes and treats every negative as an insult. And when a burning passion turns to fanaticism, the one born in Scorpio becomes unstoppable.

Scorpio is the most passionate lover among all the zodiac signs. They radiate sexuality and take closeness very seriously. Scorpio is looking for an intelligent and honest partner. Making love to these natives starts long before they get to the act, from the little conversation they start over dinner at a restaurant, to the journey home. However, once they are in love, they are extremely committed and loyal to the end.

Check out what having Scorpio in your birth chart can represent in your life:


Moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into feelings as deeply as possible and this brings great vulnerability. These people never forget anything that was done for them. So it’s hard to force them to do anything.


People with Mercury in Scorpio don’t want reconciliation and will use their imagination to think of revenge. Water brings emotion and inability to reconcile people with Mercury, where water signs tend to like art, mysticism and psychology. 

These people speak with emotion. Some individuals may see the bright and intelligent minds of others as a threat and become aggressive about it. When they were younger, their rivals might have been the ones who should have known more, for example, teachers or other authorities, or even older siblings.


People with Venus in Scorpio need to control their strong sense for what turns people on, and what gets on their nerves, because it’s hard for others to resist. With such an offer of sex tricks, they may think they can do with anyone they want. 

On the other hand, however, they are likely to be caught in their own trap. Your feelings of love are accompanied by a streak of desire, which means there is something desperate and crucial in your life. They radiate strong sexual energy and have a deep sense of the emotional state and sexuality of others. 


People with Mars in Scorpio are happy to hide their power to show it to the world at the right time. They have a strong sense of survival and sexuality, and are well aware of how these two instincts intertwine. 

This sense makes them very attractive, and the effect is that other people never act indifferently towards them. Where they always sense them, whether they are trying to react or not, as if they are automatically and powerfully triggering the most basic hopes and fears in people.


People with Jupiter in Scorpio will be limited by things they find irresistible. Whether they are aware of it or not, their philosophy of life is “there is no profit without hardship”, meaning profit in material or mental life.

The desire that arises from this philosophy is truly powerful, because it causes longing for depth, darkness, and mystery, but ultimately it helps them to find themselves. People with Jupiter in Scorpio hate manifestations of superficial happiness, whether it’s other people’s behavior or their own.


People with Saturn in Scorpio cannot be described as insignificant. If they try to object or decide to keep their distance, it will have a retroactive effect and they will gain the reputation of being smart. 

It is an ambitious position for Saturn, as this planet, like Scorpio, likes to control others. This position hides the instinct to kill and can manifest itself in a relentless and intriguing way.


Uranus in Scorpio heightens emotions, providing new insights into the process of death and transformation. These people often have a revolutionary approach to sex, are interested in psychology, and are able to bring new practices and methods to it. Perhaps the greatest advantage of this aspect is that it gives people great encouragement and improved resistance to physical suffering.


Neptune in Scorpio gives people hidden abilities and a desire to discover secret spiritual doctrines. These people have great creative potential, but they are hidden and are not aware of it. Therefore, it can be difficult to activate this potential.


People with Pluto in Scorpio have a passionate desire for mystery. They like to use intrigue and have a great disposition for personal transformation that can happen especially through their desires. They are prolific, universal and capable. They also radiate occult powers. Sexuality is changing, but at the same time they may feel restricted by it.

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