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Scorpio Phrases: See the phrases that best suit Scorpios

People born between October 21st and November 20th belong to the sign of Scorpio. They belong to the Water element and are governed by the planet Pluto. They are marked by some unique characteristics, such as their intuition, perception and their sensuality. Quotes for Scorpio

It is a sign that loves fervently, its feelings are agitated and sometimes misunderstood by themselves. They don’t like superficiality, have energy and are fearless, in addition to being discreet and mysterious.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac in the sequence of signs, their personality is more shy, they are not so much to express themselves, but internally they carry a lot of emotion. It is considered a sign that encompasses both water and earth, as the scorpion animal is in direct contact with the earth. That’s why Scorpios feel a lot of emotions, but they are rational and always know what to say and when to say something.

They are people considered in the eyes of others as strong, as they are fearless and energetic. However, their speech can be a little harsh, which is why it is important to know how to maintain a good dialogue, as this characteristic can cause them to be considered aggressive unnecessarily. Quotes for Scorpio 

Scorpio is a sign that defends what they believe with all their strength, they give themselves body and soul to what they consider right. Their intensity is also felt in terms of relationships, as they tend to get attached easily, and the same intensity with which they love can be the possessiveness that is seen in their jealousy, something typical of Scorpios.

There are a few phrases that can better define each zodiac sign and here the Scorpio phrases will vary according to the personality of each decan, and the rulership of the planet. Remembering that you can know your decan by doing your birth chart.

 Now check out the best Scorpio sign phrases below.

  •  “Appearances don’t deceive me.”

Scorpios of the first deanery, which are between the 21st and 30th of October, are ruled by the planet itself: Pluto. They are the ones that have the biggest influences of the sign and that comes from the planet that rules them. It is a planet that represents change, renewal from within, brings before us everything that is hidden in our being.  

For Scorpios, it says a lot, as it is how he handles situations, they don’t admit to being deceived or lying, they are sensitive and always know when something is wrong and what needs to be changed. They are very deep, which is what most resembles the common characteristics of the sign.

The first decan of Scorpio reveals someone who is more suspicious, more jealous, it’s like they feel twice as much, so their downside is being obsessed with something or sometimes being overly pissed off in some ways. It is requested here that Scorpios not take their paranoia too seriously. The best way to deal with this is to open up and say what you feel so that you don’t get frustrated with thoughts that don’t agree with the truth. Quotes for Scorpio

Intuition and sensitivity greatly affect his way of thinking, but he can also be led to think things that are not good for him, and this needs to be balanced so as not to generate future burdens that he would not want to carry.

In general, Scorpios from the first deanery are the most attached, but those who show the least, have great power to change and can make a difference in the lives of many people around them. Avoid negative thoughts and don’t immerse yourself in them.   

  • “I don’t own everything I love, but I love everything I own.”

The Scorpio natives of the second decanate, approximately between the 31st of October and the 10th of November, are the most passionate Scorpios, they have greater Neptune influence in their personality, as it is the planet that rules the next Water sign after Scorpio, which is Pisces. They are generally quieter, more understanding, and less suited to the Scorpio’s familiar personality of being vindictive. 

They are too attached to the people around them, they like to keep them around under any circumstances. Under this rulership, they become less rigid, it is as if the Scorpio comes out of the earth, which is the fixed energy of the sign. They are more open to dialogue and understanding others. It’s also what breaks the ice among the decans, as, knowing someone from the second decan, it’s clearly seen that they aren’t the typical Scorpios that others expect. 

Some Pisces tendencies can also be seen in this deanery. As they seek an escape from reality, they can get carried away by an addiction to something. It is a sign that suffers a lot from being easily deceived, so you must be careful not to drown your sorrows in any way, even if, for you, it seems the only option, you know that deep down this is not how things work, because there is still rationality.

Scorpio sign phrases will vary according to decan, Moon or Ascendant placement, and even some retrograde map placement. Therefore, it is important to consult all aspects of your birth chart.

An important point to be taken into account about Scorpios in the second deanery is that they are very sensitive, it is important to know that with them you must have an emotional responsibility. They love with intensity, are not afraid of surrendering to the new, are very romantic and great partners to have by your side. Working with him with confidence, nothing will make him go back on his choices.  

  •  “I’m not vindictive or cruel, I’m just fair to what they did to me.”

Scorpios of the third decanate, between the 11th and 20th of November, are people with characteristics more similar to those of the third Water sign of the zodiac after Scorpio, which is Cancer. His regency comes from the Moon. He is seen as a still light, loving, caring maternal deanery, but he is the one who harbors hurt and grudges about things. Quotes for Scorpio

They are people who demand more attention, feel lonely easily, and any fall for him is one more reason for the water inside him to overflow. They, unlike the first decan, are easier to reach. However, it’s that Scorpio you know you can count on, who won’t betray you or judge you behind your back. They don’t hide their feelings, and even if they don’t speak, their display of affection is intense and quite fervent.    

They have a very good memory, they don’t forget something bad that happened, but they don’t take it for themselves, they prefer to put people in oblivion as a way of ignoring them.


Phrases that match Scorpio bring you the reflection of knowing who you are with self-knowledge, knowing that sign tendencies can and should be shaped for the better.

Scorpio is a sign that feels intensely, use your intuition to improve things around you, you have a great power to change the environment in which you live. Quotes for Scorpio

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