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Sagittarius Phrases: See the phrases that best suit Sagittarius

The sign of Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. Represents people born between the 20th of November and the 20th of December. He belongs to the element Fire and is ruled by the planet Jupiter, is also represented by the Greek god Zeus, who in mythology held the power of the heavens, bringing rain, lightning and lightning. Quotes for Sagittarius

Fire is a symbol that represents very well Sagittarians, who have the impetus to decide their path, are intelligent, good-humored, always renew the energy of people around them, love to relate and are great seducers because of their fluid personality attracts many eyes.

Sagittarius‘ sincerity is both its good and its bad side. They will be totally transparent, not only with their partner, but also with friends and, in return, they demand the same, but they don’t always get what they expect.

If you want to get involved with a Sagittarius native, it’s a good idea to keep them safe. He has a mind that works nonstop, and having something that calms him down eases his restless mind. They have a way of living free and full of adventures, at the same time keeping control of situations, that’s why they expect loyalty and, in a way, a greater companionship in relationships. However, of course, without feeling cornered or without freedom, that’s why they usually fall in love with friends, as they are the ones who best understand the way Sagittarius sees life.

Sagittarius is a very optimistic sign, as they are very intelligent, they understand many subjects and will rarely feel left out or out of place in the middle of a conversation. It is also Sagittarius‘ personality the thinking way, they have a great ability for arts, culture and writing. They like to travel and discover new places, always adding more to their experience in the world. It is one of the most beloved signs of the zodiac, as with them there is no bad time to accept a new venture. Quotes for Sagittarius

Below we will see a little more about the Sagittarius phrases according to each of the decans:

  •  “I’d rather do it and regret it than imagine what it would be like.”

Governed by the planet Jupiter itself, the first decanate of the sign of Sagittarius corresponds to people born approximately between the 20th and 30th of November. They are directly influenced by Jupiter, the people of this first deanery in general are the typical Sagittarius, free, always willing to go out, venture out, be connected to people and the world.

It is important to remember that phrases that best match the sign of Sagittarius better reveal what is happening inside, and Sagittarius, mainly ruled by Jupiter, will be expansive, not like to settle for little. He wants to embrace the world and he knows he’s capable of it, so he goes without fear of consequences.

He molds himself to the environment, if he isn’t the center of attention. It’s hard not to get hooked on the person of Sagittarius, because he’s that kind being, who always looks at people smiling, with him there’s no bad time. Everyday life can be something that makes him mad at times, as he is not a fan of routine and does not like bureaucracy. The best way for him to fit in with the world is by exploring, so some areas that are freer are the best professional option for him.

The Sagittarius spirituality is also another point, he likes to approach different cultures and some of them, such as shamanism, which comes from the North American Indians, are generally of great interest as they portray life in nature. And Sagittarius is very connected to open spaces, land, air and fresh water.

  • “I only hold on to what sets me free.”

The second deanery of Sagittarius corresponds to the period between 1st and 10th of December. They are people who have greater influence from the planet Mars, who are linked to the next Fire sign after Sagittarius, which is Aries. It’s the typical Sagittarians who go out there and do it. They like to keep the lead, they are the ones who command the wheels of conversation and attract everyone’s eye. Quotes for Sagittarius

He is sometimes a little gruff with words and his sincerity can get him in a bad spot. Being that impulsive Sagittarius, he doesn’t usually think before he says or does something, so it’s important that, at these times, he takes a step back if he doesn’t want to hurt someone he cares about.

The phrase that best matches the sign of Sagittarius, especially with those of the second deanery, shows how impulsive they are, this is certainly not a bad thing if it is well placed in the routine, as, in general, it is the one who will put the hand in the mass to solve something, he’s great with new ideas, he’s the one who always manages to lead a great team, because his enthusiasm and creativity make it a successful endeavor. That’s why he doesn’t get stuck, he prefers to approach and learn about the new, without strings attached.

  • “Those who live in fear do not live.”

The third deanery of Sagittarius represents the period between the 11th and 20th of December. It is those Sagittarians who have the Sun in the most prominent position on the map. They are also the closest to the third Fire sign after Sagittarius, which is Leo. It is an aspect that brings greater stability and strength and, at the same time, makes you shine in the world. It’s a fixed energy, which makes you more stable.

At this moment, he is no longer the Sagittarius who is willing to do anything, the fixed energy of the Sun makes him be more prudent and think better about where he is treading, contributing with a greater search for ample knowledge, still venturing into the world. It can be very self-possessed at times and difficult to accept advice or anything that interferes with your life. Quotes for Sagittarius

They like to do things their own way, that’s why the phrase from the sign of Sagittarius says that those who live in fear don’t live, because they understand that advice comes with prudence, and if they already have it inside of them, they don’t need more people o telling you what is right or wrong.


When choosing phrases that reflect the personality of the signs, several aspects are taken into account. The words themselves bring different meanings and, when choosing the phrases that best match the sign of Sagittarius, the various facets of this sign’s personality were considered, an invitation for the person to reflect on themselves.

It is necessary for Sagittarians to realize that their freedom needs to be measured and that they must also learn from others around them, not only contribute their knowledge, but know how to listen, because freedom will not be complete if only you are free. And the dialogue is here to make you see life from other perspectives, thus better understanding how each human being works in their own reality. Quotes for Sagittarius

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