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Pisces Phrases: See the phrases that best suit Pisceans

The sign of Pisces is the twelfth and last among the zodiac signs. Representing people born between February 20th and March 20th, this sign belongs to the Water element and is ruled by Neptune, the planet that represents the god of the seas and storms: Poseidon. Quotes for Pisces

Right away you can see the great influence that the Water element exerts on Pisceans, who are typically imaginative individuals, dreamers and, at the same time, endowed with an emotional and spiritual amplitude as deep and distant as the ocean itself. Water is about feelings, and individuals in this element are among the most sensitive and empathetic people with the emotions of those around them.

Because they are idealistic and empathetic, they sometimes end up getting a little lost in certain situations, usually because they resist acting with more regard to the rational side. That’s why they are individuals who tend to excel in more subjective areas and face difficulties when it comes to situations that require logical and objective reasoning. No wonder this sign is the opposite of the sign of Virgo.

Don’t expect a Pisces person to be clear and straightforward in what he thinks, says, or feels. For those who are native to the sign of Pisces, everything is more complicated than it should be, as they have a great tendency to look beyond superficial appearances and attribute a deeper and higher meaning to what is around them. Quotes for Pisces

Taking into account the enormous emotional charge that Pisces carries with them, we selected the phrases that best match the sign of Pisces, according to each of the three decans that make up this sign. Along with the sentences, the date of each of the decans will be said, however, to find out more about them, you can always consult your birth chart to get better information on the subject.

So, be sure to check which phrases best convey the Piscean essence, according to each of the decans:

  1.  “As long as I can rely on my intuition, I will never be lost.”

Governed by the planet Neptune itself, the first decanate of the sign of Pisces corresponds approximately to the period between the 20th and 29th of February. Because they are directly influenced by Neptune, individuals in this deanery are generally freer, more spiritual, and very attuned to the emotional aspect of things.

It is important to take into account that, among the phrases that best match the sign of Pisces, this one was chosen precisely because it addresses intuition, which is one of the great assets not only of Pisceans in general, but of those who have a greater Neptunian presence in your birth chart. That’s because intuition has a lot to do with being able to find your own path even in dark and adverse situations, being the source of your own light. Just don’t forget that intuition is a great help, but that’s not all. You cannot give up logic and consistency when making decisions, instincts are sometimes flawed and Pisceans must be very attentive to this in order not to get frustrated. There needs to be a coexistence between your rational side and your emotional side, so that you can always count on yourself.

Spirituality is also a constant for Pisces natives of the first deanery, as they deal well with issues that go beyond the here and now. This sign has everything to do with transcendence, as it represents the end of the zodiac, a point where everything has gone through and is already looking at issues that go beyond, the preparation for a new beginning.


The second deanery of Pisces corresponds to the period between 1 and 10 March. These are individuals who are linked with the sign of Cancer, as they are highly influenced by the Moon. Therefore, it is not surprising that Pisceans of this sign are among the most caring, empathetic and the most emotionally intense. Quotes for Pisces

They are very maternal and considerate, they are more attentive to the suffering of others and in general they are people who seek to help everyone, as they have many difficulties in dealing with the suffering of others. Sometimes they exaggerate this empathy, which is why one of the phrases that best match the sign of Pisces brings this idea, that we cannot sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others. It takes a little humility to accept that not everything is within our reach, we cannot help everyone. 

Another interesting aspect has to do with the Moon itself, which is the mood swing. The state of mind of individuals who have this star very much in evidence is quite unpredictable, because the temperament of these people varies as well as the phases of the Moon. Also remembering that this star moves very quickly through the signs, so it is always good to consult the positioning for a broader understanding.

  •  “The transcendental is the revolution in the human spirit.”

The third decan of Pisces represents the last days of the astral year, a period from March 11th to March 20th. After this moment, the Sun returns to the constellation of Aries, starting a new cycle. The ruling star of this period is Pluto, which reinforces the idea of ​​an end and a new beginning, as it is the planet that represents the god of the underworld.

Probably the Pisceans of this deanery are the ones who least resemble the others, as they are different influences from the stars in question. They are more suspicious and less receptive, this is a defense mechanism, as Pisceans in general are more sensitive and seek to protect themselves from the suffering that an unresolved intimate relationship can bring.

They are also a little further away from the people around them in relation to other decans of Pisces, because the stars influence them to look beyond reality, that’s why the phrase of the sign of Pisces says to live and let die, that’s because it is necessary to follow the natural cycle of things, after the end there will be a new beginning.


Phrases that best match the sign of Pisces seek to bring a little thought, and phrases are good because they go beyond the literal meaning of their words, as well as feelings that generally want to tell us more than they seem at first. Quotes for Pisces

It is important for Pisces to be always in tune with their own emotions and those around them, but they must be temperate enough not to be influenced and harmed by negative energies, being a very receptive individual can be painful, and those who cannot dealing well with it ends up becoming a closed, isolated and lonely person. It is necessary to know how to distinguish between situations in which you can help and those in which you cannot do anything. Quotes for Pisces

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