Plants dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about plants really mean?

Dreaming about plants means a period of growth, harmony and stability in your life. In addition, this dream can also be a prediction of good news, perhaps a new family member is coming. Plants dream meaning

However, the meaning of dreaming about plants can also be negative. In some cases, plant dreams demonstrate that you are neglecting some area of ​​your life, or they represent sadness and discouragement.

So to understand what it means to dream about plants, you need to pay attention to the particulars of your dream. It is necessary to assess, for example, whether the plant was healthy, whether it was growing, whether it was a carnivorous plant, etc.

But do not worry! To help you in this important mission, below we list some of the most common plant dreams.


Dreaming of seeing plants can have a good or bad meaning, depending on the characteristics of the plant and the dream itself.

In general, plants represent growth and fertility, as long as they are well cared for and beautiful. Furthermore, because they are rooted in the earth, they can also be a symbol of our inner life.

However, if the plants in the dream are unhealthy, it may represent something in you or your life that needs attention and care.


Dreaming of watering plants is always a good omen, but it can have many meanings. First, dreaming of watering plants can be a sign that good news is on the way and even the conception of a new life.

Also, watering the plants is necessary for them to grow, so this dream can represent a rewarding period after hard work. Enjoy! Plants dream meaning


If you dream of withered plants, pay attention to feelings of despondency and sadness, because in that dream, this plant is a representation of how you feel.

So it’s very important that you learn to take care of yourself and give yourself time to blossom. Rest a little longer than usual and find a hobby or activity that will help you be happier.


Dreaming of well-groomed and beautiful plants is a sign that your health is good. Or, if you’ve had a health problem recently, this dream is a prediction that it will soon resolve itself.

So keep your confidence and be sure to take care of yourself in whatever way you can. Eat well and exercise if possible.


Dreaming of medicinal plants represents the need to cure something in your life, as these plants have been used as a medicine for a long time. Generally, this dream is not related to physical health, but emotional health.

In fact, dreams of medicinal plants can also be related to a lack of initiative, which prevents us from growing and developing as we should. So work on your self-confidence and try to get rid of the fear of taking action.


The symbolism of dreaming of sprouting plants is associated with rewards. First we need to plant a seed and water it, after that we receive the reward, and this last is the time in your life where you are now.

However, dreaming of plants sprouting can also be a sign that you want to grow in some area of ​​your life. So be careful to see if you’re not sabotaging your dreams and even your potential. Believe in yourself more!


Dreaming of plants in a garden always bodes well! This dream is a sign that your inner and outer life is going well.

Furthermore, this can bode well for good news in any area of ​​your life, especially in the field of relationships.


When dreaming of carnivorous plants, be careful! This dream represents that someone around you is using up your energy, or, on the contrary, that you are draining the energy of someone around you. Plants dream meaning

Then assess the situation to find out what the problem is. Once this is done, try to resolve it as best as possible. Often a simple conversation can be enough, but in some cases it’s best to step back from the situation and give yourself time.


A beautiful green plant is a healthy plant that is getting everything it needs, so dreaming of green plants is always a good omen.

So, the meaning of dreaming about green plants is that a project in which you are involved will bring good results and, consequently, success. But keep in mind that this may require a period of dedication and work.

The message of this dream can also be linked to hope and the motivation to continue believing, so do your part!

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