Plane crashing dream meaning/complete interpretation

dream of plane crashing

Dreaming of a plane crashing or a plane crash is commonly associated with a tumultuous and maladjusted life. However, the meaning may vary depending on the dreamer’s inclinations to waking life. Plane crashing dream meaning

It cannot be denied that sleep repairs the energies spent during the day, and consequently, an unstable and unbalanced life can trigger tragic and frightening dreams. Therefore, when we take many thoughts to such a precious moment to restore (sleep) energies, we end up allowing ourselves to wake up more tired than the day before.

This is a dream full of meanings and interpretations, and not necessarily all will have negative aspects. But, to understand the symbology of this dream, it is necessary a little reflection to correctly absorb the content of this article.

Before proceeding with your reading, simply take stock of your current life. How would you rate your current life? Are you happy ? Do you have many wants and desires? Are there many issues in your life?

Now that you’ve stopped to think about your current situation, we’ll cover the meaning of dreaming about a plane crashing in more detail throughout this article. If you don’t find answers, leave your report in the comments.


This is definitely a frightening combination. Dreaming of a plane crashing and exploding is more like a nightmare than a dream. However, this dream is less frightening than it sounds.

The stimuli that can form this dream are the most diverse. But, it is common when you are anticipating a trip or when you are neglecting your progress in waking life. Plane crashing dream meaning

When it comes to anticipating a trip you are about to take, the dream is formed by several triggers from the unconscious, which, even if you don’t realize it, will involve fear. And, consequently, this myriad of triggers starts to create mental images that end up forming this frightening dream.

On the other hand, if you are letting yourself be manipulated by the environment you live in, and thus failing to improve yourself and to be who you really are, then the dream explicitly reveals what is going on inside of you.

In that case, the fall itself would be a warning about the path you are following. But, with the explosion, it gets worse, and a lot. So if you’re wasting your time with silly things, start paying more attention to yourself before it’s too late.


This dream bears some resemblance to the topic above. In this dream, the possibility of an anticipation of a trip or air tour should also be considered. However, fire is different from an explosion. So, this dream also reveals some indiscretions that you have been carrying within you.

We must consider the symbolism of the fire element in this dream before arriving at a more specific answer. Fire in some cultures and religions symbolizes: life, knowledge, enlightenment and spirit.

However, mixing the fire element with a free-falling plane is not good. Considering the symbolic attributes of the fire element with the plane falling, this demonstrates thoughtlessness, immaturity and a lack of lucidity in getting on with life.

As a result, the irresponsibility of managing yourself in your life can cause you to go down in flames, just like the plane and your awakening will be through repentance.

So don’t learn the hard way, the plane hasn’t crashed yet and there’s time for you to recover and take control of your life.


Amazingly, this dream is very interesting and positive. It appears as a message about events that you lived or still live today.

The sea represents the dynamism of life and the ups and downs that often escape our control. Thus, the plane crash at sea symbolizes the transitory state of life and your experience as a divine being .

As a result, this dream calls you to think differently and absorb everything as learning and maturing. Finally, the message of this dream is: stop living in doubt, uncertainty or indecision, because you are involved in the dynamics of life, and everything has a reason. Just wait ! Plane crashing dream meaning


This dream is similar to the topic above, it also has very positive aspects. However, the message is related to another area of ​​your life.

Dreaming of an airplane crashing into the river means that you are separated from a full and joyful life by an obstacle that must be faced and resolved first.

The obstacle will depend on your reflection to identify it. Maybe you already know it and are facing it right now, or maybe it’s about to come along very soon. However, know that there is no way to escape.

Another important fact is that the river is linked to the world of the senses. Perhaps you should improve yourself internally and eliminate all blockages and thought addictions in order to lift yourself up and attract the abundance that awaits you. Plane crashing dream meaning

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