Dreaming of falling a plane/fall and explode/into the sea etc.

Dreaming of a falling plane

Dreaming of a falling plane shows that negative situations are approaching our lives. This dream also comes to call our attention so that we stop being so negative and begin to see life with different eyes.

Also seeing that an airplane falls in the dream, represents fights, friends, family, work, effort, wishes, goals, changes, problems, health, sadness, anguish or news to come.

Dreaming of a falling plane

Seeing that the plane falls, predicts that we will have a strong fight with someone from the family, or a very close friend. If the plane falls near us, it indicates that we should stop to think about what is happening in our lives. It is time to start planning new plans for a better future. If the plane crashes because of us, it portends many problems that will appear in our lives.

Finding the wreckage of a plane that fell, means that we cannot depend on anyone if we want our goals to be met. We just have to be in control and work hard to see our dreams come true. Seeing that an airplane falls very far from us is a negative dream, since it announces losses, situations of pain, sadness and the discontent of others due to our bad behavior.

If our loved ones were on the plane that crashed, it indicates that we have to solve family problems as soon as possible in order to find peace and calm again.

See a plane fall and explode

If the plane explodes after falling, it indicates that we have made a bad decision and we will soon see the negative consequences. Seeing that after the plane falls and explodes there are ashes left, it warns us of health problems that we should not let go lightly.

If we get to the plane that fell and there are many deceased people, it indicates that we must focus on the spiritual aspect to find peace. Seeing that the plane falls and explodes, but we are not in it, shows that we will manage to get out of a bad situation after a long work and effort.

Harbinger of dreaming of a plane falling into the sea

If we see that a plane falls into the sea, it augurs that soon there will be changes in our lives. Being in a plane that falls into the sea, puts us on alert about unexpected changes. Also, if we see that we are going inside the falling plane, it indicates that we will face an unpleasant and difficult situation, and the only way to get out of it is to ask the family for help.

Go on the plane

Being on a crashing plane and getting out alive predicts many financial problems. We must stop spending on unnecessary things, as soon we will need every penny that we are now wasting.

Miss the flight and then watch the plane go down

If for some reason we miss the flight and then we see that the plane crashed, it shows that it is the perfect time to avoid problems. We must think very well what decisions to make, in order to have a better future.

See plane that takes flight and falls

If a family member of ours was going inside the plane that crashed after taking flight, it means that a family member of ours will come to us for help, but unfortunately we will not be able to give it to them. This dream also means that we must be prepared for unforeseen problems that are to come.

Dreaming of a plane that falls and we save the passengers

Saving or helping the passengers from the plane that crashed bodes well, as it shows that we will be able to avoid difficulties thanks to our ingenuity. This will help us to get out of a difficult situation in which we will find ourselves.

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